Not the Beginning

January 17, 2018
By OliviaAnello BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
OliviaAnello BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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The  room was so bright as I walked into the doors. It made my eyes squint with a burn. I’m shaking, I’m cold, but a blanket is around me. I clenched the blanket in my hand, just it make sure it was their.  My hair is wet, I feel it dripping, but it wasn’t raining outside, and no one else was wet.
“ Katie!” I heard a familiar voice call. My lip hurt. I raised my finger to touch it. It was spit and bleeding. My cheek felt the same way. It hurt. Now that I think of it, everything hurt. I looked down. I was in a tank top and pajama pants. My arms were bruised. What happened? They sat me down at a bed and they closed the curtains. I didn’t like the sound of the rings clanking together as they slid on the rod so I touched my ears. My earrings were ripped out. I'm nervous. I went to play with my wedding rings. They’re gone.  I could hear them talking about me. A doctor maybe.
“Why did she walk in here? You know how hurt she could be right now?” He sounded mad. I saw the guy who walked me in. He was trying to talk to me but I didn’t feel like listening to what he was saying, I wanted to know what happened.
“ On the bus she woke up and started freaking out. She sat up, took everything off of her and just sat there with the blanket. She wouldn’t lay down and if we tried to touch her she would get mad and try to hit us. She only trusted Austin and let him walk her in, but even when he asked her to lay down she wouldn't move, she would just look at us with a blank stare. All she said was something about spiders and how she should have known. Maybe that has something to do with this. I don't think she knows what happened.” He was right. I have no idea what happened to me.  I don't get it. I didn’t want to be touched, but I don't know why. I was rambling about spiders but why would I? Austin. That was his name. He looked like Andrews, that's why I trusted him.
“ I can figure this out.” I said to myself outloud.
“What can you figure out?” Austin popped up.
“ It's my job to understand everything.” I said looking at him.
“ This isn't a case katie, this is you…” I stopped listening. I didn’t care anymore. He didn’t know me. Another voice. There was another voice.
“ Where is she” Its familiar.
“Is she ok?” I know that voice.
“Sir who are you?” The doctor said.
“ Nathan Bringings, I need to see her.” Gs, he my best friend. How did he know I was here. I want him in here. Doctors came in. They stunded me. I could hear my breath getting heavier. I didn’t want them in here. One of them pushed me down onto the bed. They treated me like a crazy trauma patient. Did no one tell them I don't want to be touched? Austin and Gs ran in to make them stop. I felt the tears falling on my face. It stung my cheek. The pain. I sat up.  They were trying to talk to me but I really couldn't care less about what they said, all I need to know is what happened.  I need to understand. I got up to see exactly where I was. The curtain sounds again. It hurt. That's when I saw him. He was walking in a back hallway. He smiled at me then disappeared. No. I felt myself fall. That's when it all came back.

The author's comments:

This piece is about a girl who went threw a trama and she cant remember what happened but she is using all she can to figure it out.

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