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February 3, 2018
By Magan04 GOLD, Pineville, Louisiana
Magan04 GOLD, Pineville, Louisiana
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Today is the day, I finally get to show off my skills. Everything I’ve learned from Ember. Ember, unlike myself, is a ‘Middle.’ She is my mentor, so it’s her job to teach beginner ghosts. My friends and I are ‘Beginners’. In the ghost world, we have levels. These levels are beginner, middle, and expert. There're more beginners and middles, then experts. You hear more about ‘Experts”; they are the ghosts of famous stories. Beginners and middles are in training. We train so that one day we can be like the ghosts in the famous stories. Maybe we could even make our own stories.

I woke up in the same place I usually wake up, my same normal room. My room, unlike others is decorated with many pictures. The pictures are mainly of my family and friends. Mosts of the ghosts don’t like coming here, they think that they don’t need an education to haunt houses, but their parents bring them anyway. My parents don’t have to worry about me not liking this school, I’ve always wanted to come here and get an education. After I get my education, I want to travel and haunt areas all around the world. One day, one day, I say to myself in reassurance.

When I finally sat up to get ready for the day, a wave of nervousness crashed over me. I can’t do it. I need to tell Ember I won't be haunting tonight. I push the thought out of my head and put a look of confidence on, I’ve got this. I've been here at Moon’s School for Ghosts, for a long time. Ghosts at Moon’s are always scared, but that doesn’t make them stop haunting. Here at Moons ghosts from all around the world come to get a good education in haunting. We have fun classes like Scaring 101, where we learn about how to scare without leaving a trace. Sadly, we have classes like History of Haunting where we learn about famous ghosts. I go through the day as usual, with confidence and a happy smile.

The sky turned from a rusty red to a dark purple, and I went to meet Ember. We met in the same place every night, on the corner of Redwood street and Scott Street. Every night at midnight we met there and went on to a house; all of the houses are different from the night before. Most times we will repeat the houses depending on the reaction we get. It was only Ember and I that night. I normally sit back and observe. Although, that night I got the chance to try out my skills.

We went to a house that we had haunted last week. I floated through the yard, and stopped and turned to glance at Ember who flashed me a confident look. She nodded, giving me reassurance.

“You are going to do great. Remember confidence is key. It is okay to take your time, but once you start you can’t be slow. You have to be fast and get out of there as fast as possible; we don’t want anyone to see you,” she said with a confident undertone in her voice.

Another wave of nervousness crashes down on me again. I float towards the door, and I easily slide through. I am now in the kitchen of the house. Whoever lives here sure is vintage, I think to myself. I float from the kitchen into another room. One with many pictures. One picture had an average height, blonde girl, with another blonde girl who was a little shorter than the first. In the room, there is a wall devoted to pictures of a tall black haired man covered in freckles.

I need to get started, I told myself. What would Ember do? I pondered my thoughts for a few minutes and then finally made up my mind. I would slowly open the doors of the bedrooms and then I would bang on the walls. I needed to put on the special gloves, so that I can touch anything without my hand going straight through. As I slide them on, I make my way down the hall to the last room. I take a deep breath, pushing every ounce of nerves out of me, I CAN do this, I tell myself. I slowly open the door, making sure it creaks. I go to the next door on the opposite side of the hall. I slowly open that door. That door creaked louder than the other door. After I cracked the door, I ran through the hallway and began to bang on the walls; I kept banging on the walls for a few more seconds. It didn’t take long to scare them. A scream pierces the air.


It came from the first door. This was my signal to get out. I ran out so fast, that everything looked like a blur.

I floated quickly out of the house meeting Ember in the middle of the yard. She smiled at me, “You did great, better than my first.” I turned and looked at her, I smiled brightly, “Thanks, I have been waiting for this to happen. I hope I can move up to the middles.” She smiled back at me, “I’m sure you will.”

A few weeks later, was the graduating ceremony. I was in my best outfit that I owned. “Adam Gray.”   I made my way to the stage with confidence. I went on stage; Principal Wang gave me a handshake and announced I was becoming a Middle. A huge smile crept on my face. I became a Middle, then began to teach younger ghosts.

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