Living Again

January 12, 2018

I was awoken from a deep, deep sleep confused and terrified that I wasn’t in my bed at home. The state I had been in, felt like an eternity. My limbs were very stiff as I tried to move them. Cracking the many bones that had been in a state of disuse for along period of time, I tried to get up in the dark, eerie place. As my feet touched the floor, a rush of shivers went up my spine. It was very cold, but I continued to walk around to find anything that would make just the slightest amount of light. I walked around blindy, grasping onto the wall and feeling my way through the dark room. There was a moment in which I thought I felt someone’s facial features, but I decided that it was just an figure of my imagination. As I continued to try to find a light, I started to hear footsteps coming closer and closer. I had to get out this strange place. I needed to find out exactly where I was and why I was there without being noticed by anyone. So I ran, but not fast enough. Next thing I knew I was being blinded with a bright light, feeling exposed to the entire world. “AaaaaaAAAaaaaah” screamed a small female with the uniform of a security guard on. I screamed when she screamed because her scream had caught me by surprise. Other than that she wasn’t very frightening and I didn’t think I was either, until she tazed me. I lost all control of my body, feeling my it stiffen again. Except this time I fell onto the cold floor into a deep sleep, feeling the most painful stings and aches I had ever felt all combined in one.

When I woke up, I was in a very bright room and my vision was blurry. I was tied down to hospital bed with people in contamination suits standing around me. “Was something wrong with me,” I thought. I looked down at my body and noticed that my skin was very pale and that I had cuts and bruises all over me. I started to panic, thinking of all the things that could’ve happened to me. “This man was confirmed to be dead for the past 48 hours. How could he had survived,” said one of the men observing me. I glanced through the glass window, as I suffered while being tied down. I then saw many bodies that seemed to be dead being prepared for their funerals. I then knew where I was, but how had I gotten there? I thought about the last time I had seen the outdoors and what I was doing in that very moment. Remembering every detail of what I was doing before, I had a vision of being in my car. I was driving across a bridge blasting my music loud with my friend in the passenger seat and CRASH! I had blacked out after that and somehow I was back in my car. I had my hands on the steering wheel, driving on the same exact bridge that was in my vision.

The author's comments:

I was Assigned to write a micro-fiction story for a creative writing class.

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