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What He's Done

January 11, 2018
By sh.arron BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
sh.arron BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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He had finally woken up, he’d been out for quite a while. But where he woke up, was unknown to him. But there was one thing on this mind, I need to get home to her. Groaning, he got up and trudged towards the way he assumed was home. He continued to trudge and groan, rubbing his eyes, he was a mess. He was dirty, smelly, and tired.
“What is this. Where am I?” he croaked.
Looking around he still didn’t know where he was. He continued to walk straight until he caught sight of a camp, he walked towards the family who were building a fire.
“Hey uh can you help-” before he could finish they all screamed and ran.
Shocked he stared after them, do I really smell that bad? He thought shrugging and walking away again. The sun was beginning to rise, and he slowed down.
“I'm so tired, I'll stop here for the night.” He whispered to himself. He sat down on the ground, propping himself up on a tree. Slowly he drifted off into a peaceful slumber. Hours passed and he was still sleeping, until a small noise woke him up. Like a deer caught in headlights, he sat up. Getting up quickly, he walked away. He’d passed by people who were on a hikes, camping, or having a picnic. He asks for directions, food, or help. But they always ran and shouted,
“Don’t hurt me please!”
But he never understood why they’d all run away from him, but he wanted to keep moving. Soon he reached the road, but no one would stop to help him.
“Why won’t anyone help me?” he mumbled to himself.
Scratching his head he found the sidewalk and began walking towards his home.
“I wonder what she’s doing right now.” He mumbles to himself.
She was coming home, bringing the bags into the kitchen. She does all her housework, finishing the laundry, the cleaning, and making dinner with time to spare. So she spends her time reading a book, it was dark when she had finally set her book down.
“Where on earth is he? Dinner is getting cold.” she grumbles.
“I've told him countless times to message me if he was going to be late for dinner.”
She tried calling him, but it went straight to voicemail. Slamming her phone down, she decides to eat without him. She finishes her food, but he still hasn’t arrived. She’s washing her dishes and looking out the window, wondering where he could possibly be. She sees neighbors running back into their homes, they looked as if they seen a ghost.
“What is going on outside? I hope he gets home safe.” she sighs beginning to dry the dishes.
He finally reaches his neighborhood, and waves at a couple of his neighbors. They all run back into their homes.
“What’s wrong with them?” He whispers as he walks up his driveway.
“I guess she's already home, I hope she isn’t worried.” he said seeing her car parked in the garage. Slowly he walks up the driveway. Taking out his keys he slowly turns the knob and walks into the house. He hangs up his coat and takes off his shoes.
“Im home, what's for dinner? I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.” he said walking into the kitchen. Hearing him come into the kitchen she turns, smiling brightly.
“I made beef-” her bright face turns pale, the plate in her hand drops and shatters into a million pieces.
“What is wrong with you? Why are you so clumsy?” he asked looking at the glass shards littering the ground.
“Whats wrong with me me?” shocked he could even ask her that question.
“You look like you've seen a ghost.”
She points a shaky finger at him.
“Why are you covered in blood.”

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