an unconscious state of heart

January 9, 2018
By hope479 SILVER, Wake Forest , North Carolina
hope479 SILVER, Wake Forest , North Carolina
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A package arrived at my house late one night. There were no markings on it and it sounded empty when I shook it. I was about to open it the morning I found it when I got a phone call from an unknown number. I answered the phone but the other line went dead as soon as I did. I went back to the other room to open the package but it was gone. I thought nothing of it since I was late for work. I went about my day and had forgotten about the events of the morning by then. Nighttime comes around and I receive another call. Once again I answer and the line goes dead. In the middle of the night another package arrived. I opened it right away to reveal nothing. An empty box. I sat at the table studying the box when I get another call. This time when I answer there are voices. A man yelling saying they’re losing her and a woman crying. It couldn’t have been. The woman sounded just like my mother. All of a sudden the box starts filling with water. The water appears to be coming out of nowhere. The water then starts getting darker and thicker. It’s blood. Small ripples start forming on the surface of the blood and the blood starts draining. A heart is remaining in the box. A human heart, still beating. The heart starts to shrink and turns into a small pendant. It starts to shake and then lunges at my chest, attaching itself to my skin above where my heart is. I panicked and ran to the bathroom to see it in the mirror. When I get there nothing is on my chest but when I look down I Can see it  on my chest. I try to get it off but I can’t feel it or see it. I must have imagined it all. I went to sleep and when morning came I wasn’t able to get up. I tried my best but nothing worked. I looked down and there was the heart. The skin around it had started turning red so I decided to call in sick for work and go to the doctors. As i’m walking to the doctor everything around me seems to be dying and fading yet I feel stronger with every step. I arrive at the doctor's office and they tell me that i'm perfectly healthy. This news makes me feel a little better except then I started questioning my mental state. As I walk home I get distracted and run out into the middle of oncoming traffic and get hit by a speeding car. I was put in the hospital and I was in a coma for two months. It turns out I needed a heart transplant and they had one ready for me when I needed it. I was prepped for surgery and then they tried to make the first incision the scalpel melted. Everyone was so shocked that they couldn’t continue with the surgery. They called in some experts to see what had happened but no one could explain it. During the examination the nurses started collapsing one by one, their bodies fell to the floor and all their energy was absorbed into the heart pendant. I awoke suddenly to see my family out in the hall crying. I got out of bed and saw all of the bodies surrounding me. Then I look back at the bed and see my body laying there. I race out of the room to go see my family. I call their names but no one looks up. I see a medical team and a coroner's team go into the room and take all the nurses away then they take me. I was so confused as I watched them carry my body away. Then everything gets really bright. I thought I must be dead and moving onto another life but then the light gets dimmer and I see it was an explosion. The heart pendant had exploded with life coincidentally killing everyone around it.   

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