The Investagator

November 7, 2017
By Anonymous

“Im home!” i yelled coming through the door and kicking my shoes off.

I waited for a response, silence. My mother probably got busy at the station not anything new ever since  she got the head of the investigation station. I dragged myself to my room, i was pooped after my hard day at work.  A few minutes later ,right before jumping into bed . I heard a knock on my door gentle, yet steady.
“Come in”I responded to the knock.

The door opened and in came my mother looking tired as usual.

“ I'm home, Ima get to bed , you should too.”

“I will , love you . goodnight”

“Goodnight”  she responded and gently closed the door . I layed my head down on my pillow and drifted to sleep. I bolted from my slumber and sat up on my bed I was pretty sure i had heard a scream, maybe i was just dreaming as i made my way to lay down again i heard the scream again and it was no dream i felt a slight chill run over me and every hair on my body stood up. My blood ran cold that scream ...that scream is my mother's . I stood up and tiptoed to my door putting my hand on the cold doorknob and twisting it and slowly pulling it open .I felt as if my heart was at my feet. I made my way to my mom's room to where her door was ajar and i saw what would be my nightmares for years to come . My mothers lifeless body, a corpse that was getting cold by the second. I zoned out for what seemed a lifetime could've been hours, seconds, minutes to be true i don't know.  I was so out of my head that i didn't even notice the man standing next to her in all black he was talking but it was hard to hear over the sound of my heartbeat ringing in my ears. He was tall buff and three times my size, he was laughing hysterically and circling her body saying how that big nose got her where she is now. I just stared ,still in a different world ,shocked. I shifted my weight on my feet and the wood  board made a small yet significant sound to get theman who murdered my mother to look in my direction. He  started to make his way towards me. I felt as if my feet were glued to the floor then I snapped out of my trance and ran down the stairs ,I ran into the door and quickly and unlocked it leaving it open behind me. Then ran across  the wet grass  towards to my neighbor's house  in a panic. I banged on the door shouting


“open! please! help!  help  !help!”  frantically banging and banging on a door it felt as if i were there what seems hours.

The door opened and out came Miss Jenkins “Oh child !”she said taking in my appearance. I pushed her in the door and to try to begin to explain “The man -the man he killed” 

I was cut off “killed, who was killed. What are you saying child speak up you're worrying me.” she told me . I sat  down to compose myself and told her everything or at least half way before she called the cops. Soon enough I was in an investigation room with silver walls and cold reflectant tables. This place wasnt knew just because my mother was head of investigation in our town ,she had brought me here to check the place out. The door opened and in came and in came Mr.Salazar, he was partners with my mom. He entered the room and hugged me and said  “I'm so sorry she will be missed.” He said to me in my ear.

“Thank you.”I responded in a monotone voice.

I felt numb ,as if this was all a dream and I was ready to wake up from .

Salazar just stood there looking at me then said. “Would you like some coffee?”

I said yes not because i wanted coffee but because i just wanted to be alone. He left the room and  was once left again by myself and a loop in my head of tonight's event. The door opened again and  a skinny man came in

“Hey, kid you seen Salazar?” he said in his snotty rough voice.

“Uuumm he went for coffee-” i was cut off “Hey Louie leave the  kid alone. He bugging you ?” He asked while coming through the door then he let out a small yet recognizable laugh a laugh that was the ruining of my life. I freezed and so do he we turned to look at each other. He killed my mother it was him. I grabbed my coffee and took a big gulp trying to hide my fear ,my anger. Then the skinny man i think names Louie said “ Do you need anything?”

Salazar responded “Sure can you get me more sugar .”

“Not you the girl” the skinny man told him then he turned to look at me .“ I need to go to the restroom.” I knew that the restrooms were right at the entrance this was a chance to get out of here. I made my way out of the room and out of the entrance. I ran and ran all the way to a alley pulled my phone and called a uber . I told him to drive me to a motel. Once i got there i got a room booked for 3 days i couldn't stay here for long.  I made my way into my room and laid down in the bed soon enough i was asleep. I was awaken by a chilling laugh i stood up and grabbed the scissors next to the bed stand.


“Stay away don't come near me!” I yelled

He only laughed “Oh kid we can do this the easy way or the hard ,nevermind you're going to die anyway. I'm not going to play cat and mouse.” and he let out another laugh.

He pulled a gun from his coat then i felt it crimson red blood dripped from my forehead and down my cheek then darkness nothing but darkness.


Ahhh you see this child was just as nosy as her mother . Her mother was the only thing in my way well not anymore I laughed to myself . 18 years and her mother would not let me have my moment i think i deserve it. Now i had garbage i needed disposal of. I parked the car as close I could to the motel room then I carried her over my shoulder and into my car. I drove to the farthest I could then I found the perfect place and a abandoned hospital. I carried her in I left her in an old rusty moldy janitor's closet .I needed to get going or else I was going to be late after all I am now the head of the investigations ,the only one.

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