True Fear

December 19, 2017
By Cletus BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Cletus BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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In a small town 10 miles of the coast of Panama, everyone sound asleep, is a little boy, you, terrified under your covers. It is 1:00 AM in the morning in a pitch black room; you are also midway through a thunderstorm right now. You are scared of the monsters under your bed. While you lay there silently listening to the creaks and cracks of your house beneath you, you can just imagine the beast lurking. You try to remember what your mom says to you every night, “there are no such things as monsters, you’ll be fine.” But that doesn’t seem to have an effect on you.
You can see across your room, a black hole of darkness. You forgot to close your closet this morning and you swear you can see glowing eyes in there. Next to you is your teddy bear, and your blow up bat you got last year at an american baseball game; just in case there is conflict between you and the monster. You’ve drank a juice box before bed and now you have to go pee. As you try to hold it in, you grow restless every minute you lie there. It’s 1:27 now and you’ve made up your mind.
You fly out of the bed, bat in hand, and sprint out of your room, into the bathroom down the hall. You think to yourself how that wasn’t that bad and if there was in fact a monster under your bed he would of grab you right there and than. As you make your way back up the hall, you peak your head around the corner into your room. All the way in the right corner of your room is a black tall figure just standing there glaring at you. You’re frozen solid in the doorway. It begins to walk towards you as you unfreeze and take off down the hall to your mom’s room.
As your mom’s door flies open, you dive into bed in between them under the covers. You slowly peak up and look over to your mom. A huge black, disgusting monster thing is lying there. It’s beady eyes piercing into your soul with its mouth wide open drooling at you. The monster has about 300 razor sharp teeth ready to tear you apart. Once again you are frozen in shock, terrified as can be. You scream.

As you scream your mom comes flying into your room.
“What’s wrong what’s wrong!”
“I… I don't know”
“ Okay, well it's seven so how about you come down and open presents now love.”

It was all a dream. You can feel your heart beating insanely fast and sweat dripping down your face. You get up and check under your bed just to find nothing. You check your closed closet very slowly adding unwanted tension. Nothing. So you make your way downstairs to find what seems like hundreds of presents under the Christmas tree. You find a very small unwrapped jewelry box behind the tree which you open quickly out of excitement. With your mom in the other room, you pull the necklace out. At the end of the necklace is a pretty large animal tooth. As you try to imagine what animal would have this razor sharp tooth, you think back on the dream you had. Out of the uttermost fear it hits you.

“The monster!”

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