Dear diary

December 31, 2017
By Ericaluooo SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Ericaluooo SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
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Dear diary
Place found:Childhood home

I didn’t mean for this to happen… I… I never thought it was going to be this way, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this.. I… i’m so sorry. I never meant for this to be ever found. If you find DO NOT OPEN!!! PLEASE RETURN TO SENDER….. You’ve been warned.
Passcode: Origin of point… HOME

Time is running out
September 4, 3036
Dear diary, it was a cold one today, as usual I like to hear the crunch of leaves and the sound of rustling. I am restless, I feel old and worn. Like leaves breaking off of the trees for the winter I fall wherever I please I have been in and out of cities for years. I am lonely but yet live a fulfilling life no kids married twice but only divorced once. But sadly as all good things must come to a end my husband died. Him being deceased was tough, he was a fighter never gave up for second place. He was a paramedic he lived a good life, he was the love of my life. I was his partner we were always working the same shift every night till maybe nine o’clock monday through friday. People are getting into trouble every second of the day there’s virtually nothing we could do about it. It’s been real I have to go thanks for hearing this since no one else would. Oh and don’t go through my past because I know you like to diary..
*************************************************************** November 9, 1999
My mother is the true hero here, my mom was a trooper and my dad well, my dad was an awful person. My dad was horrific to my mom he never wanted kids but once he knocked up my mom he had to stay with her because he didn’t want to cause a commotion in the surban life of 1999, it was just something you did if you weren’t married you would have to if you knocked her up. Awful right? But anyway, my mom had three kids two girls and a boy. My older sister was tough it was their first child of not knowing what to do, with her they often left her with a nanny. My sister is named McKenna, a soft and sweet young girl with loads of potential to be an artist she like many others had to go to college to be something because if you didn’t you were automatically deemed crazy and was sent state papers in the mail on a “how to”  becoming a better parent. And I a second child the second time around my parents were pros, at this parenting stuff they sent me to college but I was sweet like my older sister.
I always had a hand for artist stuff but I loved writing it was my passion and my escape from my father and my crazy life. I aced all my high school classes, and i’m doing pretty good in college my mother named me Kylie after her good friend. I love the name Kylie it has a nice ring to, Kylie Brunt it somewhat suits me. I was never popular I was somewhat of an outcast but i’ve never kicked myself around I always stayed to what I knew best, which my parents sent me off to a mental institution for a month but I got out my mother came and got me my father never knew but after he came home he was furious and told me to pack again but my mother got in the way of him and just when he was about to slap me he surprised attacked my mother and gave her a “nice” black eye. She never told anyone about it she said , my brother Kevin was throwing a ball and she wasn’t paying attention and she was collateral damage. (countless times I called the police but they were always on my father side since he was the man of the house).  But even though I was their second daughter I was supposed to be dainty and sweet and married and have a kid before thirty five years old. I always dove into medical work and detective stuff nothing too gory for me, but I loved books I would figure them out before anyone would suspected it. 
And my brother what a geek… I loved him dearly and would do anything for him but he was always reading encyclopedias. I mean I loved to read but jeez louise he could read up a storm and man oh man he would bore you before you even talked to him. My parents disapproved of him reading (this is entirely crazy) my parents wanted him to become a football quarterback all star I mean after all my father did work for our home team football players as a reff. He would come home and tell stories that were so funny you wouldn’t believe that they were true, he even got tackled.. ( I sinckerd at that). My brother was named Kevin but oh just you wait he gets better… When my sister McKenna Graduated college I knew I had to live up to the expectation of her legacy.. (It was so tough she was straight A’s student) I tried my best and hardest but i’ve never came close I was second best B average which it wasn't bad if you didn’t have your brother as a walking dictionary and your sister practically a professor.  (I’d admit it was riggiours)
