the better days

December 19, 2017
By yh8on.nizzy SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
yh8on.nizzy SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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This is a change in life with new experiences.Will something go wrong, do they want to see us winning.This might be the best world ever.Although parents may lost their minds and also there jobs.Children will realize how much this place can help us.

No waking up early anymore. No more alarm clocks or waking your siblings up. No more having to rush because you over slept.No more waking up having to look for socks or the repeated clothes.The magical life of freedom has just aparted.

Long bus rides home and to hell are over.We can use our phones whenever we want. Nobody telling us to put it away or give it to them.All the ignorance and bullying we witness or receive is over.This is a way to save lives.

All the drama is over no fights everyday.Not knowing that your family and friends are okay. There’s groups of fights are everywhere. Nobody is hurting physically or mentally.You feel stress free you haven’t felt this in a long time.

It may feel good now but its hurting us. Well our brains aren't fried anymore.No more education isn't getting us anywhere how do we grow.Which leads us back to the question, will something go wrong.There's seriously no more school ever.

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