Fate is Fate

March 6, 2009
By Amber Foster BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Amber Foster BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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When I saw him looking outside, I realized I was not alone in this room. I was neither shocked nor surprised. I guess it is as it should be, since he said that he would make me pay for what I had done to him. As he got closer to me, I stood my ground and was ready to look my fate in the eyes?.
I should start from the beginning, maybe then it would make a little more sense. It all started on a brisk afternoon when I was walking home from my walk in the park. I was just leaving the park when I walked into someone, from walking into him I fell on the ground. I started to get up when a hand reached down to help me up. I took the hand and with that I was pulled up. When I was standing up, I was facing the most amazing blue eyes that I had ever seen.
?I am really sorry for walking into you?? I said
?It is ok, I kind of wasn?t watching where I was going so it is my fault too.? he said to me.
?Still I walked into you and that is rude. I am sorry umm I don?t know your name, what is it?? I said to him with a puzzled look on my face.
?Don?t worry about it, and my name doesn?t matter at the moment.? he said as he looked at his watch.
?While I have to go now. I am sorry about walking into you.? I said. He said bye to me and we went our own ways. It was another 25 minutes to my apartment, but I made it there in one piece which was a really good thing.
Once in the apartment I took off my coat, scarf and gloves. I booted up my computer and then went to make a cup of hot coca. When I got back I went and checked my email, not finding what I was waiting for. I sighed to myself and then signed onto Facebook. It was a new habit of mine, going on here was like a quick fixes for me. When I was on here everything else didn?t really seem to matter. I went onto my favorite app-Social Me- and started to look through all my new tags. They made me laugh, and then I went through all my new notes deleting the ones I didn?t want. I then went to tag others. It was at this point I came across a person that looked like someone I had met but I couldn?t place him. I read his about me and then tagged him as I saw fit. It wasn?t till late when I finally went to bed, I think when I looked at the clock it was like 1am, but I can?t be sure because my eyes were heavy with sleep. The next day when I finally got up it was like 2pm, I had not intended to sleep that late but I did. After I shower and then eating I got back on my computer to check my email, still nothing from what I was waiting for but there was something that I did not expect. It was a friend request for Facebook, from the guy I had tagged last night. I approved the request and then got off for the day. I had other things to do that day and with that I couldn?t be on the computer.
Much later that day when I got home I went to bed. I didn?t bother checking my email, because I knew what I was waiting for would not be there. Not going on the computer went on the better part of a week, by the time I got back on the computer I had a lot of emails waiting for me. There at last the one I was waiting for was there. I opened it and read what it said. The first blows from it were that I couldn?t believe it. I had to reread it and then reread it again. By the time I had read it for the third time I was heart broke. I couldn?t believe that this was happening to me. For some reason Facebook was calling to me so I signed on and turned on my chat. There wasn?t many people on that I really wanted to talk to. I was just looking through all the new notifications when I got an Im from a new friend.
Alex: Hi! How are you?
Jenny: I am ok?.
Alex: What is wrong? 
Jenny: I was just heartbroken :?(
Alex: I am sorry. You want to talk about it?
Jenny: Not really.
Alex: Ok
Jenny: Thanks
Alex: No problem. Can I tell you something?
Jenny: Sure
Alex: You?re really pretty and I like you.
Jenny: Thanks. *Blush* Oh?
Alex: No problem. Awwww. Yes.
Jenny: Wow
Alex: What?
Jenny: Nothing
Alex: Ok, while I have to go now.
Jenny: Ok bye.
Alex: Bye
He signed off, so did I. I planned on going for another walk. So I grabbed my coat, scarf, and gloves and headed to the park. I had my headphone in so I couldn?t hear what was going on. About an hour later I was just leaving when someone tapped me on my shoulder. I whipped around hitting the person in the chest. I had not meant to hit him that hard but I did.

?Ouch that hurt. Why did you hit me?? the person said as I pulled out my headphones and said,

?What do you think you are doing??

?I was trying to get your attention. You dropped your keys.? he said handing them over to me.

?Thanks. Why do you look familiar?? I asked taking my keys.

