Lucy: Ghost Child

October 25, 2017

In 1975, a family moved into a two story, four bedroom house in Oklahoma. They were all very happy. The father was a mechanic and the mother a teacher. They had three children. The oldest was a boy, Alexander, who was ten, the middle child, Talula, was an eight year old girl, and the youngest was Lucy who was four.
Alexander was into sports and friends. Talula liked reading and history. Lucy didn’t like anything but her parents, her mini-me doll, and playing. She loved to play all day and all night.
Lucy loved to make Alexander angry. One day she made him so angry he shoved his baseball bat into the floor boards. Leaving a hole in the wood. Lucy liked to torment her older sister too. She would cry and cry until her parents came, then complain that Talula wouldn’t play with her.
The two siblings got so angry with Lucy that they set up a way to get back at her. In Lucy’s room there was a window with a flag pole off the corner of the house. Somehow the two of them managed to tie her doll on the end of the flagpole and make it look like it hung itself.
When Lucy saw her doll that night she tried to go get it herself. She fell two stories to the ground grasping for her doll and screaming. Her body vanished, and if her siblings had not been standing in the doorway no one would have believed it.
Alexander and Talula rushed across the hall to get their parents. Thud. Lucy’s bedroom door slammed itself shut. It would not be opened for the next 30 years.
Alexander and Talula grew up in that house seeing Lucy all over. She would always ask to play. Carrying that doll she would follow them around the house. Eventually their things went missing when they were playing games, chess pieces, cards, Alexander’s sports equipment, Talula’s school supplies and books and even food out of the kitchen that Lucy liked.
At night when they were teenagers they would hear Lucy scream then the door slam shut. Sometimes they would even hear her giggle they way she did after messing with them.
Lucy visited her parents sometimes too, playing and talking with her mother like she did in her life. She hated when her parents left her siblings at home alone. She would seek revenge at their happiness and her own death. Chasing them and trying to hurt them.
Eventually they went off to college. Their parents lived at the house until an accident with their payments got them kicked out. The bank took it and sold it to a nice family who was moving to Oklahoma from Pennsylvania. Unaware of the things that had happened in the past.
Chapter 1
Erin was a happy little girl with strawberry blond hair and eyes more blue than the sky. She was 5 and just started kindergarten at Lincoln Elementary School in Pennsylvania. But two months into the school year her father, Vincent Randolph, was hired as a chemical engineer in Oklahoma.
Vincent was working as a chemical forensic scientist for the police in Philadelphia. His wife was a nurse at the nearby hospital, her name was Megan. She was caring and overprotective of her family.
Moving across the country for a job wasn’t difficult for Vincent, but for Megan and Erin is was. It meant they had to give up their lives they had. Erin gave up her new friends and Megan gave up a job she has had for years. Megan just wanted to do the right thing for her daughter, so they moved.
Pulling up to their new house in Oklahoma early one evening with trucks following behind them with all of their belongings none of them knew what to expect.
The house was two story with a fenced in yard all the way around. There was a driveway that seemed to creep up next to the house. The door a deep red color seemed out of place against the brown-grey color of the house.
Walking up to the porch Erin was nervous. She hadn’t wanted to leave her home in Pennsylvania. She wanted to stay with her friends and go to school. Vincent opened the door.
“Welcome to our new home,” said Megan walking inside holding Erin's hand and carrying a box with her other hand.
They walked into a long hallway. There were hooks on the wall inside the door for coats. The first door on the right was the bathroom.
Small and damp with grey walls and only containing a sink, toilet and a small cabinet with a mirror. The floor was an off white tile.
Walking across the hall through a double wide doorway to what looked to be a family room. A mantel and fireplace directly across from the doorway. A big window overlooking the front yard. The wooden floor matched the floor in the hallway. The color of the walls were a beige color. The other side of the room opposite of the window was another doorway leading into a small room with bookshelves lining one wall and a desk in the middle.
Across from the bookshelves there stood a door next to a flight of stairs. The door led into the kitchen to the left of the doorway through the kitchen was the back door. To the right was a fridge and a counter running around the room. The oven was opposite of the fridge, and there in the corner diagonal from the door there stood a wide pantry.
Up the wooden steps that creaked laid another long hallway. Above the kitchen there was a master bedroom. Which was nested to another bathroom. Across the hall there were three bedrooms. One with a hole in the floor boards. Another with a window on the wall that overlooked the side yard. And the third bedroom had a door that has been stuck shut for 30 years.
They worked hard through the night to move all of their things into the house. Tired Erin went into the second bedroom and took a nap on her bed. She picked the third bedroom because the doorway was right across from ther parent’s room.
The other bedroom would become a guest room for when Erin’s grandparents visited. The other room would be left alone while the door was boarded up.

