The Old House on the Street

November 15, 2017
By Anonymous

I entered the house, as I forced the door shut due to the high winds outside. I turned on the lights to see a dusty floor. Then a loud crackling sound shot across the sky (lightning) then the lights went out. I pulled a flashlight out of my book bag. Then I walked to the living room there I will set up my sleeping bag. I started to unpack my backpack when I heard creaking floorboards upstairs. I stopped unpacking to go check upstairs. I walked through the foyer to the stepps. I started stepping on the first step then a loud explosion exploded across the sky outside. I turned my head to the glow of my flashlight aimed at the stairs. I continued to walk up the stairs. I reached the top of the stairs. There was no footprints on the floor. I walked to the first door on the left. I stood in front of the door for a second wondering if there was something on the other side. I slowly gripped my hand around the doorknob and slowly opened the door to hear the ever so pleasant screech of the unoiled door hinges. I peered in the room to my surprise there was nothing in the room. Nothing. The room looked like it was empty for eternity. I closed the door behind as I left the room. I walk further down the hall to open the door on the right. I turned the doorknob and opened the door with a quickened pace. The room had a statue of a gargoyle in the corner.
“Funny the real estate agent didn’t mention a statue in the house.” I said in a humorous tone. Thinking that someone must have placed it there to scare me.
The gargoyle had a sinister look on its face. I closed the door. I started walking down the hallway some more when all of a sudden a string drops from the ceiling. It appeared to be an attic door.
“The agent also didn’t mention anything about an attic either.” I said
I pulled on the sting and the attic door opened. A cloud of dust formed around me. I coughed profusely. I poked my head through the hole in the ceiling. I aimed the flashlight at a wall  then I start to make a circle then Boom. The flashlight was now aiming at an old bony man. He had blood dripping from his teeth. I fell onto the floor in fright. A loud shrilling noise from the old man echoed through the house. The old man dropped from the attic onto the floor like the girl from the exorcist. Then his head turned to look me in the eyes. I jumped up and ran down the hall then I tripped on a nail poking out of the floor. I fell down the stairs. My body finally hit the landing at the bottom. Blood started to form around my lifeless body. The old man crawled down the steps like a spidermonky. He got to my body as I watched trying to move but I couldn’t. He started to eat my body.                  

The author's comments:

I was inspired by the movie Exercist.

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