The Wooden School

January 9, 2018
By Anonymous

The boys found themselves wandering away from their dull eagle scouts getaway trip and into the darkness of the cold forest, hoping something more interesting would present itself to Jack and Mikey.  They trekked on and on and on until they came across something strange.  They seemed to see what was a large building standing in front of them, it was dark, and wooden.  Being the curious boys that they were, their first thought was to explore their new discovery.  The boys found themselves tip-toeing through the front door, screeching a terrible screech as it crept ajar.  The hallways were dark, cold and quiet, too quiet.  They hear the echoes of their breath bounce across the webbed walls and ceilings as they took each step.  Mikey and Jack were deep into these woods, phones were near useless way out here.  It was black inside, except for something obscure in the distance. 
A light flickered on and off and the boys grew obsessed as they traveled toward the sole sense of light inside the dark, wooden building.  “Mikey, look at that over there, let’s go check it out” Jack cried.  The boys started to run toward this light, they needed to see this potential sign of what this building is.  Once The boys finally approached, they were greeted by nothing, just an opening to an empty classroom, dark as the hallway that lead them there.  The building was a school, this much now known, but yet still so many questions. 
“I don’t think we should go in there Jack someone could be here” pleaded Mikey. 
“Relax Jack let’s just look around for some clues or anything”
  They entered.  They looked around, admired every little remnant.  They searched and searched for more information to gain and as time went by, hope was lost.  It seemed as a failed mission and they murmured to each other that they should make their way back to camp.  As silence grew, a raspy scream exploded from the darkness.  “WELCOME TO MY ROOM”  Jack and Mikey jumped a mile and sprinted toward the door.  It slammed shut in their face and locked, there was no exit now.  Their screams flooded the air around them yet no one could here these pleads for help, the boys were in trouble.  Jack and Mikey, were not to be heard of again.  Not the first, not the last, victims to the stranger in the Wooden School.

The author's comments:

This fictional piece came across my mind following the viewing of a scary movie.  I wanted to take a crack at my own personal thrilling piece.

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