November 28, 2017
By Billybob202 BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
Billybob202 BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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I was speaking to the real estate agent about the house that was one sale for a cheap price it was. For some reason the man turned pale when I asked him about the place, he looked down at his feet and said “ Oh that house, I will take you there.” with a soft and quiet tone. We came to the house on “ Mary lane Dr.” we pulled into the gravel driveway, the house was big with rust colored bricks and a wooden front porch leading to the door. I stepped out of the car and the agent said “ Before we go any further, do you know the story behind the house?” he stared at me with cold eyes of fear. “ No.” I said in a curious tone, he said “ There is a 5 acre backyard to the right of the field there is a small pond, right before the tree line leading into the woods, a women died there with her two kids. She drowned them both, then took a gun to her head and killed herself, now people had said this house has been haunted ever since.” I told him “ I don’t believe in ghost Sr. and the price is good.” The agent looked at me with stale eyes and said “ Well all I need you to do is sign this and this, also I will need the check in the next week for the property.” I wondered why he didn’t show me around the house, maybe he was scared of the story he was told. As he left in his car I looked back at the house with vines crawling up the side of the house, I said to myself “ Well we will see what is up inside the house for a day to see what happens. If I like it there is serious work that has to be done with the house.” I walked to my car and drove off to get supplies for the day to spend the night in the house.

I came back to the house with a box in my hand that had food, water , and clothes for the night. I look around no neighbors around there was nothing accept the whistling of the wind hitting the leaves. I approach the steps leading to the green wooden door, as I stepped on each stair they screeched loudly and opening the door slowly made noize also. There was a red carpet leading up the spiral stairs and a hallway to the left, to the right was a stone fireplace and a leather couch that had cob-webs all over it. The coffee table in front of the couch was tilt because of the broken leg on it. I go down the all and there was two doors to the right and three on the left, at the end of the hall was the kitchen area. I go down the hall there was no lighting only candles witch hanged from the wall. As I approach the kitchen I was spooked by a mouse that peeped back into its hole, I looked around the kitchen and a round little table with four chairs around it all wood and the cooking area looked remodel with a marble countertop and a set of knives with cutting boards. I was lucky, I already had all this stuff moving in now I don’t have to buy anything myself. Upstairs was a stepping sound, not fast but walking pace I look back and walked down the hall still hearing the sound I came to the staircase and the stepping sound had suddenly disappeared. Wondering what that was, my heart felt like it was in my neck. Finally I went back to the kitchen and got food ready for the night. As night came among me and the sky become dark I was sitting on the old leather couch reading a book when the footsteps once returned this time louder, it was more like stomping. I jumped straight out of the seat, looking back so fast almost got myself whiplash. I ran to the stair and ran up them with thinking of what would happen as I came to the top there was a hallway of to my left with no lights on and a room to my right, the steps sound like they were coming down the hallway towards me. Before I could react I saw a figure with a white mask like a tribal mask looking thing with a hole in its chest, came to me with speed I could not see before I know it I was suffering on the ground. The next day police had came to the house writing the report of a man who had died with no evidence of what happen the house remains a mystery to all.

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