Lost and Found

January 24, 2018
By Anonymous

“So who took the will?” the investigator asked scanning the room and examining each of the people standing in it. “It had to be one of you three. I watched you all walk in and out of that room” All three of the Doyles children lowered their head, refusing to make eye contact with the intimidating man. Ricky looked at his sisters and then stepped forward “I did..” he said.  “No i did!!” Raquel said leaping in front of Ricky and not soon after Livia announced the same. “Anyone else?” the investigator asked with a raised eyebrow, but nobody answered. “It’s very sweet how all of you stepped forward for each other” his words laced with insincerity “but this is a very serious matter” the Doyles looked at each other and then in unison yelled “I DID IT!” 
The evidence was clear that it must have been one of them. Both Raquel and Livia entered the room right after the new will was found, plus Rickys comment on how “The old will leaves everything to Raquel, Livia, and me. And, frankly, we can’t afford to give away our inheritance to charity.” raised some suspicions. A full on investigation would have to happen to find out who took it. The Doyles were all sat down separately and asked a series of questions on how and why they took the will; they were all asked a time they left and where they hid the will. Asking these questions would eliminate who was telling the truth and was lying in the end, giving us our culprate. The only problem with this was all their times matched up plus the places they “hid” the will were empty. It was still nowhere to be found. 
There was one more person that was in the household when the will went missing.  Duncan Smith. The last person to be interviewed was Duncan, as he entered the room you could see his uneasiness and his eyes darted around the room as tho planning an escape route. “So.. Why’d you do it Duncan?” as the words left the investigators mouth Duncan's eyes enlarged “Wh-a..t.t do you mean” he stuttered out, the expression on his face told everything. “I think we both know what I mean Duncan… One thing I don’t get though is why?” The investigator said standing up “why did you do it? The will left this house to you... It left a business” Duncan's head fell into his lap “Because…” he started “their my children..” three gasps came from behind the door, and the investigators smug look was replaced with surprised one “You and Amanda…?” the investigator said “Yes” tears began to fill Duncan's eyes “before Amanda's passing she told me she was going to leave everything to me and to make her house into a Hospice for people who couldn’t afford it.”

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