Sneaky Twos

January 11, 2018
By tyller00 BRONZE, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
tyller00 BRONZE, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
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Chapter One
It’s dark and seven year old Cooper can hear adults discussing something of importance in the other room. Shortly after, he hears the sound of a woman sobbing, the little boy runs towards the noise. It leads him to an empty room with one light shining. Cooper steps in and looks around the corner, spotting two mean and two women. Cooper gasps.
“Hey! Let’s go!” The well dressed man yelled.
The man grabs Cooper by the collar of his Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt and walked him outside to his car. After Cooper got buckled in, the car door is slammed shut behind him.
“It was just a dream...just a stupid dream.” Cooper explains as he sits up in his bed.
Cooper, now 19 now lays awake. Once he got the motivation to get, he decided to get out of bed. Then, he dragged himself into the kitchen.
“What’s for breakfast, mom?” He said, mid-yawn.
“Your favorite, Lucky Charms Marshmallows.”
Cooper ate his breakfast and went to meet his friends Kyle, Jace, and Mel. They all met up at the courtyard where they like to play hover-racing, a game in which they get on their hoverboards and see who can win a race. So, that’s exactly what they did. All of them got onto their hoverboards and started chasing each other around.
“My mom just bought me the newest one, it came out last week. Isn’t it fast?!” Cooper bragged to his friends.
“I’ll race you!” Kyle said back with confidence.
Mel and Jace sat down on a bench and watched. As Kyle’s and Cooper’s hoverboards were picking up speed, Cooper’s handlebars started to shake tremendously.
“Something’s wrong! I need to slow down!” Screamed Cooper, filled with fright.
When he tried slowing down all the hoverboard did was speed up. He looked at Kyle with fear. When the two boys looked back in the direction they were heading, they crashed right into the water fountain. Jace and Mel immediately came running.
“Kyle? Cooper? Are you okay?”
Both of the boys shot up. Cooper looked down at the hoverboards and back at everyone else.
“You guys! Look what I did. I crashed my brand new board. Karen is going to be so mad at me. She just got it for me.”
“Your mom will be fine, Coop! At least you and Kyle are okay, ” explained Jace.
“I think it’s time we head home now. My mom probably has dinner ready.”
“Okay, bye Mel. We’ll see you tomorrow.” Kyle responded. “I’m going to go home too.”
Since everyone was leaving, Cooper decided to start picking all of his things up and heading out.
“Hey, Jace, want to come over? My mom invited you over for dinner.”
Chapter Two
Once the two go to Cooper’s house they sat down at the dinner table and waited patiently for his parents to sit down with them. They sat there for a good ten minutes until they started to become inpatient.
“Mom!? Dad?!” Yelled Cooper down the hall.
Karen finally came out in the kitchen, following her was Cooper’s dad, Roy.
“Why are you two so dressed up?” Cooper asked.
“We have a business dinner to attend for my company tonight. Your mom already prepared dinner for you two. It’s in the fridge. We’ll probably get back last so, see you in the morning.”
They left the house. As soon as Cooper and Jace heard their car start, him and Jace made eye contact and grinned at each other.
With one eyebrow raised, Cooper asks Jace, “Are you ready?”
“Yes, of course!” Jace smirks back.
Ever since Cooper was he little he was fascinated about knowing everything. And knowing everything about his parents was something he has always tried to find out. Now that he’s older he likes to invite kyle because it’s something fun for them to do. The two started towards the door and sneak past Cooper’s security cameras, something they’ve become good at. The spying has begun and the two begin following his parents from afar. Quickly, his parents stop in the dark alley next to where Roy’s company headquarters are.
“What’re they doing? They usually go into the headquarters when we follow them,” Cooper was perplexed.
“Just be quiet, pay attention!” Jace snapped back.
Cooper’s dad tilted his head up at the brick wall, as did his mom. A blue laser came out of the middle brick and scanned their body and face very carefully. The wall then started to slide to the right. There was an illuminating flash that left Cooper and Kyle seeing stars that weren’t even there. When they finally regained their ability to see clearly, Roy and Karen were gone. The opening was nowhere to be found. Cooper started walking towards the wall and feeling around the area.
“What just happened, Coop? Where’d they go?” Jace inquired.
“I don't know, we need to get this open. We need to find out what they’re doing and where they went. What’re they doing?!”
“Relax! It’s fine. We need to head back before they get back to the house. We can come back tomorrow when they aren’t around.”
Chapter Three
Jace went back to his house and Cooper went back to his as well. As Cooper laid awake so many thoughts ran through his mind. When spying on his parents previously he has never actually found out something so mysterious.  He couldn’t figure out why they were hiding things like that or what they were up to. Cooper not knowing everything bothered him a ton. Cooper started to get tired as the night went on, but wanted to stay awake for when his parents decided to come home. As he began to doze off he heard the front door open. It was his parents. Cooper can hear the two whispering.
“Mission QYS is almost completed...steps left...soon....”
“Yes, Roy. Were going to...and seek out...Mel’” Karen whispered back.
The next morning, Cooper called Jace and woke him up so they could get started on figuring out what his parents were doing. Cooper had planned everything out. He was going to hang out with Mel, Jace, and Kyle, or that’s what his mom thought he was going to do. After he tells his mom his “plans” for the day, Jace and him are going to go investigate the wall. He has to make sure nothing seemed suspicious. The last thing Cooper was going to do, after all his years of spying on them, was get caught.
“Hey mom, Jace is going to come over and we’re going to hang out with Mel and Kyle. Sorry for the short notice. I’ll see you later!” Cooper shouted while walking out the door. He waited outside on his front steps for Jace. “Jace you’re taking forever, c'mon,” He said through the phone.
Jace finally had made it. He parked his car on the side of the curb and started walking towards Cooper.
