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January 4, 2018
By jonnyboy88 BRONZE, CASTAIC, California
jonnyboy88 BRONZE, CASTAIC, California
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Tuesday, January 9th 1996, four kids thought it would be an ordinary day. This day was everything but ordinary. The four friends decided to get together and have some fun. 7:30 pm they decided to go to the movies, after the movies around the time of 10:00 pm a few men aproched them in the parking lot, claiming to be with the sherriff department. The kids comply and go with the men, what they didn't know is that the men had fake uniforms on.

    They tied them up and put them in the car, the kids had figured out what is happening, and managed to skip loose out of the ropes but still acted to still be tied up. The men took them to the woods, where they took the kids out of the car thinking they are still tied up. The four kids start to run for it, one of the men grabed a pistol from there holster and got a lucky shot on one of the kids heads. The kid that was shot was named Gary he had a full time job working with his dad in a factory, he was dead on the sight.

    The other three managed to escape, there names are Jacob, phil, and James. Jacob was the most skilled in wilderness survival but still didn't know to much about it. Jacob said to the group we just need to keep going in case they are coming after us. After 3 hours of running phil States that he sees a cave ahead, James said that they should go and sleep in there and they can continue in the morning. They got to the cave and slept four 6 hours.

   After they woke up they figured out they were now lost, Jacob sent phil and James to scavenge for food. They found a bluberry and raspberry bush each supplying a small amount of food. This was still enough food for them to survive for a few days. They decided to keep going for the next 6 says they just walked and found a place to sleep, almost out of food they start to scavenge for more, this time they found a small river and caught fish with there traps.

  Days and days go on they traveled 40 miles by day 10. Jacob, phil, and James decided they were done and started to give up. They found a spot and just decided to stay there and wait, they were almost out of food again and didn't seem to care. Already lost in the woods and witnessed there friends death, they didn't know what was going to happen next. Three hours later 6 hikers came past and found them struggling. They were just two more miles away from a near by town. They talked to the local sheriffs and told them the story, they didn't know where they started so Gary's body was never found the families mourned for a while. But in the long run gary saved there lives. Two months later the men were caught and thrown in prison.

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