One More Night

December 20, 2017
By CaiDem BRONZE, Waukesha , Wisconsin
CaiDem BRONZE, Waukesha , Wisconsin
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Who Killed Kylie?

Chapter 1: One More Night

     Kylie was in her second year at Duke University, studying to be a lawyer. She cared a lot about her studies and was one of the smartest in the class. Being a college sophomore, she wasn't opposed to partying she went out with lots of her friends on the weekend. Until one cold Autumn night, she was found raped, and murdered and her body had been dumped in the woods. Searching for suspects the police narrowed it down to just 4 people. Josh Miller, Zack Grey, Kyle Ramos, and Asher Rock.

PROFILE; Josh Miller.
Josh is a North Carolina student who had met Kylie at a party. He was known for always being at parties and having weed and alcohol everywhere he went. He was seen eyeing up Kylie and even talking to her the night that she went missing. He had been having a drink with her and even offered to get her one. It is believed by her friends that he slipped something into the drink. If only her friends would've stopped her from being with such a lowlife guy, their friend might still be alive. Josh has had somewhat of a history with crime. He was arrested 6 months ago for possession of drugs, and throwing underage drinking parties. He was just a big party guy... but did he have what it took to kill Kylie?

PROFILE; Zack Grey
Current boyfriend. He was always really protective of Kylie and was a really good guy. He spent every minute trying to make her happy for the first few months. Recently, he had seen her phone and saw that she had been texting her ex-boyfriend, Asher Rock. Zack became really angry with her for talking to him and told her never to talk to him ever again. A few weeks later Asher was seen talking to Kylie in the Starbucks line before an 8 a.m. class. Zack's friends told him what they had seen and he got so violent that he ended up beating up Asher, and was then arrested for assault. Kylie loved Zack however, so she would do anything for him. But it was obvious that he was different. He didn't care about her as much anymore, and treated her more like property than a person. He left the party around the same time as her and text messages say they had plans to meet up. According to Zack, they never did.

PROFILE; Kyle Ramos
The RA of the dorm that Kylie stays in. He was seen checking in on Kylie and her roommate Morgan constantly. Morgan said that Kylie always said he was creepy and if she ever went missing to look at him as a suspect. At the time Morgan thought she was joking. On camera, the police caught Kylie in what looked like an argument with Kyle. When Kyle was questioned he said that Kylie was just mad because she couldn't sleep with all the noise going on in the dorm over. Kyle said he didn't think it was a big deal, but apparently it set Kylie off. Morgan said that she thought that Kyle had a thing for Kylie but Kyle would never admit it. But maybe Kylie wasn't joking. Maybe it was Kyle who murdered Kylie.

PROFILE; Asher Rock
Kylie's ex-boyfriend was seen associating with Kylie a lot within the past few weeks. He wanted to get back with Kylie but she kept refusing because she was with Zack. He admitted to kissing her a few weeks ago but said it was on the down low because they didn't want Zack to find out. Asher admitted that he felt used by her when her and Zack were having their issues, but he said that he was always going to fall back to her. At the party Asher was seen with Kylie's best friend Fran, and saying he wanted to talk to her tonight. Asher said they did end up talking at around 11:00 but Kylie said she needed to go because she was meeting up with someone. She looked frantic and scared, and he regrets letting her go so easily. He claims that he never got the chance to tell Kylie how he really felt.

So who did it? Who got Kylie drunk and took advantage of her? Who raped her and then killed her, dumping her body in the woods? Who was the last person to see the living, breathing and beautiful Kylie?

It was Zack. He confessed to it to his cousin Marcus just 3 days before a possible pinning onto Asher. He said that Kylie had broken up with him before the party, and he just wanted to have one more night with her. She refused so he slipped something into her drink. He then took her back to his place and took advantage of her. She gained consciousness and told him he that she was calling the police, he was scared. He grabbed her neck and pulled out a gun from his back pocket and put it to her head. He pulled the trigger. He then dumped her body in the woods and went home. He took kept drinking and kept drinking to forget what he had just done. He killed Kylie

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