January 11, 2018
By Mr.two15 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mr.two15 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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(Internally) Beginning to wake up, Feeling groggy.
Amelia worried says “What Happened? How long was I sleep? Where am I?”
There was an empty pill bottle and maybe a couple of liquor bottles.
“Maybe a party happened?” said Amelia.
The room was dark but there was a faint candle-like light coming from the other side of the room. On a pole maybe? It’s moving now. The light seems to be coming towards me!
“Who’s there?” Said Amelia.
A voice replied from the dark side of the room “It is awake, I shall let The Master know”.
“My name is not "It", my name is Amelia!” she said angrily.
Trying to walk towards the voice she trips on something, and then the lights come on.
“Is this a hotel room?” said Amelia
The Voice replied “ Something like that and I am your overseer, You’ve been asleep for 3,000 years Amelia. Things have changed, do not remove that tag on your arm.
Looking at the tag marked “Rare Breed!” she questions,
“What is a rare breed?”
As I walk out of the “Hotel Room” I see a completely different world from what I saw before I went to sleep last.
“Maybe that voice was right? Maybe I really slept for 3,000 years?” she said questionably.
Trying to read what she thought was a street sign, she struggled for hours trying to get to what she last new as her home she frantically screams for help. The robot overseer from the “Hotel room” had a name: UTE (Universal Teaching Entity)
“English is a dead language that only a select few know. That is why you are tagged “Rare Breed!” UTE Said.
As Amelia walks the streets she unknowingly walks past a bounty hunter who recognizes the language she is speaking. The bounty hunter named Pocke engages in conversation with her in his language.
“I don’t understand, I don’t understand, I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” said Amelia.
The bounty hunter, furious with rage because she did not reply in his language attacks her and stuffs her into some futuristic car of some sort. All over again Amelia wakes up now to the sound of “Oo’s and Ah’s” She now looks up to find herself in a glass display inside of a museum. Again she sees that language she failed to recognize.
Someone yelled “Djskfdbfiudbv Snmafkjsd dvdv vjhjd Bvhd hdv”
Not knowing what they want her to do Amelia screeches,
“ Let me out!”
Everyone cheers and laughs. Towards the end of what seemed to be a ritual or ceremonial party of some kind, Amelia sees a somewhat suspicious person emerging from the darkest portion of the room. Translator greets everyone and tries to explain or clarify a few things.
    “Good evening, This day marks a … very special day!” He said.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by my creative writing teacher, during our ambiguous microfiction unit.

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