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January 25, 2018
By tmc123 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
tmc123 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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It all began on the night of October 28th, three nights before the renowned holiday, Halloween. This night started off like any full moon night, a little eerie but nothing too out of the usual. It was pitch black outside, nothing but the luminous moon lighting up the night, there was an ominous fog that laid in the air adding to the eeriness. A group of five friends had gathered at Amber’s place, it was about 1 o’clock in the morning when the friends got bored. Jessica and Toby really wanted to go adventuring but had no clue where they should go . Amber made the first suggestion, “ There is a nature trail that is lit up at night, we could check that out?”  Jessica put out the second suggestion “Let's check out some of the haunted places in the area.” Amber had grown up very religious and was immediately appalled by the idea of willingly going into haunted places in the middle of the night. Josephina on the other hand was not religious but claimed “ I hate things I can hear but not see”. Lisa was hesitant but agreed it would be fun and she would join as long as the whole group went. After a few minutes of begging and convincing they finally got Amber to agree. “ There is a abandoned orange factory, people say it is haunted and it is only about seven minutes away, let’s go!!!!” Jessica claimed. Toby and Lisa immediately agreed this would be a good start to their night. So they took two cars, Jessica and Lisa drove. Once they arrived at the factory, they immediately felt an eerie presence but decided since they were already there they should at least check it out. “ Come on guys, this way!” whispered Toby. Toby entered the building first followed by Jessica and Lisa. Amber and Josephina  hesitantly followed. The floors in the building were dry rotting, most likely a reason as to why it had been abandoned. As they walked through the building they felt a coldness around them with no windows around, it was unusual. Jessica and Toby were intrigued by this but the others found it quite creepy.  Amber began to panic “ I don’t think we should be here guys, I’m scared.” Jessica walked over to Amber to try and calm her down, assure her that everything is fine and that the coldness meant nothing. As they continued to walk through the building they started hearing things. Creaking of floorboards, doors swinging open then slamming shut, faucets running, noises that you wouldn't normally hear in an abandoned building. They decided to head to the next stop on their adventure. They got in their cars and drove to the most haunted cemetery in their area. This cemetery had been known throughout the country for all the paranormal activity that takes place. Amber began to freak out,  “ Why would we go to a haunted cemetery??”. “ ‘Cause it’s fun”, exclaimed Jessica. It was about a thirty minute drive, Jessica thought for how known this place was, it was worth the drive. Once they arrived they again felt a presence, after feeling this presence they realize the other presence was nothing like this one. This presence was much more sinister, and immediately gave Amber goosebumps. “ Guys i really don’t like this feeling, maybe we shouldn’t go in the cemetery.” “Amber, everything is going to be okay, just believe it can’t hurt you and it doesn’t have anything to feed off of, it feeds off your fear.” Jessica said trying once again to soothe Amber and her fear. “ Or be scared Amber and it’ll get you first”,  jokingly said Lisa. “Stop playing around Lisa she’s scared enough as it is” barked Josephina. After a few minutes of calming and convincing Amber once again, they decided that they should enter the cemetery. They entered the cemetery hesitantly in the same order they had entered the orange factory. They were all quietly walking and observing the gravestones when Josephina tripped. Everyone quickly turned to see if she was okay. She had gotten a scraped knee and a bloody lip but besides that she was fine. “ I think something just grabbed me and pulled me to the ground” Josephina said after she got up. That put a weird feeling in everybody's stomach but they decided to explore a little more until Amber suddenly heard a whisper in her ear “ you shouldn’t be here, get out now”. Amber took off running for the cemetery exit and was running for a good minute, when suddenly she tripped too. The whole group chased behind Amber and finally caught up with her when she had fallen, Toby came over and helped her up. “Maybe we should get out of here, huh?” said Toby to Amber. “ I agree one hundred and ten percent, let’s go to my house guys”. They all piled up in the cars and headed to Amber’s house. Once they got there they all laid down and talked about the night and what all had happened, and they all concluded that they shouldn’t go adventuring for a while and if they do dare to go again, they must do it together no matter what, and that is how the night of exploring went for this group of friends.

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