Endless Feast

November 8, 2017
By liljay425 BRONZE, East Hartford, Connecticut
liljay425 BRONZE, East Hartford, Connecticut
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Luscious. Acidic. Appetizing. It’s the perfect blend. My eyes roll to the back of my skull and my vision fades as I near the remaining in this man’s body. He could’ve made something of himself. He could’ve been great. But he decided to cross me, so I decided to feast on his blood. I must admit. It was better than I thought it would be. It takes me to my happy place. A place where I run the world using fear and terror and the citizens are too scared to even think about overthrowing me. His face is so perfectly rounded with a strong jaw line. He honestly looks as if he was a little more fit, then he could have any girl he wants.

        “What the hell man!” The voice pulls me back to reality with shock. I take my fangs out of his neck.
        “Huh?” I say blinking hard to regain my vision.

        “You’re draining the man. I thought this was for me.” I regain my vision and see a man standing there in all black. Chains suspenders running from two belt loops in the front to one belt loop in the back. He wears a black leather jacket to go along with the black jeans. His face is young, and gothic. He wears eyeliner and eye shadow. His hair flops to one side of his face and stays there perfectly in place as if he used a bucket of gel on just that one piece. His head is so perfectly rounded that if he would work out a little more and lay off the donuts, he could get the girl of his dreams. Especially since he wears the badge and uniform of an upholder of the law.

        “What? No!” I say. “This is just a demonstration. I am showing you how to feast. I’m showing you which artery to bite to get the most blood. But now you must know that not everybody can taste good. So either you wait until I am finished and I can show you the easy way, or you can take a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right every time you get hungry.” I awaited his response, but nothing seemed to come out of his mouth. Instead, he just sat there and started playing with his fingers, so I continued feasting. His little distraction kept me from going back to my happy place.

        I drop the body and wipe the blood off my mouth preparing to speak.

        “Really.” He stops what he is doing and looks at me in surprise and wonderment. “Really. You interrupted me so I can’t enjoy this. Do you know how hard it is to find someone with a blood type this uncommon? It’s damn near impossible to find someone with this blood type. And I can’t enjoy it. So you can have the scraps.”
“No thanks. I think I’m good.”

        He looks at the body and I look at it too. If someone offered me something that looks like this I would deny it too. Not going to lie.

         I sigh deeply and say, “let’s go.” I wave my hand, motioning him to follow me. I crouch putting my hands on the ground preparing myself for the altitude. Then it happens. Someone pulls out a gun and just starts releasing round on a young black boy who looked to be in his teen years. I have a closer look and notice the face of the man shooting. It was officer Murphy. I hear a click sound letting me know that he finished his rounds.  He hits a switch and the empty clip slides out of the gun into his hand. He pockets that one and pulls out another one.

        “Hey! That’s not right!” I hear coming from behind me. I whip my head back and see him standing there yelling at Murphy. “You’re supposed to uphold the law and not kill people.”

        “Keep quiet kid or you’re next,” he says looking down jamming the new clip in.

        “No. I will not keep quiet. You’re going to listen to what I have to say. “

        “Or, I can release a round of bullets on you.”

        “Go ahead and try. There is nothing you can do to me that will make me afraid of you.”
        “Listen. This is my last warning to you. And I’m going to say it clearly. You and this kid are both thugs and you always will be. That’s just who you are. You are just a nigga who wants something from society but can’t get it because you’re a lazy thug. Now. Run along and act like neither of you ever seen this. “

        “No. I can’t just leave. I won’t just leave.”

He pulls the gun out and points it in our direction. By now I assumed he hasn’t seen the body but it’s whatever. Not bothering me.

        “You have the right to become dead. Anything you say will not matter because I’m going to pull this trigger. Anything you want to say.”

        “Just that you’re the one going to die and not us.”

A loud gunshot goes off and I blink as a reaction. As soon as I open my eyes, he is their grabbing Murphy by the neck and lifting him slightly off the ground. Crushing his windpipe with the palm of his hand, pressing hi Murphy against the wall. I’m not close to them but I can still hear the bones of Murphy crushing against the brick wall behind him. I can hear his heartbeat get louder and louder.

His heartbeat gains volume. Pounding on the inside of my skull. It feels like my brain split in two, turned into drumstick and started pounding my skull from the inside.

It’s all I can feel. That and the overwhelming rage and desire to kill everyone who passes me by. The desire that makes me wonder if there is still sanity, or if I’m still human on the inside somewhere or if the monster has completely taken over. Should I just end everything right here, right now. Shove a wooden stick in my chest and let my body turn to ash and blow away in the breeze.

Does Death near me in my own mind? And if it does, when I face him. What shall I do?

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