October 17, 2017
By Morris2018 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
Morris2018 BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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My entire world flipped. “Oh god.” I told myself, thinking of all the things The Walking Dead had taught me through the seasons. First, Protection. On campus all I can think of is find the undead deputy and snag his gun without getting attacked. What school hasn’t taught me is how to survive the apocalypse. Dodging the decomposing, fleshy bodies around the winding buildings was something I wouldn’t ever have imagined. The the deputy stumbled before me. Running around what was left of his torso I grabbed small pistol at his hip and the keys looped around his belt. Barely missing the filthy nails. A wave of relief fell over me as a ran to the cafeteria to get the next necessity. Food. Shattered glass fell and onto the white-ish floor of the cafeteria. The banging of the dead rattled through the hollow room before me. Creeping toward the now deserted kitchen, I shakily raised the gun and ended the undead lives of familiar faces. Tears ran down my skin as I stuffed all I could into my emptied back-pack. I quickly made my way to the gym and grab all the clothes I could manage before stumbling my way into the main office, locking the large doors. Empty. In the furthest room with no windows I dropped the bulging bag next to me and locked the door. I began to doodle on the paper I found to secure my sanity. The distress call had been sent, now I wait.

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Zombies have replaced all of the people at school, good luck.

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