Double Trouble

October 26, 2017
By b.halverstadt BRONZE, Columbiana, Ohio
b.halverstadt BRONZE, Columbiana, Ohio
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That night was a night to remember. Two twin sisters went to bed that night but only one woke up that next morning. Alex and Alice Woodrow were identical twin sisters, but they couldn’t be more different. Alex , the most popular girl in the school, captain of the cheerleading squad, and the girl every boy dreams of being with. And then there’s Alice, you could describe her as that girl that everyone talks to and knows exists but is their lowest priority. Yep, that’s Alice. She was the less social and all together awkward twin. Throughout their whole life people have mixed them up. Calling Alice, Alex and Alex, Alice. That night both girls did their nightly routine, hopped into their beds and quickly fell asleep. It Alex woke up to the sound a scream. Alex quickly shot up from her bed and opened her eyes. When she opened her eyes she saw a shadow quickly exiting the bedroom. “Alice,” Alex said hoping for a response but there was nothing, complete silence. It was then Alex got out of her bed and turned on the light to the twin’s bedroom. The light uncovered the gruesome murder of Alice Woodrow. Alice’s cotton white sheets now stained blood red and the murder weapon still lodged inside of her. Alex let out the biggest scream she could ever profess and with that the Woodrow Twins were no more. 
One year had past and there was still no sign of Alice. Ever since that night I have never been the same. When you find your twin sister murdered it shakes you, but what shook me the most was knowing that I could be next. I was sitting in my fourth period class when my name was called down to the office. The police was still searching for who did this to my sister and why they did it. Ever since my sister was murdered the police took it upon themselves to question every student in the our school. When I walked into the office the secretary began to tell me where to go but  I knew the system so I just continued to walk. I walked past the office of our principal, Mr. Blurt, past the guidance counselor's room and into the little “meeting room” in the back corner. The police asked my the same exact questions they did every time. Like what do you remember seeing that night, was there anything strange going on in Alice’s life? Soon later the cop told me I could leave. I looked up at the clock, forty-five minutes had past since I walked into that little room and I could guarantee they still had no lead in my sister’s murder.
After the almost hour long questioning it was now sixth period, which luckily happened to be my lunch. I walked into my school cafeteria and sat in the same seat I sat in everyday, the table already filled with my boyfriend, Asher, and my four closest friends Luke, Lauren, Sierra and Chad.
“Where have you been?” Sierra asked.
I replied, “ You know the daily do you know anything about your twin sister's murder questioning.” I continued, “You would think that after a year of her being gone and them asking me the same questions over and over again that they would stop.”
We quickly changed the subject and just talked about life. Things like where we wanted to travel to and where we wanted to go to college. Minutes went by then my phone buzzed. I took it out of my pocket, unlocked it and read the new message. The message read:
       I killed your sister and I’m not afraid to take you and your friends out  too.

After reading the message I quickly locked my phone and place it back inside my left pants pocket.I was so confused by the text ,the last time I received an anonymous text was the night my sister was murdered. I picked my head up and looked around at everyone sitting around my table. Asher, Sierra, Luke and Lauren all talking but Chad was on his phone.
“Chad, did you just send me a text?” I asked him.
“No, why?” he asked me back and suspiciously put his phone away in his pocket.
“Alex what’s wrong?”, Asher asked.
Without a response I got up from the table and walked out of the cafeteria, down the west wing hallway and out the school doors. I sat outside the school doors until I heard the bell ring. Before I could even stand up Asher, Lauren, Luke, Chad and Sierra all stood in front of me.
“ Alex what's wrong,” Lauren asked.
With sorrow on my face I reached into my pocket and pulled my phone out. I unlocked it and pulled up the anonymous message I received and let them read it.
“Oh my god,” Sierra said
“Who sent this?” Luke asked.
“That's the thing” I responded,  “I have no clue who sent it, That’s why  I asked Chad if he sent it because his phone was out when I got the text.”
“I DIDN'T SEND IT,” Chad declared to everyone standing in front of him.
“No one said you did, here I have an idea,” Sierra said. “How about we all come over to my house tonight and have a movie night. My parents are out of town and I have the place to myself maybe it will calm some things down. Sound good?”
“That would be awesome Sierra,” I said with a fake smile on my face. I was still anxious about the message that I had received.
Sierra answered, “ Awesome, How about around 7ish”
I nodded my head and we all walked back into the school to continue our already awful day.
It was 7:09 and we all had arrived at Sierra’s house. Our choice of movie was “Scream”, which probably wasn’t the best choice based off of the text that I had received. We watched the whole movie and everyone was fast asleep excepted me. I still couldn’t get that message out of my brain “I killed your sister last year and I’m not afraid to take out you and your friends too.” What did that mean, I stared and stared at my phone screen until next thing I knew I was fast asleep just like everyone else.
It was early the next morning when I woke up. Somehow I was the last to go to sleep but the first to wake up. I woke up to a sound. Drop. Drop. I heard the sound but wasn’t positive where the sound was coming from.  I looked around. Asher was lying next to me, Lauren was on the mini sofa, Chad on the floor right next to Asher and I and Luke on the floor by Lauren but there was no sight of Sierra.
“Sierra?” I called out.
There was no answer. I still heard the sound of dripping. I got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. No Sierra. I walked into Sierra’s bedroom. No Sierra, Then I walked into the bathroom and what I saw is something I could never unseen. The sound of dripping that I had woken up to was the sound of Sierra’s blood hitting the bathroom floor. She was sitting in the bathtub with her neck, arms and wrists carved. Blood had poured out and drained itself through the drain.. I let of a huge scream, almost as loud as when I found my sister dead. My scream woke everyone up and the rest of my friends soon all gathered around me, everyone except for Chad. As we all were standing there my phone buzzed. I unlocked my phone and we all read the message.