?Because you walked into me the other week.? he said.
?Oh right. Now I remember. We should stop meeting in the park like this, because it seems stalk-ish.? I told him. He just shrugged his shoulders and said nothing.
?I am here most days when I am not working.? he said to me.
?Do you want to walk? I am really cold just standing here.? I told him.
?Sure? he said and then we started to walk.
?The last time that we met you didn?t tell me your name, why was that?? I asked.
?Like I said then, it doesn?t matter at the moment, but if you must know it is Alex.? he said looking at the ground.
?What?? he asked me.
?Nothing, nothing is the matter. I just got a chill that is all.? I said to Alex while shaking.
?Do you want to get out of the cold?? Alex asked as we continued our walk.
?Yes, the only place we can go to get out of the cold is my place. Do you mind if we go there?? I asked him. He didn?t say anything but walked beside me. We walked in silence up and till we reached my place. I unlocked the door and went inside. I thought he was following me but he wasn?t he had not even crossed the thresh hold.
?Oh come on in, it is not like my place Is going to eat you.? I said. When he didn?t move I went over to him.
?Alex are you coming in??
?I guess?? he said stepping into my apartment. He pulled the door shut. I took off my coat, and other things then went into the kitchen. Once again he had not followed me. This time I called out to him.
?Hey Alex??
?Yes?? he answered
?Come into the kitchen will you? And you can take off your coat.? I said while moving around the kitchen. When I had my back turned he had come into the room. When I turned around I dropped what I was holding.
?Are you ok?? he asked coming toward me.
?Ummm? I stuttered. I couldn?t keep my eyes off him.
?Hey Jenny are you ok?? He asked, but when he asked I started to black out.
When I woke up I was in my bed wearing my PJ?S. My head and side hurt. It felt like someone had kicked my side and hit my head. I tried to sit up but it hurt too much. Just then I heard a noise coming from the kitchen.
?Hello?? I called out. When I did that I heard footsteps coming closer to my door, and then the door handle turn, and a guy?s head pop in my room. I let out a tiny scream.
?Jenny? Are you ok?? he said coming over to me, and then sitting down on my bed.
?Shane?? I asked him
?The one and only. You are so silly!? Shane said. Shane was my best friend and he was always over when we found time to just chill out.
?Why are you over here?? I asked trying to sit up again. Shane helped me up when he saw I couldn?t on my own.
?Well I had called your cell, and some guy picked up and said that you had blacked out. So I came right over. When I was coming in he was leaving. He gave me a funny look, but didn?t say anything to me. Who was he?? Shane asked while playing with my blanket.

?Oh. His name is Alex. We keep running into each other. We went on a walk and came here.? I told Shane.

?Why did you black out?? Shane asked well messing with his black curly hair. Shane?s hair was not the only odd thing on him. He wore makeup and on certain days he wore face paint also. Some people would call him Emo or Gothic, he said he wasn?t but there was no denying that he wore looked gothic. I mean he wore tripp pants and Red Wings boots, jackets and bright shirts. For his age he was lean and lanky.

?I don?t know why I did. I just did that is all. You seem worried about me.? I said to shane

?Your my best friend, and I always worry about you. Your like my sister.? He said moving toward me, then laying next to me.

?Aww! You do have a heart under all that face paint.? I said giggling.

?Your know it!? he said hugging me then getting up.

?Where are you going?? I asked getting up. It hurt but I managed to stand up and stretch.

?Work. I have to go or I will be late.? he told me.

?Ok. See you later. You coming back later?? I asked Shane as he left the room.

?Yes I will be over later. Remember tonight is our pizza night. Jenny your losing your mind, just relax and you will be fine.? Shane said as he left my apartment . I shook my head. I had to laugh, Shane could be so funny sometimes.

A lot of times people thought we were either dating or we were brother and sister. We were neither, I can?t understand why people thought that we of all people were related. We looked nothing alike. Shane was some what tall, he was tan, and was what people called hot. I on the other hand was not tall, tan or hot. I was just normal. After he left I went through my apartment just checking if anything was gone. Nothing seemed to be missing. I didn?t really recall much from before the black out, the only thing I remember was Alex calling me by my name. I didn?t ever recall telling him my name, so i put it out of my mind and waited for Shane to get back here later that night. When he did we just hung out and chilled out all night just like old times.

A couple of months had passed since I had seen Alex. The Alex on Facebook would be on sometimes, but never talk to me. It was a warm spring day, when I ran into Alex again. I was with Shane when it had happened too. We had decided to take his puppy Max with us to the park. Over the months Shane had changed, he shaved off all his hair, and stop wearing face paint, but still wore makeup.

?Hi! Long time no see.? Alex said to me

?Hi Alex. How are you?? I asked him

?I am good, and you?? he said looking from Shane to me and then back to Shane. I gave him a puzzled look.

?I am doing fine.? I said

?Have we met?? Alex asked Shane

?Yes just once before.? Shane said giving Alex a hard look.

?Interesting to know. Nice puppy you got here.? Alex said now eyeing the puppy.

?Yes it is a nice puppy, who has a name.? Shane said shifting foot to foot.

