The Final Lesson

November 16, 2017
By abbyrobbins BRONZE, Council Bluffs, Iowa
abbyrobbins BRONZE, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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“There's a party at Sarah's tonight, we should go,” says Nova.
“Do you even know Sarah?” says Julissa.
“Does that even matter? Who cares? It’s a party.”
“Well it should matter,” says Princeton.
“You need to start getting your life together I know you think things are so bad but seriously Nova,” says Francesca.
“Guys please I just want to have fun while I can,” Nova says.
The day goes by and kids are let out of school. Everyone makes their way home to rest up. As it gets later into the evening Nova sends out a text in the group chat to gather everyone for the party.

Nova: Julissa can we please?
Julissa: You know I love you, but I would just like to read a book tonight.
Nova: I promise I will try harder and study with you from now on
Marshall: I’m in
Princeton: Why not
Francesca: I’m free tonight
Julissa: Fine, everyone get ready then since I’m the only one with a car at the moment meet me at my house. It’s not that far of a walk for any of you so no complaining.

They all make their way to Julissa’s house, and chat for a bit when they arrive. After a while, they decide it’s time to go and head off to the party. They pull up to the house, and the friends were planning who was going to party and then who would be the designated driver.
As they all get out you can hear the faint sounds of the music. The house was a huge 2 level mansion in the richest part of the neighborhood. Nice big windows in every part of the house. Kids out in the front yard messing around with each other laughing and yelling, the group of friends make their way past them and open the gorgeous castle like front doors. Right as you walk in you can see there's a grand staircase that goes up to the second level, to the right is the kitchen where you can hear the kids shouting “jug jug”. To the left was the living room and game room where kids were already on top of each other on the couches.
They all go their own ways as usual to do their own thing. Julissa trying to keep an eye on all of her friends, she’s always been the one to watch out for them. Back in Elementary school when Julissa first met Nova, Nova had gotten in trouble with some kids and she was screaming at them. When one of them had approached Nova to pinch her Julissa jumped in and took the hit for her. Nova ended up regretting what she did and felt really bad, she changed up her act a little though. Ever since then Julissa is always watching out for them.
“This party is lit! See, I told you guys everything would be fine. Another shot!” Nova starts to slur.
“I don’t know why I do this anymore,” Princeton says rolling his eyes.
As the party goes on the group of friends are drinking more and more.
All of a sudden a group of people in black cloaks come in and one of them grabbed Nova, and then Princeton and so on with the other friends. None of them very aware of what’s going on. Marshall was fighting back and asking them who they think they are, but his mouth is covered with a cloth that smelled with something that to him could have been what he thought chloroform smelled like. The other kids at the party started screaming but they were all too drunk to think straight. When Julissa heard the other kids screaming in the kitchen she rushed over but somebody wrapped their arm around her neck and covered her mouth.
There was a cloth wrapped around their eyes as they were dragged out of the house unconscious, and their hands tied up behind their back. It was pitch black for them. They were put in the back of a car.
It felt like it was a long ride down a straight road, with Francesca, Nova, Marshall, Julissa and Princeton. All of them dazed and confused as to where they are right now.  One by one they were gaining consciousness again, they couldn’t see their eyes were still covered and unable to use their hands.
Julissa tried moving but it was as if her body was a rock. It was so heavy she couldn’t lift up her legs. She could move her head a little bit, but even in pure darkness it felt like she was going all over the place.
Princeton is now up and trying to move but unable to. He feels the floor with his hands and realizes they are in the back of a car. Can’t see anything because of the blindfold he can feel across his eyes. He starts to think about what happened and he remembers the party and then the screams and being grabbed. Faintly sees images of the house but farther and farther away from him.
The car comes to a stop. None of them said anything because they thought they were alone in there. The doors in the back opened and one by one they were pulled out. You could hear the faint sobs of Francesca. They were rounded up and herded like animals. 
“Oh please don’t hurt me,” She says sobbing.
“Francesca oh my god, where are you, I can’t see anything,” Julissa said.
“Stop talking before we hurt you,”
After walking for a while being shoved they approached an old building that had 2 levels, and was rotting away. You could see that nature had taken a hold of it, vines growing down from the windows and the bricks falling out of the wall. The place was known for cults visiting mainly for its history. It used to be an old asylum where kids were mistreated, full of misery. It shut down in 1994 when people realized the methods they were using were inhumane. As they make their way in they are shoved down the stairs to the basement falling down over each other.
“Who’s here?” Nova asks.
“Nova that you?” Marshall asks.
They all try to get up but end up rolling on their back and sitting up.
“Julissa where are you?” Princeton calls out.
“I’m here, Francesca you good?” Julissa says.
“Yeah,” Francesca says.
The relief didn’t last long when they were all grabbed by their shirts and dragged across the floor against the cold cement, to a far wall. They sat there quiet for what seemed like an eternity, but was really about an hour, as the drugs wore off.
The cloth covering their eyes is removed by those in the black cloaks, but the friends hands were all still tied up. Bruised and bleeding a little where the rope had been, they all look at each other to see the situation. And to try to understand what was going on.
“Hey who do you think you are,” Nova says slurring her words together.
“Everyone okay?” Francesca says in a worried voice looking around trying to make sense of their situation.
As their eyes drift off of each other they start to examine the room they are in. Nova looking around, unable to see much though, because of the darkness. She can see the stairs they came down from and a hallway to the side of it. Candles were placed around the room but it wasn’t emitting much light. Her eyes drift to where the black cloaks were standing and she could see a pentagram in the middle of the floor with dimming candles surrounding it; a classic “secret society” set-up.
