November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

Summary- Detective Joe is a 45 year old man who lost his family 15 years ago to a murder. He became very bitter, revengeful, and doesn’t forgive any criminals. When his family was murder, there was a symbol of a snake on them, and they never found the killer and that was the only clue. Now Joe and his team got assigned to a murder case of a 19 year old girl and on her body, there is a snake symbol of the same kind as his family murder case.

“Detective, the girl name is Jenny and she is from New York” said Jake.
Joe said “She is from New york? What is she doing here in California?”
Jake said “She is here for vacation, and meeting someone.”
Joe said “Meeting someone? Okay look into that.”
Jake nod his head and went to the lab and asked Bob to look into her background and messages.
Jake said “Hey Bob can you look into the messages for me and see who she is meeting?”
Bob answered “Already on it Jake.”
Jake said “Of course you are.”
Jake laughed and smile while Bob had a worried look on his face.
Bob said “How’s the boss?”

Jake stopped at this moment and sighed and said “he is fine, I think, or more like very into this case.”
Bob said “Of course he is, after 15 years of his own family murder, this case and the symbol is the closest that he got. Not to mention this girl is meeting someone here and this person could be….”
At this time an announcement came on and said “Detective Joe’s team come immediately down to conference room #4.”
Jake said “Well let’s go Bob.”
Jake and Bob left to go to the conference room and when they got there, Joe and Mei as well as the family of Jenny too. They walked in and the mother crying and the father was talking to Joe.
“Detective, we only want to know who the murderer is and why was she killed” said the father. Joe could feel their pain and sadness that they have and hold their hands and said
“My team and I will try our best to solve your daughter murder.”
After that the team got busy and Joe was alone studying the symbol of how it was drawn and little by little he was falling asleep. As he fell asleep he remembers the day he left his family to go work on the case.
“Bye Bye daddy, I will see you soon right.” said daughter #1
“Bye daddy we will call you tonight or later.” said daughter #2
“Bye honey be safe, eat, and call us when you land.” said the wife
As he remembers tears roll down his face and morning comes. Mei knocks on the door and wake Joe up. He wiped his tears immediately and said
“Oh, Mei good…”
Mei said “Morning.”
Joe was flustered and thought I slept here last night. Maybe that’s why my neck hurts. He rubs his neck and asks Mei “Well what can I do you Mei.”
She said ”Bob found the guy she was messaging and we can arrest or talk to him nicely but i doubt talking nicely would do nothing.”
Jake was thinking carefully of the situation and made a decision. Joe said
“We talk to him and see if he would cooperate and if he runs from us then looks like we will get exercise this morning.”
Joe, Jake, and Mei gets in position while Bob tells them where he is at.
“Everyone ready?” said Bob
“Yep.” said Jake
“Good.” said Mei
“Ready.” said Joe
“Alright, do you guys see that russian guy over there sitting at the table.”
“He is very good looking.” said Mei
“Not as good looking as me.” said Jake
“Okay we are not here to see who is good looking but we are here to talk or capture him okay, and also you guys are both wrong, I am the most good looking one here.” said Joe
They all laughed and get ready to start their plan. Inside of Joe hearts he is feeling the hope that he could solve this case and know what happened to Jenny and his family murder and capture the bastard who took away his family. All of that happening depends on capturing  him or him cooperating with them.
To Be Continued….

The author's comments:

It was for a school assignment and if published then I can get 20 extra credit points. 

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