Kevin what a tool, when he got older (I wish he would have stayed the same) he grew up and he definitely grew out of the weird phase he would always say “damn what can I do I have nothing to look up to, but my achieving sister now that is another story.” ( my parents loved that bull) He found a girl a sweet young beautiful woman her lips were stained red like roses, her blond hair gave her initial that they were supposed to be unintelligent and uncanny but she was very different. Until one day she up and left she said “Kevin I love you dearly but you have to leave her I was supposed to be your only one… I can’t believe you….. You have been nothing but trouble, goodbye my love.” ( I only know this because I was not “spying” on him but the walls do talk ( Paper thin sometimes that is great but if I heard this, and to know he’s in the next room... then I definitely know what all the bumping was about. ( If you know what I mean….. EWWW  I know right..) talk about being disgusting and disturbing at the same time.
December 2001
Dear diary ,wow it’s been forever I haven’t talked to you in forever… I know you deserved better than me but I am all you got.. Sorry for the disappointment I brought to the table I know this is stupid but.. no I feel like a child writing in you I shouldn’t i'm like twenty six years old, I know better.. Wow looking back on this…. This is pure agony in it’s true from I liked a guy but my feeling got the best of me, I know terrible… but I fell for him, sad day if I do work at the mall and I see him there. I can’t help it… it .. it grows inside of me since the mental institution it’s hunger I can’t help it, not ignore it would be bad. It’s achieving me and taking control it hurts to write. I can’t anymore I MUS…. NOT IGNORE THE FIRE BURNING INSIDE OF ME IT POURS OUT OF MY PORES IT HAS TO COME OUT THE EVIL MY PARENT MUST GO AND SO MY SIBLINGS TOO…. I’m sorry I must leave you my old friend. Go and get help. I can’t continue like this, it has engulfed me in this thing called life and I must answer it………. Goodbye.
** Fast forward thirty years**   
  *Cops pulling up to my childhood home*
All I can remember is my mother crying and my father being nowhere in sight. It was a tragic… and a sight not to see so avert your eyes please and thanks. A knock at the door enrages me to where I throw a knife at my mother ( i’ve had anger tension… like nervous tics but not really). The police burst through the door right as I throw the knife at my mother. Their guns drawn at me i’ve never thought i’ve come to this… is this the end for me and my family… I was destined for great things but that never happened my sister lived her life married and three beautiful kids of her own she moved away and never came back. (I don’t know what happened to her).  My brother did the same as well he married his girl that left, he fought for her, but they moved out of state we contently keep in touch, from time to time but they way things are going he won’t hear from me in a long while.
One of the cops came forward (I don’t how many were in my house but I only focused on the two). He said “Hey put it down, c’mon don’t do it, I know you were destined for great things. Come forward and confess your sins and thoughts.” I recoiled and thought of nothing my mind went blank and all I can remember is my mother saying “it’s ok honey i’m ok with it, not your fault, I love you” And next thing I know i’m covered in blood I look down and I see my father, his cold eyes were never warm they were his soul and he sold his a very long time ago. The one police that talked to me came and shot it’s bits and pieces I can’t remember it was sharp and oh so very painful. I knew this was the end he shot me in my femur and and main arteries I knew were shot and blown to smithereens. I blinked and last thing I know i'm on the ground paramedic rushing in. I didn’t make it but I know the cops will not find my diary now I know I can go in peace.
*Same cop that confronted me and shot me*
“Hey, look what I found her diary it looks like she hasn’t wrote in it in forever.” He says with a grin on his face, he flips through it and finds this “  I didn’t mean for this to happen… I… I never thought it was going to be this way, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this.. I… i’m so sorry. I never meant for this to be ever found. If you find DO NOT OPEN!!! PLEASE RETURN TO SENDER….. You’ve been warned.”
The cop who found it he turned it into the evidence room. But on the very last page of my other books i’ve read there’s code a to everything they’ve been searching for and never found it was, “Passcode: Origin of point… HOME.” But who ever found that is a genius and would have to know where I kept my secrets… Another officer walks in and talked to the keeper of the evidence, with a nice welcome he said “Hi officer Brunt...Kevin open the door.” My brother knew all along what was happening to me but didn’t say one word I guess the news got out I made the headlines it read “sibling of sister legacy dead.” and that was fifty six years ago. Kevin kept my diary and moved back to where ever he came from and that was the end of Bunt, they lived happy and fulfilled lives with greatness.

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