Taste Of Your Own Medacine

October 26, 2017
By Melanie44 BRONZE, Brenatwood, New Hampshire
Melanie44 BRONZE, Brenatwood, New Hampshire
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There is a new medicine everyday, but the law says you can't taste your own medicine.  They say if you do an alarm will go off in your head, and you will fall on the floor and suffer a long death.  Nobody has done it in centuries, it's suicide.

Sarah was walking to work she was a office worker at the hospital in Boston.  She noticed spilt medicine all over the floor.

Then she noticed someone lying down on the ground next to the medicine.  She must have tasted her own medicine.  She found a crash cart and started trying to bring her back to life, but it was no use.  By the time more people came to help she was long dead, and there was no bringing her back. Then they heard a scream.  The dead girl on the floor suddenly stood up yelling, “Please somebody help me! It's going to kill me!”
Everyone was so confused, how could this girl be alive when she was clearly dead?  She then passed out on the floor in fear.
“Bring her to the OR and we will see what's going on,” said the doctors. They brought her to the OR and worked on her for hours.
Soon after the doctor yelled, “Oh my goodness!  There is a black hole growing in her heart!”

They weren't sure how to even fix this problem since no one has ever lived from tasting her own medicine.

Then the doctors realized that it was impossible and they would never fix this problem.  They would never find a cure.  They would never find the medicine for people who tasted their own medicine.
“She’s alive,” screamed the doctor. 
The girl was cut open on the table without anymore medical equipment to help her stay alive.  They had pulled the plug, but she just woke up.  Then suddenly the people in the viewing room noticed that all the surgeons and interns were on the floor dead and the lights were off.  A mysterious voice appeared from the darkness below.  It was the women who tasted her own medicine.  She was glowing red.
She said “Hello people in the viewing room, my name is Clara, and you should know that I will kill you in your sleep tonight if you don't find a way to save me.  You see all these surgeons weren't smart enough to save me, so I killed them.  I will give you until 12 am tonight to save my life or my spirit will come get you bring you with me to the underworld.”

Some of the surgeons screamed and cried, and other just nodded and walked down to the operating room to try and fix Clara.

Meanwhile Sarah was still staring at were Clara had tasted her own medicine and was so astonished.  She didn't know if it was suicide or if someone made her do it as a dare or something.  Sarah felt as if a part of her had left her, but she was determined to find out what happened.  Although she had no memory from before finding Clara.  Sarah thought it must be because she was just panicked from seeing a dead person on the ground.  Walking away Sarah met up with her fellow office workers and talked about what happened, she lied and said that she didn't know. Deep down Sarah knew exactly what happened to clara and why it was happening, she just couldn't form the words.

Inside the OR, there was no breakthrough, at all.  They were just looking through the black hole in her heart that was growing bigger and bigger by the minute.  That's when Sarah realized she had to try to help this girl even if she wasn't a surgeon.  Sarah told her friends, “I have to go help her.”  For some reason Sarah couldn't remember what there names were, but she just knew that she was friends with them.  Maybe it was just a brainfart, but she couldn't tell.

She pushed through all of the people outside of the operation room trying to figure out how to fix Clara, and walked through the doors with them yelling,
“No! You can't go in there! Only surgeons are allowed!” 
She went into the scrub room and cleaned her hands just as the surgeons do, as if it was second nature to her. 

As she walked into the OR she noticed some surgeons dead on the floor, and some working.  She enquired “What happened?”
“The girl who started her own medicine's name is Clara, she said if we don't help her she would come kill us in the night and take our spirits with her to the underworld,” said a surgeon from across the room.
Sarah was confused, but she couldn't ask questions, there was no time. She quickly examined the girls black hole in her heart.  Although she was just a front desk lady, she knew all the medical terms and how to do most simple surgeries from doctors talking around her all the time.  So she decided it was a good idea to push everyone aside and make a cut.  The black hole was in the left atrium and so she cut around the black hole.  All the doctors around her were screaming at her,
“Stop, stop, you'll kill her for sure!” 
She yelled “Trust me I know what I’m doing!”
The surgeons shrieked, “But you work in the front desk you don't know anything!”
“Just trust me!” She exclaimed.
She cut past the left atrium, and into the mitral valve were the whole stopped growing.
She cut the black hole out, and Clara was left with a sticky note sized hole in her heart.  The black hole was almost like an object, and it seemed hard and cold in Sarah's hand, but she didn't know what to do with it.  So she put it on the side table next to Clara and watched the black hole grow.
Suddenly Clara woke up and screamed “Who did this to me!”
“It was me,” said Sarah “I took the black hole out of your heart.”
“Why would you do that!” screamed Clara, “I said one of the surgeons in the operating room must fix me not some random person!”
“Sorry for saving your life?”
“You didn't save my life, you ruined it, I will never again have a chance at life!” She cried. “If you don't find a way to fix this for me by midnight tonight, than my spirit will come get you when you least expect it, and bring you with me to the underworld where you will live for eternity!”

With that she was back asleep on the operation table and everyone just stared at Sarah with mean cold eyes.  They couldn't find the words for how mad they were at Sarah for making it even harder to fix Clara.
“Maybe we can put it back,” says Sarah
The surgeons said, “No way! I'm not trusting you again, get out of here and never come back!”

Sarah had no choice but to leave and go back to the front desk where she belonged, but she still felt as if a piece of her was missing, and she still had no memory of before she found Clara.  She was about to ask a doctor if they could get her a head CT, but quickly realized that all the rooms were filled with doctors trying to find a way to fix Clara.

As she looked up at the monature, the screen looked familiar, almost as if she had seen the exact same picture before.  Then it came to her that instant, and she ran down the past all the surgeons,and pushed through all of them.  As she came to the OR entrance they would let her in, but she didn't care and pushed them all aside forcefully.  Sarah scrubbed in as fast as she could, and as she ran into the OR.  She jumped into Clara and disappeared inside of her.  Then they combined bodies and became one person, all Sarah's memories had come back, well really is was Clara’s memories, but it didn't matter because now she was one person again. 

Then the bell rang, all the lights went flashing, and a strange but familiar voice come on the monitor and said.
“Great drill everyone, let's hope we will never have to do this for real, now remember we don't tell our families about what happens when we taste our own medicine.”

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