Bedtime Paranoia

January 31, 2018

Bedtime. The time she dreaded the most. What terrifying thoughts would keep her up this time? Would it be the monster hiding under her bed? The beast standing outside of her door, the freak looking in through her window, or the demonic human hungry creature lurking in her closet. She always tried to calm herself down as it would get later into the night, but her horrible thoughts kept her alarmed. She’d get overheated at times but knew better than to take off the warm blanket that protected her from being harmed. She knew that if she just stuck one leg outside her blanket a hungry monster would be right there to drag her off the bed into a deep black hole of horror. She kept the door closed because she felt as if that was an open invite for all scary entities to come in. Oh no. Was that a tap on the window she just heard? She didn’t dare to look. Oh gosh. She heard something move in the closet. Could it be the demonic human hungry monster? The more she heard these little things the more she became paranoid.“Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Go to sleep!” Is all she thought.

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