Broken Dreams

October 25, 2017
By HasanM BRONZE, Izmir, Other
HasanM BRONZE, Izmir, Other
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Pineville was a strategic town in Ambosia. Raula’s house’s garden was covered with snow, which was very bright. Everything was beautiful, except the war over the town of Pineville.
When Raula woke up, she heard the chatter of her mother and father.
‘’Our town is in danger. Yesterday they told Ms. Khavar to leave the town or they will die. Today they came here too. We have to leave the town or we will die,’’ said Raula’s mother.
‘’Our army is stronger than ever; we won’t let them to take our town,’’ replied Raula’s father.
After breakfast, Raula helped her mother with cleaning up.
‘’Mom, I don’t want to leave this town; I don’t want to lose you,’’ stated Raula, before starting crying.
‘’Oh honey, don’t cry. Our nation won’t let this happen,’’ responded Rana, before hugging her.
During the day, Pineville was so quiet; the only sound was the sound of the wind. The streets, which once were full of people, were empty. Everybody was waiting for something to happen, any moment.
It was 10 pm. Rana was cooking bread in the tandoor oven, Raula and her sisters were doing their homework; Raula’s youngest brother, who was one year old, was sleeping. The other two brothers, Ramin and Farid, were playing football.
It was so quiet, before the dog started barking. When Hamid wanted to go and check, a group of men came up. Raula’s dad shouted to Raula and her family to hide, but it was too late; Rana, who was cooking bread, was pushed into tandoor oven; Raula’s smallest brother was suffocated with a pillow, when he was sleeping.
The sounds of the guns occupied the entire town; there were flames, everywhere. The white color of snow was replaced by the red color of blood. Raula, Farid and their dad were able to survive. However, Farid couldn’t resist the cold weather and he later died too.
20 years has passed since this tragedy; Pineville was under occupation, which made other people, who survived, to move to other towns.
Raula, who only had dad, wasn’t as happy as before. Hamid had heart disease; if he would have too much stress, he could’ve died.
‘’Hey stupid girl, did you clean my clothes?’’ asked Raula’s stepmother, Sabina, who hated Raula.
‘’Yes,’’ said Raula angrily, before shutting the door of her room.
Next morning, Raula noticed that Sabina was hurrying somewhere. After breakfast, Raula went to the school cafeteria, where she worked. She had always wanted to be a doctor but in this situation, she couldn’t continue her education; therefore, she worked as a cleaner in a cafeteria.
‘’Clean this rubbish,’’ shouted Raula’s  director.
‘’Yes, mam,’’ said Raula.
After the first bell rang, the break started; everybody was sitting and chatting, except a small girl, who was alone, crying.  Raula couldn’t resist it and she went over to the girl, whose name was Rana. After a long chat, Raula found out that Rana’s father and mother were divorcing, because the father of Rana had cheated on her mother with another woman, whose name was Sabina. Raula didn’t know what to say; she gave her a cup of water and she played with her for a while, to calm her down. After a long break they were best friends.
When Raula was returning back, she saw an ambulance and police in front of her house; there were a lot of people. Raula ran as fast as she would towards her house. Suddenly, Raula’s eyes were full of tears; her legs started trembling and she collapsed.
‘’ Dad, do not leave me alone,’’ shouted Raula, after seeing her dad’s dead body.
After two hours, Raula was waiting in the police office for the reason of her dad’s death.
‘’Your dad wrote you a letter,’’ said the policeman, before giving her the letter.
After seeing the letter, Raula’s face turned red; she got angry.
After the funeral, Raula took the gun, which her dad had bought, after the war; she took the letter and went to the address, which was written on the letter.
Raula knocked on the door of the house, which was located at the given address, as hard as possible. Sabina opened the door; after entering the house, Raula raised the gun towards her.
‘’ You killed my dad! You cheated on my dad!’’ shouted Raula, while crying.
‘’No, I didn’t!’’ replied Sabina, with a trembling voice.
‘’ My dad had a heart attack because of you; he saw you kissing another man and now you’re living in the house of that man. Because of you a small girl, Rana, lost her dad; because of you, I lost my dad and now you will die,’’ shouted Raula.
‘’ Raula, my dear, calm down and’’ said Sabina, but she couldn’t finish her sentence because it was too late; everywhere was covered with blood.
After shooting Sabina, Raula slowly turned the gun towards herself.
‘’ I missed you mom; I am coming to you,’’ were the last words of Raula, before shooting herself.

The author's comments:

The life of a high school girl,from Azerbaijan,inspired me to write this piece.After knowing her life story,I coudn't resist writing this down and making all other people to know her life.In this story I am trying to make other people,who live a comfortable life,to understand the lives of the kids who are facing war,now.

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