Buried Alive

January 12, 2018
By camilamedeles SILVER, Sacramento, California
camilamedeles SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Last year,I was walking home from a late movie and I decided to cut through a cemetery.As I was walking I heard noises but I just thought it was animals.So I decided to turn on my flashlight from my phone.I had it on for a couple of minutes.But then my phone died.”oh great,”I said.As I looked up from my phone I saw a shadow pass by.I got really scared.But I thought it was just my imagination playing games with me.But I was sure that I saw something.So I started to run.I then came to a stop because I heard someone scream.I turned around and there stood Marie Laveau “the voodoo queen”.I couldn’t believe my eyes.I wanted to run but I just stood there frozen.Then all of a sudden Marie Laveau grabbed me and took me somewhere.I was screaming for help but no one heard me.I couldn’t really see where we going because it was really dark.

But I finally got the courage to talk to her.”where are you taking me?”I asked.

She just ignored me.We finally came to a stop.She turned me around and there I stood in front of Marie Laveau’s grave.It had X’s all over it.”why did you bring me here?”,I asked.

She just laughed at me.Then people came out from behind the other graves behind us.They grabbed me and tied me to a chair.

I started to cry out of fear.”help someone help”,I screamed.

”No one can hear you,”Marie Laveau said.

All them started to do a retiaul.It lasted for a couple of minutes.I felt pain in my chest.It finally ended.I felt kinda weird and knew it had to do something Marie.”what did you do to me?”I asked.

”I gave you an immortal life,”Marie said.

”what why?” I asked.She didn’t say anything.”

Do you want me to bring the casket Marie?” one of the men said.

”Yes suh”,she said.

The man came back with a casket.I was confused for why he had that.Marie then came up to me and pushed me into the casket.I fell right on my back.I tried to get out but Marie  stood right above me and pushed me back down with her magic.Marie Laveau’s smile was the last thing I saw.Marie Laveau’s laugh was the last thing I heard.”No please no!” was the last thing I said before getting buried alive for the rest of my immortal life.

The author's comments:

This story is about Marie Laveau the queen of voodoo.

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