Chapter 2
A week later they were finally all moved in and the house was theirs. Megan had done her research trying to find a new job for herself and a school for Erin. She eventually came to the conclusion that she would home school her.
There were some kids in the neighborhood but none would play with Erin so she just stayed inside when she played and when she wasn't doing school work in the study (the room with the desk).
Two weeks after they moved in a little girl started showing up in the backyard to play with Erin everyday. Her name was Lucy.
Lucy was four and she always wore the same little jumper dress. It was denim and she had a red shirt on. She wore her long dark hair in pigtails on the top of her head with little bat clips. Erin was couldn’t tell if her hair was black or brown. She also never spoke.
They would play outside together all the time. Lucy would show up in the hallway by the front door and wait for Erin to go play. They played tag in the yard, dolls in the living room, dress up in the master bedroom, and chefs in the kitchen.
Lucy always played with Erin. Lucy started showing up in more than just the hallway. Lucy started showing up in the doorway of Erin’s room at night scared. She would show up during dinner outside the house. Lucy was always there and very friendly. Or at least that's what Erin thought.
Lucy was in the kitchen. Vincent had bought a kitchen table for them to eat at and placed against the wall near the doorway. Erin was happy to see her and introduced her to her grandparents. They smiled and told the girls to go play for a little while while they finished dinner.
Erin was playing in the hall with Lucy. Lucy introduced her to her doll. She showed her her best friend and Erin ran upstairs to retrieve her own doll from her room.
Erin’s doll was a blonde haired blue eyed doll with freckles on her nose and cheekbones. It only had one outfit and it was a little jean skirt with pockets, a white shirt with a red heart in the center, and black slipper shoes.
The girls played with their dolls then out of nowhere Lucy disappeared. Erin went and ate dinner with her family, only to have Lucy’s doll appear out of nowhere. It was like watching an elf on the shelf actually move on it’s own from place to place all throughout dinner.
When dinner was over, her parents started to clean up and have an intellectual conversation. Lucy’s doll lead Erin up stairs, down the hall, to the door of the room that used to be boarded up.
Erin walked into the room. An old twin sized bed was covered in dust to the right of the window. There was a small table with overused crayons and coloring pictures. A little doll house stood in the corner of the room near the door. There sitting under the window was Lucy, and her doll was hung on the flagpole outside of the window.
Lucy spoke for the first time in 30 years saying, “Little Lucy is stuck. Help her. Please.”
Erin scurried across the room kicking dust from the floor into the air. Megan heard Erin running from the living room. She had never heard movement in that part of the house so she walked up the stairs to go check on Erin. Upon reaching the top of the stairs her eyes went immediately to the door at the end of the hall.
Megan rushed in to find Erin opening the window and about to climb out. The doll disappeared. Megan took Erin downstairs and made her tell everyone what just happened. After telling them Vincent went upstairs, and came back down.
“How did she manage to get into that room? It is all boarded up,” said Vincent.
Megan explained that when she went up the door was wide open. Helen and Frank thought they were crazy. Then suddenly the lights went out and the doll appeared. It’s eyes were glowing and it started to speak.
“I want to play. Someone play tag. Can we play dolls? Or dressup? Somebody play something with me,” Lucy’s voice came out of the doll.
The doll grabbed Erin’s arm, left the room dragging her along, and the lights came back on. They were gone. Rushing up the stairs all four of them confused and worried.
They ran down the hall and the door was open. Erin was reaching for Lucy’s doll and as Vincent and Megan stepped across the doorway Erin fell to the ground. Screaming. Grasping for the doll that was hung by its neck on the flag pole.
Megan ran to the window to try to get her but it was too late. She was gone. Actually gone. Body and all remains of Erin were gone as if they evaporated into thin air. Megan left the room in tears and they all stood in the hallway. Erin’s door slammed shut with a thud a moment later so did Lucy’s and the doors were never opened again.

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