The Mission

January 17, 2018
By Jerrod BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Jerrod BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Welcome to B.I.S the one company shaping the future. We know that you’ve been paralyzed in the field from your right leg down and we’d like to make an offer since well, you don’t have much to lose other than even more of your pride. We are willing to give you A new right leg, not one of those prosthetic ones, the state of the art stuff; a motorized bionic leg. You’ll be able to get back into the field a few days after the procedure but all you gotta do is accept this next part….

Who in the world would resist, I’d finally get my job back

Now you wouldn’t be the first one to undergo the procedure and it is deemed somewhat safe since no one has died yet. What we would like to do is implant a chip in your neck that would help simulate what happened in crime scenes and also train you in combat. A lot of other companies want this technology so it’s only necessary. Would you like to sign this contract and proceed?

Of course, I did, and to this day I wish I just stayed in the damn wheelchair. Then the training came with the mentor.

We’d like you to meet Chris, one of the first applicants into the system. Chris, Kyle, Kyle, Chris. Once patrolling a military base, he’s now apart of a covert team working for central intelligence who all happen to have the same program.

The whole time he had a cold empty stare barely blinking and had a straight posture.

Anyways you two get right at it. Finally, she left the room and wait what are you doing. All of a sudden he begins to start clawing at his neck and exposed some device on his neck and tries to run at me. I didn’t know what was going on so I pushed him. Unfortunately for him in the next five seconds, his head became a fine red mist. What the hell is going on he… before I could finish the thought she’s back in the room.

“Congratulations on your first test, you’re a quick thinker aren’t you.”

“Who the really was that”, I asked her and she simply replied,”I already told you but it doesn’t matter now since he’s dead, now you’re going into the field subject 13”

All of a sudden I passed out with her shoes behind the last thing I saw. When I woke up I somehow was in the White House.

“New objective kill the Secretary of State”

“I..I can’t do that, this wasn’t a part of the deal.”

1,7,292,292,28,3,4,675,42,24,6,2,24,6…..The number just wouldn’t stop and they only got louder.

“Stop with the F***ING numbers please, fine I’ll do it. Is this what you wanted all along, a pawn, a toy. You got one just stop with the numbers please.”

I could hear the speaker in the room next door. The whole time I didn’t notice there was a gun in my hand but it was one quick motion. Open the door, line up the sights, pull the trigger. I didn’t know there was one of those devices on my neck though so to simply put it, I go boom. When it was over I just got recycled into a new body. Now I have new orders.

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