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November 15, 2017
By AndrewSuggs BRONZE, Buford, Georgia
AndrewSuggs BRONZE, Buford, Georgia
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  “Can I have Becca to the office please?” the office lady said with a small catch in her voice. I wonder why they need me. Maybe my idiot father got into some type of trouble. Or my mom needs to talk to me. Whatever the reason I need to actually get there.

    I stood up, legs slightly shaking and, headed for the hallway. As I was walking down the halls I saw a class of sixth graders. Their lack of deodorant filled the hallway with a sickening smell. They are so immature with their slang terms and flashy shoes I thought. I have no time to ponder on that I need to quickly do this and get  back to class to be prepared for the test tomorrow. My father was always pressuring me to get all of my grades up to at least 95.

    As I opened the heavy oak door to the office I could almost smell the hospitality. On the counter was a small glass bowl with small gumdrops and chocolates. And in the waiting area there was an extremely large vase full of an assortment of flowers. All of this disgusted me, of course this was for the kids who didn't have family problems or a bad attitude towards life.

    I looked around and saw my mother. She was sobbing violently and gripping a tissue, something was definitely wrong.

    “Becca your father…he's dead!” she said extremely loud. My stomach dropped and my legs began to give away.

    “That’s great!” I exclaimed. I saw a room full of anxious eyes staring and waiting to see what was going to happen next. I realized my mistake when I saw my mother's horrified look.

    “Why are you happy that your father has died?” she said.

    “Don't you understand? He has never loved me. He has always had some snarky remark or criticism about me and my skills and talents. He has pushed me so far, I have had a genuine nervous breakdown because of him. He is the reason that I have a bad attitude.”

    “Well we can talk about this in the car.” she said this while waving goodbye to everyone. I could tell she was embarrassed. The car ride was long and quiet.

    When we got inside there were many cards and plates of food on the kitchen counter. I obviously was not the first told about his car crash. I could not stop thinking about what I had said to my mother in the office today. I felt so bad, I had no right to embarrass her like that. I need to apologize I thought. Just as I began to talk to her she grabbed her ringing phone and put on her professional voice.

    “This is Mellie!” her enthusiasm rang through our home.

    “Yes. Got it bye!” as she said this I knew exactly what was about to come out of her mouth. She needed to go to the office and she would be back tomorrow morning. She said all of this quickly while grabbing her things, she knew I would put up a fight. She was right.


*     *    *


    I jolted up in my bed. My room was consumed by darkness, so I turned over to check my phone. 2:13 it read. I needed to get up and go see what it was but I did not have the courage. After a few minutes of arguing within my brain I decided to get up. A few drops of sweat fell onto my lower thigh as I emerged from the safe haven that was my bed. Then the worst thought popped into my head. It is too early for my mom to be home, so I am alone...or at least I should be. As I headed down the stairs I realized how dark the night really was.

    After turning on the bright kitchen light I spent a few minutes slowly walking to the source of the noise...the basement. I opened the door and headed down slower than a snail. I could hear every creak, every scrape, and every possibility of what could happen tonight.

    Once I reached the landing i scanned the dark basement, and something caught my eye. It looked like a trash bag, no, more like a flattened box that still had contents. Wait! That is not a bag or a box, that is a human! My stomach dropped to the lowest point in my body. A person had broken into my home while I was asleep and is now laying 20 feet in front of me hoping not to get caught.

I looked around a little more acting as if I had no idea of their presence. I turned around and started back up the stairs. Just as I did I heard fast footsteps. It was following me! I ran as fast as I could and swung the door shut just as it quick as it closed it tore open and out came that man. We both ran through my house as fast as we could, although my dark pursuer had more sinister intentions. As we ran I threw things at him and tried to make him trip and fall.

My legs began to ache and my pace began to slow, I was gonna be caught I thought. Then I saw an image in my head of my mother. She was standing and crying and I realized I needed to survive, for her! I reached the kitchen and made a sharp turn which was a bad idea. I slipped on a loose rug and hit my head. My vision became blurry and I touched my head and realized I was bleeding. Then the freak ran towards me and just as he went to grab me I jumped up. Running as fast I as could I threw the knife drawer open and grabbed the biggest one. If I was going to die I would not go down without a fight.

We were in a standstill. He stood 10 feet away with his hands up, indicating that he was surrendering.

“What do you want?!” I yelled.

He took off his dark mask.My stomach dropped and I felt as if I would cry. It was my father! I felt blood, tears, and sweat run down my face.

“Becca That car crash, it was fake. Now just let me speak and explain please. I could not take it anymore, seeing you hate life, your mother under stress, or my entire work life. So that is why I faked my death. Becca I am so sorry for all of the grief I've caused you and your mother.”

“But how? Why!” I screamed

“I have a plan and you will love it.” he said and now I was pulled in.

“What?” I inquired.

“I have millions of dollars built up from interest inherited from your great aunt. So let's travel the world together. Just you and me, what do you say?” Everything was coming at me so quick and I had no idea what to say. Everything was racing through my mind. I felt slightly dizzy and realized that the room was beginning to grow dark. Then I fell to the ground. I guess the bleeding from the fall got to me.

The author's comments:

It was an idea that I got from a very strange dream.

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