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February 5, 2018
By written_stars SILVER, Sanford, Florida
written_stars SILVER, Sanford, Florida
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“Where is this gate” Aaron said to himself quietly so no one at the airport would hear him.
He looks around to see if he can find a worker to tell him were gate 6 is. Finally he sees a worker with a chiseled chin, short dirty blonde hair and ocean blue eyes that looks to be the age of  20 or 21 with a name patch that is unclear to him from the distance between them. He started walking towards him, and he can finally see his name patch “Leo”. At the moment he sees the name he has a bolting pain run through his head.
“Hi, can you te…..” Suddenly he zones out
. ”Um hello, are yo……..”.
“you are useless, i’ll find it myself” Aaron says to the worker.
He starts roaming around and suddenly finds the exit. He starts walking towards the exit when he hears a woman holding a baby, which is crying its heart out.
“Will you shut that baby up”Aaron said angrily
He continues walking and hears the woman say…
“There, there Grant”
Suddenly Aaron falls on the torn up carpeting on the airport floor. He bolts up and heads towards the woman.
“Hey, im sorry that I said that about you're adorable baby.”
“It’s alright, he was being pretty loud.”
“Ha ha, so what's his name?” Aaron asks
“That's my name”he says excitingly
“Wow, well you have a nice day” the lady said
“You too.”
He starts walking away from the door towards the shops, when he hears someone calling out a name.  
“Laurence!!!”a man with amber brown hair, a chubby face and electric blue eyes is screaming
He shivers and runs towards the man.
“Laurence, there you are.”the man says
“They are acting up again.”
“Which ones?”
“Aaron the truthful, Grant the kind and Leo the mean” he says.
“At least anthony the evil  didn't come out.”
“ okay, we have to get to the gate.” says the man.
The man tugs on his arm and they walk to the information desk.
“Hi im victor , where is gate 6” the man asks to the worker
“Go right, and then straight and it will be on your left”
“Thank you”
“Thank you”
They follow the workers directions and they see there gate.
Aaron sprints towards the gate with Victor following close behind him. They make it through just fine and look around for open seats. There is one all the way in the back with one man sitting in the seat closest to the window. They walk through the teeming isle and take their seats.
“Do you think I will make it through the plane ride without any mishaps” Aaron asks
They gazed into  each other's eyes as you hear the engine turn on and the plane ride starts. The plane ride is convenient  for the first hour and a  half, until he see a worker with a name patch handing out creased peanuts.
He suddenly starts to shiver, and then smacks the sleeping man by accident waking up victor as well. He gets up and starts looking around.
“Sir, please sit down” the flight attendant asks
He walks towards a door that says “ EXIT ONLY  IN EMERGENCY ”.
“ANTHONY SIT DOWN” Victor says angrily
Anthony looks at Victor for a split second and then swings his head back  to look at the sign. He grabs the handle and whips the door open. Victor jumps out his seat and runs to him. Anthony jumps out the plane, and Victor grabs a parachute and jumps with him, Victor looks up seeing the plane get smaller  and smaller until it disappears out of sight.
Victor finally reaches the ground and looks around. nothing. All he sees is the green grass and the crystal blue skies. At that instant finally he sees him lying on the floor wrapping leaf’s around his knee what looks to have blood gushing out of a huge cut.
“Laurence, are you okay”
“Yes, just a  little confused …. How did i get here.”
“Anthony Jumped out the Plane … without a parachute”
“WHAT” Lauence yells
No comment comes from Victor.
“ you know what i understand you can't can't control it.”
They start wandering around until they find road. When they finally find the road, there are no cars, no people, no nothing. Except one house, it sits alone in a field looking  eerie.
“That a good place to do it” Lawrence says
“What if someone lives there”
“We will have to find out”
They start towards the house and stop right on the frount porch. Victor rings the door bell and hears a chime . no one answers.
“ I guess we can head inside”.
They head inside and see a giant grandfather clock in the corner next to a dusty old leather couch.
“We can do it here”
They both walk into the living room and sit on the couch.
“Are you sure about this?” lawrence asks a little concerned
Lawrence grabs hold of Victors muscular shoulders and starts chanting.
“Leo, anthony, grant, aaron, leo, anthony, grant, aaron ,leo anothony, grant, arron.”repetitively
Than Victor starts to join him.
Then the air startes to get colder and colder by the second.
It gets so cold that the boys ears start turning blue. Then it starts to heat up, but it gets to hot, again it continues to get hoter and hoter by the secound. Then it stops. nothingess.
“Victor you saved me.” Lawrence says quietly
“I’d do anything for you”
They start to hug. They hold eachother for almost a minute until Victor finally lets go.
“ okay, now we have to do it”
“Please don't make me do it”
“It’s the only way to get rid of them”
Lawrence eyes start to water as he removes the hand from the grandfather clock he saw earlyer. Victor gets on his knees as he starts to cry as well.
“I love you”Lawrence says
“I love you too….. Good bye.”
Lawrence smashes the hand into the middle of his skull as tears dripp down there faces. Victor falls as his souless  body drops onto the aged wood flooring. lawrence dropes to his knees to see if he is really dead. He’s gone. He starts to hug the dead body as tight as he can, until he gets up to leave to house. He takes one last look at this house and then springs out in to the road.
10 years later…….
Lawrence is married, with two kids that are both boys and works as a theripst for people with multiple personalites. But the nightmare of what he had to do still haunts his memorys, and it will forever. But he can't do anything about it. Except bring him back.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by another story that my friend wrote about a girl with multiple personalities. i want people to find intrest in it.

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