The haunted house

October 27, 2017

Simple sounds like a door opening, or a loose board that someone steps on and it squeaks. Something in their body makes them jump.

A innocent little girl by the name Alex finds a house on Queensway. The windows were busted in, the door had scratches on it ,and the wood had mold. She analysis it and walks toward the driveway and looks at the dead flowers by the porch.

Alex always loved adventuring into things she shouldn’t have. She had once got sent to the police office because she was going through a house that had been abandoned for years. Her mom came and picked her up and gave her lecture to not go through people’s stuff.

Alex simply backed away from the pavement, got on her bicycle and drove to her home. She wanted to know what was in that house. There could be new toys for her or maybe even a new book she could read.

She got off her bike and raced inside to find her mom making lunch. Her mom sat down a plate of two chicken sandwiches and she ate it quickly. She told her mom she going back on her bike when really she was going back to the house.

She got on a jacket and walked out the front door. She soon got to the house and walked up the wooden steps. The rails had splinters and mold on them so she didn’t touch them. Ants were by the door and there was a lizard on the porch light. The old has was a red-ish orange kind of color with a yellow door. The paint had peeled off but she could still tell the color.

She walk toward the door and opened it. The scratching of the door made her skin crawl. She stepped in and looked around the dark cold room. It had the smell of old wood and metal. The picture's on the wall grabbed her attention so she skipped over there. The old frame was falling apart as she touched it. Parts of dust drizzled from the picture and onto the floor.

One showed a girl and on the left hand side was the year 1956. Alex wondered how long it been since someone has came through this house. How long these pictures have been here, and how long it's been since this house has been collecting dust. Other pictures showed a group of people while others showed individuals.

She went to go walk down the hallway when she finally realized a coffee table was knocked over with a bunch of letters splattered all over the floor. The lamp was flickering on and off and it gave her chills. She had left it alone and continued walking. The noises that she could hear made her very easy to scare. Every movement was very calm and she looked down at her feet. When she stopped it was almost as if she could hear footsteps upstairs.

Her breath was shaky, her hands trembled with fear, and her knees became weak. She grew light headed and it felt like she needed to vomit. She became pale in an instant because she felt movement around her body. She stayed still, making sure to not move a muscle. Her eyes slammed shut and she tried to make her breathing more even. After collecting her thoughts she opened her eyes. The hallway was dark, cold, and creepy but she wanted to find new things.

Walking very slowly, she went down the hallway, finding doors that were locked or jammed. She found old newspapers about World War ll. She went around for about 30 minutes and even went upstairs. She did find one door that made a high pitch noise once you opened it. Her blood went cold, her lungs couldn't catch a breath and her stomach turned. Her body stopped moving as she looked in the room.

The room look as if it had blood dripping down the walls, the bed was messed up, the dresser had no doors but had graffiti on the mirrors. The floor was covered in red liquid and old letters that was soaked in the unknown substance. The closet door was wide open with a piece of rope hanging to turn the light bulb on and off.

She walks in, not knowing what she has walked into. Her stomach turned even more with the smell the room has given. Her nose twitched as she takes another step. Her hands became clammy as she takes further steps into the room.

In the furthest corner was a small little table with a book sitting on top of it. She picked it up and read the back. Alex had seemed interested in the book so she put it in her jacket. She looked more around to find some rusted jewelry and old worn out shoes.

She leaves the room and closes the door behind her. The noises soon stop as if she demanded it with how she shut the door. She didn't know why but she left it alone. Alex walks down the stairs and into the kitchen.

The sound that the noises made, made her terrified. She steadily walked into the kitchen with her small book in her pocket. The dishes were stacked so high and it gave an awful odor that made her put her hand over her nose. Bugs flew past her and cockroaches crawled up her leggings. She shook her legs but they kept crawling. She ran out of the kitchen grabbing things to flick them off her.

She ran out of the house patting her legs. The look on her face was fear, one of the worst moments of her life. She walked down the pavement and back on the street. Alex takes the boom from her pocket and looks at the cover. It showed two dolls with braided hair. She opens the book and the year was 1956. She wondered who this belonged too, how long it has been in that old, strange house.

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