The Mystery of the Mirror

October 16, 2017
By Kayl3igh BRONZE, Poughkeepsie, New York
Kayl3igh BRONZE, Poughkeepsie, New York
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For years I have been told rumors of this mirror that's haunted,

but I sure as hell didn't believe some made up ghost story. That

is until my first day of senior year in a new school, I overheard 

someone whispering behind me, about how I'm the girl who's

parents started this haunted mirror. When I was six months old,

my parents were murdered in front of this beautiful mirror that

was hung in the hallway. I know this because the mirror was in

the back round of baby pictures I had of me. My dad worked in

the FBI and he was closing in on a case he has been working on

and the bad guys that were hiding found out and there was no

way that they were gonna let my dad finish the case so they had

to kill him and my mom was a witness so they also killed her.

That night was my six month birthday sowe were going out to

dinner. A group of guys stormed in and shot them, then ran.

There was no evidence of people breaking in though. So as I

listened to the people behind me talking, it was making sense to

me. The mirror description in the rumor is exactly the kind I had

and we did buy that mirror at a flea market. Anyone that the

mirror gets passed down to always has a baby and on its six

month birthday the parents are on their way out to eat but never

make it out. They die right in front of the mirror. Maybe it wasn't

the criminals coming after my dad, maybe the cops used that as

a story to cover up the truth. I need to figure out how to end this

before another child has to grow up without a family. But I don't

even know where to begin to help. How do I even find out where

the mirror is now?  What I do know is that I always see signs on

the street about white which readings. It's a long stretch but it's

worth a try to see if she can help. I set up a meeting with her

and explain the story. Her face looks like she's seen a ghost. She

is very concerned and tells me a lot of information that helped

me out. After two hours I know where the mirror is and I have

this spell thing that I'm supposed to say before I smash the

mirror. It's kind of like an exorcism. I am extremely nervous.

What if I see my parents in the mirror? And if I do will they even

know it's me? I would have to smash the mirror while looking at

them. I don't think I could even mentally do that. It's been a

couple of weeks and I've gotten everything together. I arrive at

the family's house at night because I couldn't have their

neighbors seeing me during the day. Tonight is the same night

my parents died. Which means it's also the night of the baby's

six month birthday. I need to warn them an get them out of the

house but how? It's not like they are going to believe me and

even if they did they are not going to listen to some stranger. So,

the best thing I can think of is to bloody up my knees and rip my

clothes up a little to pretend I hit a tree with my car down the

road and need to borrow their phone. I take in a deep breathe

and walk up to the door. I ring the doorbell and wait. I explain

what happened and asked to use their phone. They said of

course and let me in. Then I think to myself. How am I supposed

to get them to leave the room so I can do this spell? Then the

baby starts crying. The mother tells me she will be right back

and the father tells me he needs to go finish getting ready he will

be back shortly. Thankfully that turned out much easier. I walk

over to the mirror. I get a horrible feeling go through my body

and then hear my name. I thought it was the mother from the

other room but then a women appears in the mirror. It's my

mom. How am I supposed to say the spell and smash it if I'm

looking as I'm looking at her. I look at her crying and tell her I

love her very much and that I miss her. I take out the paper and

start to say the spell. I grab the hammer out of my bag and as I

start to raise my hand, my dad appears next to my mom. But I

can't stop now, I've come to far to risk not doing this. I close my

eyes and slam the hammer into the mirror. Tears flood down my

face. I put the hammer back in my bag. You can hear the

crunching of glass breaking when I walked away. Two black

shadows appear in the air and whisper thank you. It was my

parents! They were not mad like I thought they were! As the

shadows fade away both of the parents come running in from the

other room. Do I run? Or do I explain the truth? I stay and tell

the truth because I know that's what my parents would want me

to do. After telling them why I did what I did they said thank you

for saving us and walked me out and hugged me. I'm not sure if

they actually meant it or if they just did that because they felt

bad for me thinking I was just crazy. I guess I will never know

though. When I get back to my house I turn on the TV and the

news is on. As I change my clothes I hear the news lady talk. “

Two parents found dead in a house leaving a 6 month old baby

behind. Police say there was no sign of an intruder”.

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