The Look-a-like Barbie

January 26, 2018
By martinstaebler BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
martinstaebler BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Zola Mills, freshly 21, with dark brown hair and beautiful green eyes, just finished grabbing the wine from the cabinet and grabs a glass smooth enough to know she has done this before. Zola works a lot, and works hard. This makes unwinding every night hard after being on set all day. Her unwinding ritual of online shopping, face masks, and the wine have fastly because her kryptonite. The only thing she would look forward too. She walks towards her perfectly decorated living room,

“Now Mom, how much longer are you going to be staying? I have a lot of emails to respond to..” She asked.
“Oh, not too much longer, honey. You need to learn to enjoy yourself more, you are young and beautiful, embrace it” Her mother, Jenna, responded.

“I enjoy myself by watching the Bachelor, now shh, it's starting”

The next day Zola was on her way to work when she got a call from her manager.

“Zola, you need to be ontime to this next job! You have a lot of stuff to do with them today and can’t risk losing your good reputation”

Zola hoped in the uber and she soon started to notice that he was going the wrong way, her smart mind knew the directions to the location from previous jobs. She asked why the uber was going that way and didn’t get a responds. She started to be frightened. SHe texted her manager and let him know there's a possibility she would be late because the Uber was taking an odd route to the building. He responded immediately to tell her to get out of the car and hop into a new one, Zola denied and said that would just waste more time. Then the car stopped, at a big building outside of the city and next to the water.

“Get out” The uber driver demanded.

“Excuse me?” She responded.

And then before you knew it Zola’s door was opened by the side and she was dragged out by a big man in all black suit with a ski mask. She's frightened and upset, confused and fragile. The man's hands were holding her arm just enough not to hurt her, but still seem aggressive. She gets dragged up to the building and tied down with two big ropes, but the tie didn’t seem tight enough, she had a silent sigh of relief and her thoughts raced to all the bad things she had done in her life, wondering why she deserved it, and thinking of ways she could get out. To her it almost felt as if it was a silent film where she could only hear her own crying, she couldn’t see the city at any angle, just trees and water. She got moved to the side and they put a sock over her eyes, making sure she couldn't see. Then she got carried into the building and set in a chair, they take the sock off her eyes and she looks around and sees all her bestfriends with drinks and 21 ballons.

“SUPRISE! HAPPY 21ST!” they all yelled.

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