   I told you I wasn't afraid to take out your friends.
We all let out big gasps.
“What are you guys doing?”, Chad asked phone in hand.
The police showed up about fifteen minutes later and took Sierra’s body away. Once again I went through the whole questioning thing but now it wasn’t just for my sister but also one of my best friends. Luke, Chad, Lauren Asher and I all agreed it would be best for us to go home and get our rest and just calm down.  So we did. We left Sierra’s house and went back to our own homes. I walked into my front door I began to bawl. I closed the door and dropped to the floor. My mom raced to my side and I explained everything to her. She helped me up and we walked up the stairs. I went up to my room and tried to go to sleep.I didn’t even close my eyes when I heard the sound again. My phone buzzed and it was another message from the anonymous individual. The new message read:

Alice was the first and Sierra is the second and you best believe there will be a third.

I read the message. I instantly shut my phone off and throw it across the room. It shattered but unfortunately did not break, I closed my eyes and forced myself asleep. I never woke up that night. The next day my mom came into my room and told me that Lauren called. My mom handed me the phone.
“Hey L,” I said.
Lauren was crying on the other side of the line, “ Al-Alex, Chad is dead.”
I said nothing and hung the phone up. The phone fell out of my hand. The weight of the news shut my eyes and then I was out.
Weeks had past and no more messages or deaths had occurred. Asher and I laid on my bed and each of our phones did the usual buzz.
Meet at the Church in ten minutes, it's time we meet.

The message was also sent to Lauren and Luke. Asher and I arrived at the church. I walked to the front while Asher said in the back surrounded by darkness. Shortly after Lauren walked him. As soon as she did Asher grabbed her hands behind her back and threw her on the church’s front pew. As Luke walked in Asher did the same. Asher then joined me standing in front of them both.
“Guys, what are you doing,” Luke asked
“Alex, what are you doing,” Lauren asked in disbelief in what she was seeing.
I felt enraged and screamed out, “ Stop calling me Alex, I’m sick of hearing her name.”
“What do you mean?” Lauren asked me.
“Oh my god how stupid are you. I’m not Alex. My name is Alice! Alex is dead not me. ”
“What are you talking about?”
“I killed Alex. Well we killed Alex.” I looked a Asher and smiled.
“You guys are sick,” Luke said.
After all the plotting and planning we were almost done.Asher walked up to Luke as I walked up to Lauren each with a knife in hand and implanted the weapons in their chests. With that our work was done. My sister had everything. Popularity, which I have know because people think I’m her; great friends which I couldn't stand, that’s why they’re dead; and a boyfriend, which is mine now. Asher and I walked out of the church, called the police, and told them our side of the story. The man I saw in my sister’s room that night was back and we saw him in the church. He was the one who killed Luke and Lauren and we were finally free.
After that night everything was perfect. Six months later we graduated. Asher and I got married and we moved into a little apartment my parents bought for us. For those six months everything was great, there was no questionings and I didn’t even see a cop. Except for that day when they knocked on my door. A sheriff and Lauren were standing right in front of me.
“Alice Woodrow, Asher Collins you both  are arrested for the murders or Alex Woodrow, Sierra Kolic, Chad Masters, and Luke Umbridge.”

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