?What is the puppy?s name?? Alex asked.

?It is Max. Well Alex we have to be going now. Nice to see you again.? I said to him.

?Wait one moment,? he said reaching into his pocket, then pulling something out of the pocket.

?Shane you dropped you wallet a few yards from here. I wanted to be nice and give it back.? Alex said handing over the wallet.

?Thanks. See you later.? Shane said to Alex, pulling me away. When we got back to my place Shane said to me that he got a bad feeling about the evening. I told him it was all in his mind and he needed to relax. After that I went to work. When I got home I went online. This was when Alex IMed me.
Alex: Hi there!
Jenny: Hello.
Alex: How are you?
Jenny: Fine, you?
Alex: Better now.
Jenny: Oh?
Alex: Yuppers
Jenny: Cool
Alex: So what did you do today?
Jenny: Take a walk and then work.
Alex: Cool. Are you enjoying the weather?
Jenny: Yes *Yawns*
Alex: Are you tired?
Jenny: Yes. I am going to bed. Talk to you soon
Alex: Night
Jenny: Night
Alex: Sweet dreams dear.
Alex has signed off and may receive your IM when he signs back online.

I shook my head, then changed into my PJ's, and then went to bed. I had been asleep for a couple of hours when my cell went off and there was knocking on my door. I picked up my cell.

?Hello??I asked sleepy

?Jenny open up please!? Shane said pleading

?Shane?? I said

?Open up your door please!?
I went to my front door and opened it to find Shane standing there covered in blood.

?Shane?!?!? I asked Shane came into my place and then sank to the floor, and then proceeded to sob.

?What happened?? I asked getting worried. I sat down on the floor and took him into my arms.

?Max is dead...? Shane said softly.

?What?? I said shocked

?Max was killed? Shane sobbed into my shoulder

?By who?? I asked, well holding Shane

?I don?t know! But they left this on my front door.? he said handing over a piece of paper

?STAY AWAY FROM HER OR MORE THAN A DOG WILL BE NEXT!? I read from the piece of paper. I tried all I could to calm Shane down. He cried himself to sleep that night well in my arms. The next day we buried Max in his backyard. To cheer him up I surprised him at work with a miniature robotic dinoursar and a pro wrestler doll. He named the dinosaur Raven. Even know we didn?t find Max?s killer he seemed to get better each day.

Alex seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet because I didn?t see him again for about four months. Once again I was in the park with Shane when I saw him again.

?Hello again.? Alex said looking upset

?Hey.? I said, Shane stayed quiet

?Must be fate that we keep meeting in the park like this.? Alex said

?Yes it must be.? Shane said softly

?Where is your puppy? Max wasn?t it?? Alex said with a sadistic tone

?Max passed on.? I told him

?How sad.? Alex said in a flat tone

?Yes it was. We have to go now, or we will be late.? Shane said pulling on my arm to get me to go with him.

?Oh that is right.? I told Alex.

?Are those yours Shane?? Alex asked pointing to a set of keys.

?Shane are those yours?? I asked. Shane looked at the keys, then dug through his pockets till he couldn?t find his keys.

?Yes those are mine. Thank you.? Shane said picking up the keys. He pulled me away and then walked me back home. When we got there he told me that he would he would call me later that evening. Once he left I went into my livingroom with a book. The book belonged to Shane, it was called Murder of Crows. Around 8 pm Shane called me and we talked. While we were talking he sent me a pic message.

?Shane why did you send me a pic of Alex??

?Because he is following me!? Shane said with panic in he vocie
?What?!? I asked

?You heard me Jenny. I think he killed Max and now he is going to hurt me? Shane said.

?Shane chill, he is not going to hurt you and he didn?t have anything to do with Max?s death. Now take a deep breath and get some rest.? I said to him in a calm voice.

?Ok Jenny.? Shane said to me.

?Good Shane. Godd night. Love you!?

?I love you too Jenny.? Shane said then hung up the phone. I went to bed thinking about what he had told me.

3:20am blinked me clock. *Beep, Beep, Beep* my cell had woken me up. I opened my cell to find that I had one new text.

I got up and then turned my computer on and went on facebook.
Alex: Hello sleepy head
Jenny: Hi
Alex: Why are you on?
Jenny: I had a text telling me too
Alex: Ah
Jenny: I know
Alex: Was the text ffrom Shane?
Jenny: Yes... How did you know?
Alex: I know everything
Jenny: Ummm ok
Alex: He should have listened to the note.
Jenny: How do you know about that?
Alex: I said I know everything
Jenny: Ok that is creepy
Alex: Yes it is
Jenny: that is not helping
Alex: Are you sure?
Jenny: Yes
Alex: You have a text coming in
Jenny: What?

