29 minutes, 32 seconds

November 14, 2017
By AutumnRaines BRONZE, Bristol, Other
AutumnRaines BRONZE, Bristol, Other
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'Has anyone ever told you that it's rude to steal someone else's hostages?'
~ Goldilocks, the Land of Stories

Chapter 1: 29 minutes, 32 seconds.

The events you are about to read about happened 29 minutes and 32 seconds ago.
The events happened to me.
I saw them all.
I watched everything from the window.
I watched as the man shot the girl.
I watched as she fell.
I backed away from the window, desperately hoping he hadn't seen me. I fumbled with my phone, and got through to the police.
They told me they would be here within 10 minutes.
Not soon enough.
I heard the front door open.
I stumbled over to the window, hoping he was still there.
I heard someone climbing the stairs.
The street was deserted.
Someone entered my room.
I froze.
I felt a gun press to the back of my neck.
29 minutes, 33 seconds.

Chapter 2: 29 minutes, 33 seconds.

They found my body 10 minutes later.
Blood was pooling around me, and I had a bullet wound it the back of my head.
The man was nowhere to be seen.
But I know where he is.
He is lying dead.
Somewhere in his own house.
They haven't found him yet.
And they never will.
I hid him well.

Poor thing.
Didn't even put up a decent fight.
He just ran.
Like the coward he is.
He killed 2 innocent girls.
So I killed him.

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I hope you enjoy

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on Nov. 17 2017 at 1:19 am
justarandom BRONZE, Auckland, Other
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I read this multiple times and every time it was as captivating as the first! I love it!


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