Candles were around the entire room lighting the walls with a yellow color. Still confused as to where they are what is going to happen. The pentagram was the most concerning for all of them. They knew what it was and what it was used for but why were they there.
The people in black cloaks turned to them and one of them started to approach the friends, all of them not able to see their faces they all stare in fear. As he approaches the friends he goes towards Julissa and she tries kicking her legs at him, but he grabs her hair and is dragged, being placed in the middle of the pentagram. When she is placed in the center one of the Black Cloaks lights the one candle around the pentagram that wasn’t lit yet. She sits up straight and looks towards her friends with tears going down her face mouthing “help”.
Princeton starts to try to get his hands untied, pulling as hard as he can to get his hand out. Doing that his wrists became raw due to the rope rubbing on them. He could feel his warm blood going down his hand. The fear of not knowing what was going to happen to Julissa was too overwhelming to think about his own pain.
“What are you guys doing! We have to help her,” Princeton says.
“How? These ropes are tight, there’s not even anything to use,” Marshall says.
“I was trying this whole time and nothing” Francesca said looking over her shoulders at her wrists .
“So what we just give up? What is wrong with you guys?” Princeton has had enough.
The people in black cloaks look towards them and they are told to quiet down. Julissa, still in the middle of the pentagram, is surrounded by the black cloaks.
They start chanting strange words and phrases. As they do it more Julissa starts to scream out in pain, her skin head flings back and you can hear her back snapping in half. Screaming for help begging them to stop it.
The friends, horrified and stunned, can only watch as this is happening. Soon the screams stop and the room falls silent. One of the black coats places something in Julissa’s hand it looks to be a metal object, none of the friends can see what it is exactly though. The black cloaks untie the friends hands but none of them move because of the fear of what would happen if they did.
Julissa is in the middle of the pentagram with her head down and dead silent. Her hair falling around her face. The black cloaks go up the stairs and lock the door that led to the basement, leaving the friends down there. All of them turning towards each other with a sense of relief, all sighing.
Princeton gets up and is able to feel more of his body, so he rushes to Julissa. As he gets closer, he notices that she still has something in her right hand.
“Julissa?” Princeton calls out.
He looks closer as he squats down to try and see her face and the thing she has in her hand, when all of a sudden she lunges at Princeton.
There was silence for a split second.
Princeton started coughing up blood and looked towards the others. The item Julissa had been holding was a knife. The knife was twisted in his stomach and pulled out. His throat was quickly slit open in one swipe by Julissa.
“Oh my gosh,” tears were welling up in Novas eyes. She could only whisper, “No.”
His body goes limp and falls to the floor making a thump sound. Julissa stands up straight. A dripping sound from the blood running off of the knife is the only sound in the room. The friends back up closer to the wall and huddle together.
Francesca goes straight to the stairs in a dead run up them and pounding as loud as she can on the door, screaming for help and to let them out. She received no response. Julissa had now turned toward her and you could hear as the approached the bottom of the stairs.
Francesca starts to cry uncontrollably. Julissa comes up the stairs and grabs Francesca by the hair and throws her down the stairs. As she falls, there is a snap. Marshall sprints up to grab her pulling her away from the stairs.
“Julissa stop this now,” Marshall yells.
“I’m not Julissa,” says their former friend.
Marshall was confused. “Well who else could you be?”
In a very monotone voice, the girl holding the knife recited her story. 
“1989. Butter Knife Killer. Known to kill her victims with a butter knife. She states it’s the most painful, and the best way for them to feel the pain they inflicted upon her.”
“You think this is a joke? Are you insane, Julissa! You just stabbed Princeton and broke Francesca's arm!” Marshall was the only person able to respond.
She smiles the evilest smile and lunges towards Marshall, stabbing him in his side and twisting the knife. Whispering in his ear as she does it, “Hello.”
He looks down and she removes the knife from him, he falls to the ground. Francesca reaches out to him with the arm she is still able to move and he looks towards her. Julissa gets on top of Francesca and stabs her in her lungs and heart. The amount of force needed to pierce the human body with a butter knife is not lost on Julissa as she brutally attacks her victims.
Francesca was pleading for help and reached out to Marshall, grabbing his hand and knowing she was going to bleed out. Her lungs filling with blood. She drug herself closer to Marshall.
Nova was terrified, she did nothing to stop anything as she watched all of her friends get killed. She had backed up into a corner and was sitting with her knees up to her chest.
Julissa looks towards her and smiles walking to her. As she gets closer, Nova looks straight at her, tears falling down her face.
“Please. No.”
The girl with the knife gets closer. It seems there is hesitation in her steps as compared to before. Nova can see the struggle on Julissa’s face. She is trying to get words out of her mouth, but it’s just letters.
“r...u...n...” she manages to stammer out.
“What?” Nova says with tears still going down her face.
“g...o... Please, he-l...p...” She says while her left hand is grabbing her right hand, which is holding the knife.
Nova takes off towards another door that she can see on the left side of the stairs. She opens it and starts to head down a long dark corridor looking for any way out.
She ends up in another, smaller room and even though it’s dark out, the moon was coming in through a small window. She pushes a medium-sized, steel bookshelf over to it. She can hear footsteps approaching and she uses her elbow to slam into the window and break it open.
She quickly puts her arms through it. She pushes on the outside around it, pulling her body through. She sprints off towards anywhere but there.

The author's comments:

Its just a random fun story I wrote. This type of stuff is strange to me so I decided to write something I think could very well happen to somebody. 

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