Ding Ding

January 17, 2018
By RC1013 BRONZE, Ossining, New York
RC1013 BRONZE, Ossining, New York
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It was just another day in the library. Just reading my book when another student plods his way toward me. Trying to ignore him I peek over my book after 5 minutes has passed. HE WAS STILL THERE. So that when I said, “Can I help you”. He replied with “ I was just wondering, didn’t I see you before?”. Knowing that I have never since this guy in my life I Replied: “ nope never seen you before in my life”. He seemed a little shock but that was it. Conversation going on for like EVER. He, later on, asked me for my facebook and Snapchat. I should have followed my gut and this whole situation would have never happened like saying I’m not allowed to have social media or I deleted my social media after some stuff with friends. But instead, I told him my social media. Then he finally figured out that I wanted to read my book rather than talk to him, so he left.

Few hours go by, I’m at home by myself since my parents were working late and my two brothers were at their soccer games. “Ding Ding ”  I see two messages pop up on my phone. Both coming from Snapchat, one saying “Eric has added you as a friend”  and the other saying “Message from Eric”. I opened the Message and its show Eric’s body coaching toward the camera, also having a dead smiling face looking straight into my eye. With the text “heyy”. I already thought this dude was pretty weird and looking at this just gave me the wrong vibe  I decided to remove him and send him one last snap saying that I don’t want to talk to him anymore in person and over the phone. A minute does not even pass by and “Ding” another message from Eric. Another photo of himself standing, looking shocked and filled with anger with the message text saying “WHY DID YOU REMOVE ME”. At this point, I had enough of him and I decided to block him on Snapchat and Instagram. Few minutes passed “Ding Ding” I have received two message on Snapchat From John. I’m thinking I don’t know anyone by the named John saying on one “John has added you as a friend” and the other saying “ Message from John”. I opened that Message Which stopped my heart since the picture was the front of my house with the text saying “WHY DID U BLOCK ME”. Running to the front door to make sure the door was closed. Then looking outside and finding nothing except the gnome in the front yards. Wondering how he got my address only to remember that Snapchat has the location of where you are. I decide to not respond to snap and just leave it on open. A few minutes later  “Ding” Another message from Eric showing the fence gate on the side of the house and the text saying “WHY AREN’T YOU  RESPONDING”. Left it on open again and decided to call that cops. On the dial pad ready to dial the numbers turns black showing the reflexion of a scared 16-year-old teen. Few minutes past by and I hear a noise I in the front lawn, I went to go check it out and I saw that the gnomes were into pieces I went outside as quickly as possible following a quick moving shadow going toward the back of the house. Catching up to the slender shape body wearing all black only to end up losing him in a corner of the house. Walking back to the front door only to get tackled by Eric saying the words “WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME”. Eric and I in a fighting moving side to side for while I’d overcoming Eric strength I punched on the lower chin. Seeing his body fly to the ground dead asleep with a bloody face was a big sign of relieve. Few minutes past by the cops come saying they’ve got a disturbance call from one of the neighbors. Telling them the whole story the police decide to take Eric away. After all of this I decided to make new social media accounts, also make sure I turned off my location at all times. So I would never make the wrong decision ever again. Every time I hear a ding now it would remind me of him. Knowing that Eric was still out there, and just not knowing when the day he will come back.

The author's comments:

I got inspired by teens today and how many are not aware of what kind of information they are putting onto the internet.

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