“You were taking forever!”
“Coop, it took me ten minutes. You’re fine. Are you ready? You thought of a plan, right?”
“Yes, we just have to wait for my dad to leave for work so we can follow him. Let’s get a headstart. We’ll take the back way to the headquarters.”
The two started walking towards the headquarters cautiously. When they got to the wall they waited and waited. Cooper started getting anxious that his father hadn’t showed up yet. They decide to move a little closer to get a better view of things for when Roy shows up. Suddenly, they were able to see a car coming down the alley.
“Yes. That’s my dad’s car!” Cooper quietly said with excitement.
Roy got out of his car, looked around and went to the wall. He lifted his head and the laser came out again. The flash happened, but this time he didn’t disappear. Instead, a big man dressed in a well fitting black suit with sunglasses hiding his face stepped out of the opening and started to approach Roy. The two of them started to converse.
“Do we have the targets?”
“Yes, it is confirmed, sir.”
Roy looked back and forth to make sure no one was listening in. “We have Chase and Bridget? You’re sure that it is them?”
“Yes, sir!” The man responded assertively.
“Wonderful! Karen and I will be back later. Make sure that no one is here other than them.”
Roy walks back to his vehicle and drives off. The man walked back into the opening and disappeared.
“Jace we need to start to be more careful. My parents have people in there. This could be bad. What do we do?”
“Good thinking. We need to find a way to get inside.”
“Let’s go back to my house before my mom starts asking where I am.”
Cooper and Jace make it back to his house and walk inside. Karen is sitting in the kitchen waiting for the two.
“Where have you two been?”
“Oh, hey. We were just hanging out with Kyle and Mel.”
“Were you really, Cooper? Is that why they’re in our living room right now?”
“Uh...what do you mean?” Cooper replied while eyeing down Jace.
“Yes, they came over because I invited their parents to come over for a business purposed. Should I call your father?”
“No, no thank you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to lie. I crashed the new hoverboard you got me and Jace and I went and got it fixed. I didn’t want you to find out.”
“Is this true Jace?” She glared at the two boys.
“Yes, ma’am. I went with him.”
“Go to your room, Coop. Jace, it’s time for you to go home.”
Cooper walked to his room with his head down along with a fake look of sadness. He slowly closed his door and called Jace to make sure the two were on the same page about lying to Karen. He dropped his phone mid-conversation due to thinking he heard his mom coming down the hallway. Surprisingly, Karen didn’t come into Cooper’s room.
Chapter Four
A few hours later when Cooper heard his dad come home, he came out of his room in hope that his mom wasn’t mad anymore. Karen approached Roy at the same time that Cooper did. His parents were both dressed up again. Cooper knew what this meant.
“Do you guys have another company dinner? You always make me stay home. Why can’t I come with ever?”
“Because Coop, it’s business! We’ll be back later.”
“Let’s go, hun!” Roy urged.
Cooper hustled back to his room and texted jace that it was time and to meet him at the end on the alley. When they met up they made sure they were close enough to the hidden door to sneak in after them. They boys can start hearing Cooper’s parents voices. The laser flashes out and the illuminating light shines out of the opening. This time Cooper and Jace were close enough so the light didn’t blind them this time. They were able to sneak right in before the opening disappeared. They slowly follow Roy and Karen down the dark hallway.
“Jace, I remember this place. I’ve been here before....” he said as they continued forward.
Cooper’s parents stopped at a doorway and inside was one light. Cooper recognized the room right away.
“Jace, Jace, this is from my dream! I remem....” He stopped when he heard a woman crying. “Oh my... that’s the same cry. What’s going on?” Cooper thought and thought. Who’s Bridget....Who’s Chase.... “I remember these people. They’re my parents. I was taken to this place when they left me. Roy took me in his car.”
“What do you mean?” Jaced asked with a very confused look on his face.
Without saying anything Cooper ran into the room. “Mom? Dad?”
“Cooper, son! You found us,” said Chase with so much pleasure.
Roy looked at Cooper with the meanest face he’s ever seen. Karen had a face full of shock. The two didn’t say anything right away.
Finally reacting, “Get out, Cooper. Get out!” Screamed Roy.
“Mom, Dad, and Jace, RUN!” Cooper said frantically.
The four of them together pushed Roy and Karen out of the way and started running. Cooper’s “parents” ran after them. Chase, Bridget, Jace, and Cooper ran out of the secret opening and made it to a side street that they couldn’t be spotted at.
“Why did you guys leave me?” Cooper frantically said to his real parents while gasping for air.
“We didn’t, Cooper. Roy took you from us. Your mother and I have been spies since you were young. There was a very top secret assignment we had to do and they made us give you to them. They said once we finished the assignment that you could come back home to us. They lied, obviously. We’ve been trying to search for you ever since then. Roy and Karen did everything they could to make sure we would never see you again. I’m so glad you found us.”
There was silence, quickly broken by Jace. “Well, Cooper, are you going to say something?!” He said while nudging Cooper’s shoulder.
Cooper shook his head, “Yes, sorry. I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say.”
“Well son, would you like to come back home with us? We have to go kind of far to be away from Roy and Karen or they will come after us again. It is your choice.”
“Okay, let’s go. I never want to see Roy or Karen ever again. Can Jace come? He lives alone anyway.”
“Of course!” Bridget said excitedly while smiling back at Jace.
Jace and Cooper didn’t even bother packing any of their things. It was a long walk, but they were able to find where Chase and Bridget had to leave their vehicle. They all hopped in and off they went.  Jace and Cooper looked at each other and smiled. The two were ready to enjoy their new lives together as brothers.

The author's comments:

I always try to find out the secrets people keep from me, so i decided to write a story about a boy who takes finding things out to the next level. 

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