Nightmare of Light

December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

Coming home from a long day of school and work, having a restless and hard time, Alice thought to herself  “ I wish this day can just end already.” Getting inside her car she sped down the highway to get to her destination, home. Finally arriving she walked inside as Alice's last bit of energy is coming to an end. Slamming the door behind her as she enters, taking her shoes from her aching feet with her eyes half shut as she levitated herself to her happy place, her room. Falling down her bed, her little puppy was trying its best to give her all the love she’s lacking.
       Laying down, staring up into the ceiling, seeing nothing but the darkens that leads above her. Feeling herself dozing off to sleep. Hours and hours later after her endless sleep, her eyes slowly begin to open. Looking around seeing nothing but a big blur, she tried to reach her glasses but her body lay there motionless. Trying her best to get a single muscle of hers to make the smallest budge. But it was useless. Alice’s mind roaming inside her head trying to comprehend the situation she has been lead to. From the corner of her eye, she sees an unusual black figure lingering around beside her head, peeking up to her. That's when her heart drops, Sleep paralysis.
      Screaming inside her head, trying to get the smallest of sound to come out of her motionless body, the black shadow lingers on top of her, feeling the pressure laying on her chest. Sweat dripping down her forehead, she shuts her eyes wishing for all of this to end. Just then, as she has her eyes shut, flashbacks of her life come reappearing to her to see. Back when she was a little girl in the 1st grade, enjoying everything in her life in the small playground, playing on the bright red monkey bars. Next, years later, showing her bright smile walking across the stage as she gladly received her diploma she strongly earned from all her hard work. Last one:from just last year of her enjoying herself at the beach with her feet in the refreshing cool water as she soaks in the warm breezes of summer air.
      Moments later, after everything that just hit her, she finally wakes up from her motionless body. Tears begin to run down her rosy cheeks as she is sitting in her bed thinking to herself, “ Why did I let myself become this way? I was so happy.”  She wipes off her salty tears, and begins to want to bring some light into her grey life. She jumps off her bed, puts on her slippers, and runs outside, letting the warm sunrays hit her, bringing that bright smile she once had as a little girl.

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