A cool breeze

February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

It was a cold night  awoke to the crackling of lightning and the sound of a tree falling in the distance. The air from the outside smelt of rain and the ice cold air of my face came and went. The sound of the floor creaking grabbed my attention as I got up to turn on the light but the cabins wiring was no good so i grabbed my lighter off the nightstand to attempt to maneuver my way around the room. After getting out of the door I lit the fireplace as I made my way to the kitchen to turn on one of the only working lights. After doing so I walked back to the fire to poke around the logs to make the most heat after turning a few logs I felt the cool breeze from my room. I walked back to my room still dark but just a bit lighter. The wide open window made a screeching sound as I shut it “I need to oil this thing” I mumble to myself. 
Walking back out to the kitchen to fix myself a snack I hear the creaking again but this time it seems heavier.  After getting a quick snack and a drink I walk back to the fire to admire the flames. The creaking is heard again followed by a cool breeze from my bedroom my eyes grow light and my jaw clenched shut. I wasn't sure if I had opened the window before bed but i didn't remember but now I’m certain i closed it. I grab the poker out of the fire and make my way to the bedroom poker in my right and lighter in my left. My heart racing faster i walk over to the lamp and try it again this time it turns on. My eyes jolt to the left the window is wide open and there are two sets of muddy tracks not animal but barely human. I follow them and they end at the closet, reaching slowly my hand shaking violently to the door handle I get ready to swing the poker but I stop myself in my confusion it’s empty. 
All of my shirts and pants and even my jacket are on the ground of the closet. The shirts once white and light grey are now blood red I turn around and i feel a pop all the heat exited my body slowly my hands unwind dropping the hot poker and lighter on the floor engulfing my feet in flame. looking up I see a man with a white face a big red nose and green frilly hair. “W..why,” I mudder out before my body turns ice cold and everything fades to black slowly being consumed into the fire.

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Just some guy.

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