Do You Dare?

December 18, 2017
By Emily.Jones BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
Emily.Jones BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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11:53 P.M
I pulled my thick brown hair into a long ponytail.  I used my thin finger to wipe the smudged mascara from underneath my silver-blue eyes and powdered my slim nose.
*Buzz Buzz* My cell phone screen lit up. I picked it up and slid the unlock button to check the text message from Chad.
“I'm headed out. Do you want to meet at the beginning of the trail at Freetown Forest?” he messaged.
“Yeah, do you want me to bring the board?”
“Hell Yeah!”
“Alright. I’m leaving my house in a few.”
I set my phone back down on the frosted counter. My closet door creaked as I opened it up. I grabbed my charcoal sweatshirt and my dark hiking boots. I set them on my bed then grabbed a pair of blue jeans and slid them on and pulled a grey long sleeve shirt over my head. I tied the knots on my boots, plastering them to my small feet. I kicked the board from under my bed, I placed it in my bag along. I slid my sweatshirt and placed and my backpack weighed down on my shoulders. I jingled my car keys and left for the forest. 
1:06 P.M
I pulled in behind Chad’s yellow Honda Civic, then tapped my horn three times. I saw his a glimpse of his messy brown hair pop up from the driver seat. I pulled out my flashlight from my purple backpack and slammed my rusted car door.
“Clarke glad to see you finally made it.”
“Go to hell Chad,” I responded with a giggle
“It only took you an hour to get here.”
“Alright let's get this show on the road.” 
We linked arms together as we walked down the thin dirt road the dead branches scratched my arms. My flashlight was dim as the dark forest enveloped us. I pushed up closer to Chad. The thin outlines of trees and abandoned tents played with my imagination, everything looked like a hollow face looking back at me. The more distant we got from the entrance we noticed the ropes that travel further into the pitch darkness. My spine tensed as we kept continued to watch each step we made. Was this a bad idea? Should we really be doing this?
“How much further?” my voice cracked “I feel like we have been walking forever.”
With a low whisper, he said, “Just a little bit longer we are almost there.”
2:15 A.M.
Almost what felt like hours and hours of walking we found the small splintered wood and brick cottage that was hidden far in the woods. Dead vines were wrapped around every crevice of the wooden beams and the bricks beginning to crumble.
     I forcefully pushed the door, it wouldn’t budge. I shoved my shoulder into the cracked wood and still nothing. I moved around the small building looking for another way in. High on the wall, there was a shattered window. I used the end of my flashlight to break of any glass that remained.
“Chad,” my voice echoed through the neglected forest.
“What?” his head appeared from around the corner.
“Give me a lift.” 
He put his hands together with a squatted next to me.I grabbed the edge of the window and placed my left foot in his big hands. His biceps pushed me up and I kicked my foot through the window. I sat in the tiny window cill and flashed my light through the tiny room my heart beat faster as I looked into the darkness. Long strands of thick dusty spider webs littered the ceiling. The walls were cracked, the ceiling was starting to cave in. I pulled my other leg through and flopped down onto the dusty velvet couch beneath me. I walked slowly with caution in every step, broken glass crunching under every step. There were four rooms, two that looked like they could have been bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and maybe an office.  I peeked into the biggest bedroom my boots crunched and I walked into a big muggy brown spot in the middle of the carpet. My face grew with disgust. I looked further into the room there was graffiti of pentagrams and the devil's number 666. Old candles littered the floor all almost burnt to the end of the wick. I backed out of the room and moved to the next room, I glimpsed my head around the corner, nothing. This room looked empty, completely gutted and untouched. No disturbance. When I walked into the kitchen the cabinets had been ripped off the walls, the counters curling up and bubbled from previous water damage. The wooden floorboards were scattered as if someone was looking for something underneath. As I moved around the scattered items in the small living room, boxes were pushed over with the inner contents overflowing. Broken picture frames of the family before were lined up against the walls. I dragged to the front door, placing my hand on the icy cold lock. I turned the dented handle and opened the front door.
“Honey I’m Home!” I said cheerfully, I searched in the darkness for Chad’s tan face and hazel eyes. I stepped out the front door and called for him again.
“I swear Chad, this isn’t funny!”  My eyes widened as continued to search.
My face went pale as I began to panic, I could hear the thudding of my heart getting louder with each beat. I screamed as warm hands wrapped around my waist. My head snapped all the way around, Chad let out a great Chuckle. I turned around in his arms and punched his shoulder
“You’re such an ass! This why I don't do anything with you!”
“I know, but you know you love it.” he responded with confidence “You brought the board? Right?”
“Of course I did,” I moved the bag off my shoulders and unzipped it. My hands were still shaking.
2:49 P.M
Why does he always make me do this?
I moved the unneeded items pulled out the box that said Ouija.
“I saw a table in the kitchen, want to play in there?”
“Whatever floats your boat Clarke,” he said with a glimmer in his eye.
I shuffled through the scattered items on the floor. Chad pushed of the small clutter that was on the thick wooden table. I set the box on the table and opened it, placed the board in the center of the table then the planchette next to it. Chad dug through his bag and pulled out three red candles and a small blue BIC lighter. He lit each candle hesitantly. My eyes watching every movement
“Are you sure you want to do this still?” I whispered
“Yeah, then what was the whole point of coming out here?”
“Okay, Okay,” I said, “Ready to start?”
Chad nodded in consent. I placed the Planchette in the center of the board and lightly placed two of my fingers on one side, then Chad placed his next to mine. My eyes looked up at him slowly my mouth slightly ajar.
Chad nodded again at me, we both looked down at the board and moved the planchette in a circular motion three times clockwise.
In sync, we said, “Ouija”.
“Is there any Spirits willing to contact us tonight.” Chad asked
“If there is anyone here can you give me a sign,” he asked again.
No movement of the planchette. My head jolted towards the doorway of the large bedroom's door, a small creak came out of the room. Chad was unphased by the slight noise, I glued my eyes back to the board.
“ Was this your house?” I squeaked
Chad and I watch the board for a few minutes. The table began to lightly shake as the planchette moved slowly. We watched the spirit move the piece to the right top corner “No”.
“Do you know whose house this was?” I said with a bit more confidence.
The planchette was moving faster as it spelled out the word
My hands began to shake, I was getting anxious. Chad and I made eye contact with our eyes wide.
“Chad I’m getting really scared.”
“It’s okay, it’s just a game.”
“I think we should say goodbye, this could be something really bad we are talking too”
“Why should we do that, we could get some good info.”
I looked back down, “Do you want to hurt us?”
“Is there anything you want from us?” Chad said as he looked around the room.
“Why are you here?” he continued
All the doors slammed shut and the room was transforming into a gigantic icebox.
“Chad we need to end this and go” I yelled “whatever it is that we are talking to obviously wants to hurt us, especially if it has enough energy to close all of the doors ”
“Okay,” He agreed “but only because you asked.”
We both looked down at the board one last time,
“Thank you for talking to us and allowing us to come into your presence”
The room grew colder as we ended the dangerous  ritual
“GOODBYE,” I said and moved the plastic piece to goodbye.
Chad and I left everything as is, the candles still lit and the board still laid out on the wooden table.
I grabbed my bag from the floor and moved to the front door. The room was getting colder as a thick mist filled the cluttered room. I shuffled my feet against the cracked floor, watching everything around me. Where did Chad go?
I put my hands out to reach for anything to help guide me. My hand brisked an unfamiliar wide chest of a man that had cold eyes looking right into mine and I let out a thick scream.

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