Jess Fond

January 11, 2018
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“What are we supposed to do in here while we wait?” asked Bob.

‘“We should play duck-duck-goose!!!!” said Lei.
“Really?” asked Bob.
”NO!!!!! WE NEED TO DEFUSE THIS BOMB!!!!!!!” yelled Lei.
“That game sounds fun too!” said Bob grinning.
Lei gritted his teeth and bum rushed Bob. Jacob and Jess ran over to break it up. “JUST STOP!!!!!! You guys have been going at it the whole time we’ve been in here. Y’all need to stop acting like kids and help us find out how we’re going to get out of here,” said Jacob.
“Yeah, seriously,” Elijah said agreeingly. Jacob turned around and scolded Elijah.
“Why do you have to agree with everything I say? Why can’t you just be quiet?” asked Jacob antagonized.
“If you have a problem with it, why haven’t you solved it?” Jacob ran towards Elijah ferociously and ran him into the glass on the wall. The glass shattered and penetrated into Elijah’s back. Elijah let out a cry of agony. As he got up, he began to laugh, and Jacob was winding his fist up. Jess ran over & stood in front of Jacob before he could.
“STOP!!!!!! What are you guys doing? Fighting each other and for what? What will fighting solve? Now, instead of fighting like two bozos, we need to think of a way out this elevator.” Jacob scowled Elijah & Elijah gave a mischievous grin back.
The speaker in the elevator then went off.
“HELLO LADY & GENTLEMEN!!!!!! SO NICE TO SEE YOUR FACES! Now, you’re all probably wondering why you guys are stuck in an elevator. If this is so, you're wondering about the wrong thing. What you should be worried about is how to get out, and I’d be glad to tell you. Now, you see that bomb right there, it has a timer on the side of it. Now, you can probably infer what’s going to happen when it reaches zero, but it doesn’t have to if you follow my instructions. Now, every time I give a new set of instructions, you guys will have a certain amount of minutes to complete the task depending on the difficulty. Every time the task is completed, I will tell you the next task & the timer will reset. Don’t forget, there is a bomb in the same area as you all are and it’s waiting to detonate if you aren’t docile”
“Is this some sick game?” yelled Lei.
“Now, I wouldn’t say sick, but it is a game. Lei, is it? I couldn’t help but find you & Bob’s fight so interesting that I would love to see it again. But only this time, no breaking it up Jacob and Jess, I want them to fight to the death. HAVE FUN!!!!”
The speaker went out and the tension in the air suffocated everybody's brain. No one looked sane or felt safe.
“OK. Everybody just calm……….”
The room went quiet. Nobody knew what just happened. The moment was so succinct that it wasn’t manifest to anyone. All everyone saw was a shiny object that flew across the elevator room. Jacob looked over in the direction the object went. He was in awe when he saw blood that ran down Bob’s body and saw a piece of glass in his eye. Jacob looked over at Lei.
“You said be calm. I killed him calmly,” said Lei with a grin on his face.
“Lei What The………….”
“Nice throw Lei. Right in the eye!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Cheer up Jacob, it’s only part of the game.” said the unknown voice through the speaker.
“You’re sick!” yelled Jacob.
“I like the word unique better. Jacob, since you have so much energy, the next task is for you. I also loved your little tussle with Elijah earlier but it wasn’t fair because he wasn’t fighting back. So, I think you know the rest. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!”
When the speaker went off, Elijah laughed hysterically. Jacob looked at Elijah with anger in his eyes. Before anything happened, Jess sneaked a piece of glass to Jacob from behind their backs. Elijah looked at Jacob, cracked his neck & leaped across the room on Jacob. Jacob pulled the glass from behind him ever so swiftly and jabbed Elijah in his stomach several times. As soon as he fell to the floor, the speaker came on.
“WOAH!!!!!! Jacob, never knew you had it in you. Now, for the main event, Jacob and Lei will have to fight to the death. But here’s the catch; every piece of glass that you two cut each other with, Jess has to cut herself with a piece of glass. Jacob, you might want to use the glass wisely if you want Jess to live. Remember, the timer is waiting to go off if no one cooperates. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!”
Lei and Jacob ran towards each other before the speaker even went off. Lei threw the first punch but Jacob dodged it & twisted his neck. Jess couldn’t believe what just happened. Then, the elevator doors swung open. Jacob made his way out the door & a gunshot pierced through his skull. A man appeared in front of the elevator.
“Did you get the chip?” asked the man.
“Yes. Do you have the surveillance tapes?”
“Yeah,” said the man.
“Ok, let’s go.”

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