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February 13, 2018
By scotalexander BRONZE, Hayward, California
scotalexander BRONZE, Hayward, California
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It was in 1998 when her husband left her. It was an early christmas morning. Jane’s husband suddenly disappeared when he said he would go out to find one last present. Jane without hesitation told him to not go. She believed that christmas was a holiday where family should stay together. However her husband Jeff insisted that he must get the present. So he went on without her permission to get the present. Jane knew that harold was up to something so she quickly went on to follow him. After tracking Jeff like a dog, Jane soonly realized he was not going out for the present. But he was actually going to a sketchy alleyway. While trying to not get caught Jane tried to look to see who he was talking to. However before she could peek to see who it was, she heard a loud gunshot. After the gunshot she ran. She thought her life was in danger so she took off. She didn’t check for Jeff’s safety. She got into her car and drove away. Not looking at stop lights, or signs she got home and started to knit. That day she made at least 20 pairs of mittens, not being able to stop. At around 8pm the police came to Jane’s house. Yet she would not stop knitting. One of Jane’s two sons had to answer the door. The police quickly asked for their mother. Finally Jane left the knitting to ask what happened. That’s when the police asked if she was the wife of Jeff Janson, she said yes with a questioning voice. The police told her the news, which brought her to tears. The police asked her if she could tell them what happened throughout the day. Jane told them that he left to go get a necessary present and from there she never seen him again. Leaving out the part where she followed him, Jane asked the officers if they could leave and give her time.
After Christmas day the police came back everyday with same questions, and Jane kept giving the same answers. One day the police stopped coming and ruled that the case was closed with no convicted murderer. For the next 20 years every christmas Jane began to just knit and stay with family, never to again leave the house on christmas again. Through this time she never remarried, she only looked after her children. One of her son’s Jeff jr., went to NYU and her other son jimmy went to USC. After college they both found jobs as engineers. All her sons wanted for their mother was to find someone else and move on, however she couldn’t. As much as she tried to push herself she could never find love again. She tried to see a psychologist in this time to find her problem, but it never seemed to work. So she decided back in 2010 that she would never love again. But Jane didn’t need love. She has had her best friend for the past 20 years Jennifer. Jennifer has been there for Jane ever since her husband died. Jennifer has been a her every step of the way. She has helped her plan the funeral but also she has helped her try to get over Jeff. Every single day there friendship seems to grow stronger. That was until today. It was Christmas of 2018 and the 20th anniversary of Jeff Janson’s death. This was the first Christmas that she had Jennifer over. At around 12 Jane began to reminisce the her love of Jeff. That’s when all of a sudden Jennifer snapped. She wondered why Jane kept talking about Jeff. She told her that maybe it was time to just let him go. Jane quickly defended her feelings by arguing with Jennifer. With tensions rising Jennifer began to give her theories on why he left her that day. She told her that she was there that day. She told her that she was the reason why her husband died. She told her about the affair they had and also that she was the murderer. Jane could see the anger in her eyes. She knew that she was next. So she quickly ran for the door. But Jennifer beat her there. Jennifer hit her over the head. Then killed her with her bare hands. As she disposed of the body, Jennifer knew she had to leave. So she packed everything she owned and started a new life in a whole new country as Jane Janson.

The author's comments:

this piece was inspired by a lifetime movie.

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