The Ex

January 24, 2018
By bjk319 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
bjk319 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Jessica is a waitress at a small town dinner. she is have a rough day, droppin plates and spill drinks. Last nights date night didn't go as expected. Her and her boyfriend Bobby broke up last night. She isnt taking it very well. But neither iss he. BUMM. BUMM. BUMM.


Jessica is home alone during a bad strom and the power goes out. But things become weird, very weird. And the night takes a turn for the worst, ending even worse than it stared. 

Chapter 1: The Ex

As Jessica replays the break up in her head,it sends a cold chill through her body. CRASH! A cup crashes to the floor, echoing through the diner causing everyone’s attention to focus on Jessica.
“Hey hun you alright?” asked Linda
“Yeah just a little shook up from last night, thanks though.” choked Jessica
“How bout you come to the apartment after our shift we’ll talk about it.” added Linda
“No thanks I’m just gonna go home and relax.” murmured Jessica
“Alright if you say so.” pursued Linda
When Jessica’s shift ended at 6:30pm the clouds started to roll in. Jessica started her walk home. Walking she has a strange feeling that she is being followed, as she looks around the wind started to pick up leaves began to blow across the road, and caused the tree branches to rub together, making an ear piercing screech that distracts Jessica from looking, and forces her to continue walking. When Jessica reaches her home she is greeted by her father Mark, knowing what happened a couple nights ago he tried his best to keep small talk and stay off the subject
“Hey Jess how was work?” implied her father
“It was alright I guess.” Moaned Jessica
“Dad if you don’t mind I’m gonna go up to my room and listen to music.”
“No not at all. Hey listen,” I was going out to play cards with some friends, and was wondering if you would like to come?” asked Mark
“No thanks.” came echoing through the upstairs hall and down the stairs.
With that Jessica’s father made his way out the door and to his car.

Jessica is now home alone. A loud crack of lightning shakes the house startling Jessica causing her to look out the window. Violently the rain comes down stripping the tops of trees of their leaves. As the wind picks up the lights begin to flicker, and in less then a second the house was black. Jessica gets a message on her cell phone saying “All police units will be roaming neighborhoods to assist any residents with damages from the storm.” as Jessica sat in the dark she knew she needed some light, Jessica then found herself stumbling around in the dark to the hallway closet to find a candle . As she threw towels and blankets on the ground struggling to find it. While digging in the closet she heard the wooden floor in the kitchen slowly creaking. CREEEAK CREEEAK CREEEAK .
“DAD IS THAT YOU!?” exclaimed Jessica
The creaking stopped instantly. Jessica shook it off, and figured it was the house settling.  Jessica took the match box sitting next to the candle and struck the match across the back of the box lighting it then holding it to the wick, lighting the candle filling the hallway with an orange glow. Jessica slowly made her way downstairs to the kitchen. When she reached the kitchen she squinted trying to see anything possible. Empty. With the fright relieved, and her nerves calmed she made her way back toward the stairs, as she passed the dining room the curtains waiving caught her eye, they were rippling, she hesitantly made her way to investigate, when she reached the curtains, the window was open, she shut and locked it, and thought to herself that her dad must have opened it before he left to let in the nice fall breeze. Then came another CREEEEEAK! But this time it came from upstairs in the hallway, Jessica’s focus instantly shot  upstairs,l she slowly crept toward the stairs, hands shaking uncontrollably , causing the orange glow to bounce all over the room. Jessica made her way up the stairs, and took a left to head to her room and stopped dead in her tracks, sitting on the floor were the blankets and towels she sloppily threw out earlier neatly folded and stacked in front of the closed closet door she left open. She quickly turned to run for the stairs, and saw a figure it was outlined by the glow of the candle, she was unable to make the face. It was leaning against the hand railing. She saw a skinny, medium height figure hunched over almost as it were in pain. The figure then softly exclaimed,
“Jessica, you know I don’t like messy things”  The voice mortifies Jessicas.
“Bobby? Bobby what are you doing here!?”
“Yes its me, I was thinking “IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU NO ONE CAN!”
In that moment Bobby leaped at Jessica causing her to dropped the candle, the flame caught the blanket a fire, the flames slowly began to spread.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH.” screeched Jessica
She turned and ran down the hall to bathroom, and locked herself inside, in a panic she  fished in her pocket for her phone, pulled it out and quickly dialed her dad.
*Jessica’s dad picks up the phone*
“Hey hunny wh-”
*Jessica’s phone clicks off*
Jessica looks down in denial, her phone is dead, she wanted to cry. Jessica begins to scream
The cop roaming the neighborhood heard Jessica’s screech and came sprinting to her front door knocking, the knocking startled Bobby causing him to run and hide, Jessica heard the thuds of Bobby’s boots running down the stairs, Jessica then slowly opened the door, and peeked her head out of the bathroom, seeing that the coast was clear she ran toward her room to hide, jumping the fire along the way. When the cop got no response he peeped through the window witnessing the flames roaring upstairs and the smoke billowing to the ceiling. He quickly took a step back from the door then driving his foot into the door causing it to fly open, stepping  inside he looks around to assess the situation, when he looks to his right Bobby is slams a vase over the cop’s head knocking him unconscious. Bobby turned to go find Jessica.

As Jessica sat in her bedroom closet trying to control her breathing so she wouldn’t be heard.
Through the small openings in the closet door she saw Bobby slowly enter the room. When trying to hide herself further in the closet she bumped into a box instantly getting Bobby’s attention.
The closet door swung open.
“C’omer you little” barked Bobby
“Why are you doing this?” questioned Jessica
“Because you were home” quietly whispered Bobby
As Bobby drug Jessica out of the closet by her feet she grabbed one of her metal hangers and swung her arm as violently as she could piercing the side of his head immediately dropping his body to the floor.
As Jessica stood over Bobby’s lifeless body with her hand covered in his blood.
The fire was now spreading to her bedroom leaving her trapped. Jessica made her way to the window sliding it open to make her escape, she slowly hung herself out of the window sill letting go and falling in the bush down below. As she pulled herself out of the bush her father rolled up in his car. Jessica then took off in an uncontrollable sprint to her father jumping into his arms, and crying. Her father stood there holding her and staring speechless. As the house slowly went up in flames.
After the fire was put out, a police officer came up to Jessica, and her father
“ Jessica, you said there were only two other people in the house with you, correct?”
“ Yes, why do you ask?”
“ we have only recovered one body, and that was our officer”
Jessica’s head shot up with wide eyes, a dropped jaw, and a sinking heart as a breeze sent a bone rattling chill down her spine.

Chapter Notes:

This is a short sory so i didnt know how to submit

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for a creative writing class in high school.

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