tragedy of a child

January 17, 2018
By hope479 SILVER, Wake Forest , North Carolina
hope479 SILVER, Wake Forest , North Carolina
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The child was born  in a human dimension,  in the same instant that an evil force was destroyed in an alternate dimension. As all the hero's cheered in the alternate dimension, the evil force they thought  had been defeated had been sucked into the same dimension as this newborn. Searching for a source of life to inhabit, the evil force stumbled across a hospital. He entered this hospital as a mere shadow, a wisp of wind even. He searched and searched but all he found were ailing, weak souls whose bodies were injured or uninhabitable. Suddenly his luck changed when he turned the corner and struck gold. He had found the newborn center. The babies had all started to stir, sensing this evil presence watching them. A few nurses came in to calm them but nothing was working.  After a while the evil force has selected its body. This baby boy that had been selected was named Noah. The evil waited until no one was around to sneak into the room and find noah's crib. As the evil entered the body, he felt the warmth of this new soul being fused with his own and realized how much potential this one has. As the years pass Noah's body gets stronger than the average human. At age 6, Noah could lift things 10 times his weight but he wasn’t mentally stable. His soul kept trying to detach from the Evil. He gradually started going insane and at age 12 he was put into a mental institution. After a few weeks Noah got acquainted with the others at the institution and he overheard they were planning  an escape. He told them he could help getting the doors open but they all just laughed. That night he was sitting in his room at the institution and he couldn't get their laughter out of his mind. He had to show them that he could do it. He decided that he would escape that night. At around 10 o'clock  he looked out his little window to see if anyone was around and he saw no one. Ever so slightly he pulled at the hinges on the door making sure to make no noise. Once he had removed all the hinges, he grabbed the bars on the windows  and pulled. The door slid right out of the doorway and Noah started walking down the hall towards the exit. As he approached the door he realized it was unlocked and started to get concerned. The whole process seemed too easy. Noah turned around and ran back to the common area and saw that everyone else was dead. He then ran to the other halls and guards rooms and everyone else was dead as well. Noah started to panic and he ran back to the exit. Once he got there the doors were gone and there was a table where there was an old fashioned phone on it. Noah turned and looked all around him as the walls started to melt away. It was just him and the phone alone in a dark room lit only by a small flame seemingly burning from  nothing sitting in each corner. Noah turned back to the table when the phone started to ring. He walked up to the phone and when he put it up to his ear he was set aflame yet wasn't affected by the fire. He was still holding the phone to his ear so he said hello. At that moment Alan woke up with his cellphone to his ear. His wife was screaming to him that she was giving birth to their son Noah. Alan was so stunned he couldn't speak. He just started rushing around gathering his wife's things and headed to the hospital still holding the phone, his wife's screams echoed in his ears. Alan made it to the hospital and walked into her room right as they took Noah from his wife’s body. As soon as they cut the umbilical cord, Noah's eyes opened and he burst into flames but wasn't burning. Everyone in the room slowly turned their heads towards Alan as he fell to his knees. 

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