Hotel Abettor

January 12, 2018
By Jazmin622 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jazmin622 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Hotel Abettor is infamous to say the least. Every few weeks since 1968 a slaughtered body is found in the hotel elevator. No one knows who is committing the murders. When detectives would try to run the security cameras on the elevator from those nights the cameras appeared broken. The detectives would always think it was the bellhop that did it. He was a much older man. He moved like a sloth but talked a mile a minute. He looked very feeble and like he wasn’t even capable of walking up the steps. So, they couldn’t wrap their heads around the idea of the seemingly innocent elderly bellhop being dangerous. The bellhop also swore up and down that he was not the one committing the murders. It didn’t make sense to the detectives. Who else could have had that access to the elevators to be able to commit the murders? The detectives knew they needed to do deeper investigating. They searched and searched for the elevator slaughterer. They interrogated all the housekeeping staff, and found no answers nor clues there. The staff all had their own very convincing motives. Soon after the detectives interrogated the staff the bellhop came to them with a confession. He confessed that he did in fact commit the murders on the elevator. He insisted that it was not his fault because someone lured him to. The detectives were highly confused and were not buying it. The detective then ordered for the bellhop to go to the elevator of which he committed the murders, and break down what happened. The bellhop walked over and reluctantly got into the elevator. Just as he begins to explain what went down on the elevator it closed. The elevator’s doors shut for about two minutes. When it opened the pungent smell of iron took over the detectives senses. The sight of the bellhop’s busted disfigured face disturbed and traumatized the detectives and everyone that passed by. His body was in a disaree. Everyone was devastated. They could not believe what their eyes were presenting them. The bellhop had been a part of the hotels community for at least 20 years. This caused for the hotel owner to become determined to figure out who the elevator slaughter was. He made a public announcement to everyone in the hotel stating that until this elevator slaughter is discovered, no one could leave. Everyone was either mad, understanding, or both. People even tried to sneak out, but they couldn’t. The doors were on lock down. Moments went by of intense tension. Most of the crowd was scared, and everyone refused to get on the elevator. They grew angry with each others presence. One woman got tired of the agony and decided to use the elevator to go up to her room. She was apprehensive about it, but she got on the elevator anyway. No one was on it with her. After 2 minutes but what felt to her like 20 she made it to her room safely. Next thing you know there was a loud wail. It came from the back of the hotel. Half of the crowd ran toward the commotion. The other half ran away from it. When everyone got to the scene they were shocked at what they seen. There stood one of the detectives with a frightened face and blood all over his body.

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I enjoy reading books and watching shows that are suspenseful and have a thriller type of feel. I wanted to create something like that myself.

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