The Box

February 14, 2018
By thalitavelasquez BRONZE, Trinidad, Texas
thalitavelasquez BRONZE, Trinidad, Texas
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May 15 ., 03
Hi i’m Sam, I’m fifteen, and I have an older sister her name is Jennifer, but I call her Jenn. We are moving with our dad, him and my  mom got a divorce, so, yeah, you know: good ol’ custody agreement with the judge. Mom was having some issues with drugs and “stuff”, but I don't know and I don't care. It doesn't matter beside I think I will be happier to live with my dad, he makes like really good money so I get what I want and stuff I guess. I'm different though I don't really want or need anything,  I’m into scary, mysterious things you know like a haunted doll or something. I'm not much of a girly girl, I like to get dirty and work hard for my things. So when my dad asked me to help him build a little barn I said yes. My dad is a contractor, he has his own company, its cool.

May 23 ., 03

Well i've been here almost a week and I have done nothing but sleep. It’s summer, I want to do something ,but i'm not sure what. My dad invited me and Jenn too go with him to some rich persons yard sale, he said we could find something rare and valuable so we went. As always Jenn goes to the jewelry spot and dad looks for watches or something. But me I went to the furniture area, I wanted a new dresser, but they were all so old and used up, they probably belonged to old people. I saw a box it looked cool so I opened it, it had like latin words, or something foreign written on it. I asked the old man how much it would cost, he said 20 bucks, I told my dad that's what I wanted so I took it, and a jacket. They old man told me to “beware” and “just because it looks pretty, it's not on the inside and the power it holds”. I thought he was a loon and didn't care for it.

June 1st ., 03

It's been a couple of days since we went on that  “ little shopping spree”  like my dad called it, he bought like the whole place. Jenn on the other had spent 500 dollars on 2 things. she was so thrilled shes been texting her friends about how pretty they are, and how jealous Jessica Ling (her ex-best friend) is going to be, over a bracelet and a necklace that look like they were washed in ash and buffed with salt. Anyway I only got the cool box and a jacket, the jacket is really cool it has a gas monkey logo and a 55 monte carlo in the center. I haven't touched the box, its been sitting on my dresser, It looked like it had been cleaned, I didn't think much of it. I had in my hands and it felt cold as if it had been in the freezer for three days I got freaked out I was about to open it but then my dad called for me and said dinner was ready.

June 12., 03

Ok so I woke up and something weird happened. It was like 3:30 and I woke up screaming and crying because of a dream I had. In my dream I saw a dark humanoid looking creature sitting next to me in my bed while slept, just watching me. I saw its claws dig in my back I got scared and yelled. I awoke right there I  was crying and screaming it was horrible. My dad ran in with a bat, he found me next to the bathroom door on the floor shivering, he took me to his room so I could sleep, I felt better. When I woke up in the morning I was a little shook, but it was okay I expected it. I went to my room to check out that box I saw it lying on the left side of my bed. It was weird because I didn't remember leaving it there I just thought my dad could have put it there last night when I went coo coo for a bit. Anyway, so I am now holding the box while I type this I got the key, open the box, and there is only a stupid book in a foreign language and animal hairs and a really pretty ring. I think I am going to keep the ring and just leave everything back in the box.

June 24., 03
Well it's been a couple days now that i've had this ring on and weird things have been happening like; I was eating breakfast and I told my dad to pass me the orange juice ,and it just flew to me. I looked and my dad and he said he didn't know how that happened he just ‘flew’. I got a bit scared but I got over it, I thought it was just him trying to scare me. Then when I was sitting on the couch watching tv it just turned off all on its own. the remote was on the table and no one was home at the time, just me it freaked me the hell out.

July 4 ., 03
I took the ring off, I can't stand having it on me anymore, the things that have happened to me are convenient, but i don't like it. Today my dad is having a cookout, he invited my granny and uncles and cousins I hope it's a good day.

July 5., 03
Omg, yesterday was disastrous, I can't believe it, I had the worst luck ever and really bad things happened. Everyone had to leave, it started to rain and the food got wet, my dad was so dissapointed. When we were finished cleaning the house I went to my room so I could shower and change. When I came out of the shower there was a doodle on my bathroom mirror it said “ treat me like a game and I will show you its played”. I told my dad and he said I was just imagining it and I need to rest. The next morning I woke up feeling really cold, I turned on the light, my doors and windows were all open, and my ring was tied to a string hanging from my ceiling.

July 10., 03
I can't take it anymore, I am going crazy. I get no sleep and there are always bugs in my room, I think its the ring or the box I have to get rid of them both. I am starting to get delusional there are things happening and no one but I sees them. I woke up at midnight the other day. I thought I had to cough something up so I went to the bathroom, I could feel a bug or something but no. I saw fingers in my throat, long fingers with long nails and dirt with blood, like as if it was trying to drag me in with it, even though, it was in me. I didn't know what to do so I yelled it was scary and disgusting. I know what I have to do, to get rid of this, it all started when I got that damn box. I got it so I have to get rid of it once and for all.

July 11., 03
I am going to do it today, it has to go now. I'm going to a creek in the woods in my backyard. I did it, it's gone now I burned it .I lost the ring but its gone, thats all I care about im not worried I feel better and safer. I put the box in the fire, it took forever for it to light up but it did. I waited until I saw nothing but ash, it felt as if I had a weight lifted from my shoulders. Im home now, its dark everyone is asleep, I can't sleep I wonder what could have happened if I had done what I wanted with it. It's better if I don't think about it.

July 20., 03
It's been about a week and everything is back to normal sometimes things scare me, but alot less than they did when the box was still here. I still haven't found the ring but im sure ill be fine without it besides it's too creepy even to think about having something that came with that horrifying, evil box.

August 3., 03
I've had a lot of fun on here telling you guys bout that box, the ring is still lost and the box is still gone and i'm glad. I think I am going to take a break from this storytelling, computer work , and enjoy the rest of my summer. I'll make sure and get on here once in a while, and check up on you dudes and dudettes.
         Sam v.

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