High Demand for Fear

January 12, 2018
By KHavili BRONZE, Sacramento, California
KHavili BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Like the branches of a tree, our lives may go in different direction our roots remain as one.

It was a dark and stormy night, and four kids were visiting New Orleans with their parents and they ditched the hotel and were going to the movie theaters to check out the new scary movie that came out that was supposed to be the scariest movie of all  time.They were 10 minutes early for the movie and they didn’t want to spend their time watching movie trailers. So they decided to joke around with the homeless man outback.Of course he didn’t enjoy the jokes as much as the rest of them.

“Okay,okay.”Omar said out of breath from laughing” That’s enough”

“Yeah, the movies about to start” Julia complained since she has the craziest parents that would cut off her legs forbidding her from going anywhere.

“Ah you guys want something scary how about a real live horror story, huh?” the old man asked

“Yeah, I don’t wanna miss little David crying for his momma”Ruby remarked

“Shut up” David Growled

“Once upon a time-”The old homeless man started

“Okay” Ruby interrupted “I’m going inside to watch these wacky trailer, but it aint as wacky as the old man’s little cinderella story.”

“Okay, then well...To be continued” the old man finished eerily

Ruby walked into the movie theaters.

‘’What a bunch of B.S.” Ruby Laughed

“Yeah we better get going, guys” Omar said

So the rest of them went in and watch the movie. After 2 hours of screaming,chills, and jumpscares, they walked out of the movie theaters.

“Wow’’ David yawned “ That was so ‘scary’ huh guys?” he said sarcastically

“Yeah, I think we would’ve been better off listening to the poor man’s story. It probably would’ve been better and definitely would’ve been free” Julia responded

“Yeah well we better get back to the hotel”Omar said

“Yo its the old man” David yelled “ Hey!!”

“Hey let’s go see if we can still get that cinderella story” Ruby said

So they decided to follow the old. The old man turned a corner and disappeared into the graveyard.

“Nah, man” Omar said trembling with fear This is where I draw the line”

“Come on now Omar you supposed to lead us with bravery” David said

Without a doubt in his mind he entered the Saint Louis graveyard

The rest of them followed, but Omar following behind them. The walked by a Mausoleum, and Omar spotted the old man. What he saw was horrifying.

“Yo, we seriously have to get out of here!” Omar screamed

They all turned and they had  just witnessed the old man butcher a child, cutting off his limbs and dragging the boy and throwing him into a pit. All three of them froze in terror.Omar made them follow him to get out, so they finally snapped out of it and followed Omar and left. As they ran towards the gate it just seemed to more and more distance between them and the gate. The old man dashed towards them with the knife.

“The four kids made a big mistake trying to find fear on a mere movie screen, and looked for a real thrill in the graveyard. And these kids got a real thrill and they had a truly horrifying ending to there great story.” The old man said continuing the story. The four kids screamed as they feared for their lives.

“They should know, We need the dead to make us feel alive, and this ending,right here, makes me feel very alive!!”

The old man jumped and killed all four of them. He then grabbed all the parts of the four carccasses and threw them into the pit.

“I feel very alive” the old man mumbled and began to fill the pit.

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