Just then my cell went off saying that I had another text. I opened it and wanted to scream. It was a pic message of Shane lying in a pool of blood. Even know it was a pic message I could tell he had been shoot and had his throat had been slashed. Then I got another text.
Shane: I told him to leave you alone, but he didn?t listen. Neither did you. Now you will pay for what you have done. xxx Alex.
Jenny: How did you know I was going to get that?
Alex: Just did
Jenny: Just leave me alone ok?
Alex: You must pay for what you have done.
Jenny: What did I do?
Alex: You know what you did. Now go into your bedroom and find me.
Alex has signed off and may receive your IM when he signs back online.

I headed back toward my room, which was when I saw that my door was open and that my lamp was on. I started to freak out. I pushed the door the rest of the way open and saw someone on my bed.

?Alex?? I said

?The one and only Alex you know.? Alex said. This was the first time I had gotten a good look at him. He had long straight Emo-ish looking black hair. His skin was really pale, but he had amazing blue eyes. He was wearing a hoodie and under it he was wearing a dark colored shirt. He was maybe 150lbs but still wore skinny jeans. They looked good on him. He also wore converse shoes and gloves with no finger tips.

?No that is not true. You can?t be?? I said

?It is true hun. I am the only one you will ever know.? Alex said still laying there.

?All this time it was you I talked to on Facebook?? I asked not moving from where I was standing

?You are so smart babe?? he said rolling his eyes.

?It is not true. It can?t be.?

?It is true sweetie. All this time it has been me.? Alex said

?You did all of this. You made me black out! You killed Max! And you killed Shane! Why??I said with my voice getting louder.

?Baby please calm down.? Alex said getting up and coming over to me

?STOP CALLING ME THOSE NAMES! DON?T TOUCH ME!? I screamed. Alex slapped me across my face.

?I told you to calm down and you didn?t listen. Now what are you going to do?? he said

?Why are you doing this to me?? I said crying.

?You know why I am doing this to you jenny.? Alex said taking me into his arms. I tried to get away but he wouldn?t let me go.

?No I don?t! Please let me go!? I said wiggling about.

?Jenny when will you learn?? Alex said shaking his head.

?How do you know me?? I said

?You don?t recall?? Alex said

?No I can?t! How do you know me?? I asked

?Do you recall when you were 16 and on that summer day when you were at the beach and you were talking to that guy?? Alex whispered into my ear.

?Yeah so??

?Do you remember what you told him? he whispered into my ear.

?No why?? I said wiggling away again

?Want to know what you said?? he asked

?Yes if you will let me go?? I asked

?Why would I let you go? When if I do you will run away and I will have to chase after you. Now do you want to know?? he asked me

?Just tell me!? I said my voice getting louder

?Now, now fix that tone and I will tell you.? he said as his arms tightened around me.

?Please just tell me.? I said softy, lowering my head.

?You told that guy that he would be your one and only, and when the time was right you would be together again.? he said into my ear. I moved me head away from him.

?That was a joke.? I told him

?Not to him. Your words fueled his desire for you.? he said softly.

?What? So all this time he has been following me?? I said to Alex.

?You still don?t get it?? he asked

?What am I supposed to get?? I said pleading.

?You don?t recall what he looks like?? Alex said turning me around to face him.

?No... Oh My God! It was you on the beach. I told you that.? I said with panic in my voice.

?Now you have it. Such a smart girl.? Alex said to me.

?But why??

?Because you didn?t follow your own word. I have follow you since that day. Up till 6 months ago you were good. But on the day that I saw you in the park with Shane I knew that you lied and I had to do something. So I tried to warn him, but he didn?t listen so I made him listen.? he told me.

?Alex... Shane was my best friend, nothing more. I have never had a boyfriend. You killed Shane for nothing.? I said crying. Alex whipped away my tears and then slapped me harder than before.

?You need to stop lying to Me.? he said to me.

?But I am not lying to you Alex.? I told him

?Jenny, you lied to me. So I am not going to take you word anymore.? Alex said to me. I couldn?t say anything.

?Jenny, there is one thing you will do for me tonight.? Alex said pushing me away from him.

?And what is that?? I asked as I was trying to gain my balance back

?You are going to look your fate in the eyes.? he said walking toward me.

Things happened all too fast. One moment he is coming toward me, and the next I am laying in my own blood. All the sounds were off sounding. Time seemed to slow down as well. The sounds of the recues vehicles growing louder, then the crashing in of my front door. There were people all over me.

?Fate is fate.? I said faintly as I closed my eyes as they carried me away!

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