Weirs Hill

October 26, 2017
By inajjar BRONZE, Brentwood, New Hampshire
inajjar BRONZE, Brentwood, New Hampshire
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Weirs Hill

“There’s not much I don’t know about ghosts.” Sawyer exclaimed while eating a french fry.
“Yeah, well they are scary and I don’t ever wanna see one.” Caydence responded while putting her golden hair up into a ponytail, “There’s not that much to know about them.”
“Well I know that they are fake,” Hudson said sounding annoyed and rolling his ocean-blue eyes, “And this conversation is stupid and pointless.”
“You’re stupid and pointless! Ghosts are real.” Sawyer said confidently. Then narrowing his dark eyes he said, “I’ll prove it.”
“Wanna bet?” Hudson asked pulling a wad of money out of his wallet.
“Oh come on you guys! Why do you have to bet on everything?” Caydence asked.
“Because I know i’m right, and I wanna prove it!” Hudson smirked.
“Wrong.” Sawyer confidently said, “How much money you got Hudson?”
“47 bucks.”
“Okay put 12 bucks on the table”
“You have money, you can pay for the bill.” Sawyer told him, “It’s Pop’s Diner, it’s not expensive.”
“Okay fine!” Hudson moaned putting a ten and two ones on the table
“Okay now you have 35 bucks, let’s bet $35 ghosts are or aren’t real. Bet?” Sawyer asked reaching his hand ot to shake.
Hudson took his hand and shook it, “Bet.”
“Okay guys,” Caydence butt in, “How are you going to find out if they are real or not?”
Hudson and Sawyer looked at each other and said, “Weirs Hill.”
“No!” Caydence gasped, her green eyes widening with fear, “Weirs Hill is the most haunted places in Kingstown!”
“Exactly, it’s perfect to find a ghost.” Sawyer told Caydence.
“Don’t worry, Caydence.” Hudson told her, “Since ghosts aren’t real, nothing will happen. There’s nothing to be scared of.”
“Are you kidding me?” Sawyer began, “There’s going to be a to-” Hudson cut him off
“No there won’t be anything.” Hudson told Caydence, “So what do you say, campout on Weirs Hill on Friday night?” Hudson asked.
“Definitely!” Sawyer responded.
“Caydence?” Hudson looked at her and mouthed please.
“Fine,” She shrugged, “I guess so.”
“Great!” Hudson exclaimed, “Okay i’ll pick you up at 4:30 tomorrow Caydence.”
“Gotta go guys!” Sawyer told them, “Bye, see you tomorrow!”
“See ya!”
A loud honk came from outside of Caydence’s house. She looked out the window and saw Hudson’s navy blue jeep parked in front of her house, she could hear hear music blasting. She grabbed her bag of off her bed and her sneakers from the floor and ran out of the house.
“Hey Hud!”
“Hey Caydence!” Hudson responded, “What’s up?”
“Nothing much,” Caydence answered, “I’m wicked scared for tonight.”
“Nah,” Hudson told her, “Everything will be fine, ghosts aren’t even real.” He put his hand on her shoulder and smiled.
“I dunno Hudson.” She said to him, “Are we picking Sawyer up?”
“No,” Hudson answered, “He’s driving himself to Weirs Hill.”
“Oh okay.”
The sky was a cool purple-pink-blue and the clouds looked soft and fluffy, almost like cotton candy. The smell of flowers filled the air, and wind blew in Caydence’s long blond hair as she put her head out the window. She looked over at Hudson, his blue eyes sparkled just a little bit in the moonlight, he looked at her and smiled.
“You ready?” He asked her
“Not really, but I have to do it so.”
“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” He told her, “I promise.”
“Okay,” she sighed, “I trust you.”
They pulled to a stop in a small dirt parking lot area, they we there. Caydence could feel the tension building up inside of her and she could almost smell the fear around her. They got out of the car, grabbed their bags and started walking over to Sawyer. They saw the outline of him and an object next to him, most likely his bag and tent. There was also a light on the ground.
“Hey Sawyer!” Hudson called. No answer..
“Sawyer?” Caydence yelled. No answer.
“Maybe he can’t hear us.” Hudson smiled like it was no big deal.
“Maybe.” Caydence said shaking.
“Are you cold?”
“Yeah,” She told Hudson, “and nervous and scared.”
Hudson hugged her and told her everything was going to be okay, and just to stick together so she doesn’t get scared. They started waking more and Hudson had his arm around around her.
As they got closer things got weirder and Caydence got more scared.
“Hey Sawy-“ Hudson stopped talking as soon as he saw that Sawyer was lying there dead covered in blood. He was scratched up and bleeding everywhere.
“What the hell!” Caydence screamed in horror.
“How’d this happen?” Hudson exclaimed, he looked around and then he saw Caydence starting at something in fear. He looked in the same direction and saw something, something big, something scary, something deadly, something that killed Sawyer.
“Run.” Hudson told Caydence.
“I already am!” She yelled as she tripped on a rock and fell down the hill. She got knocked out and the rest of the week was cloudy in her mind.
The only thing she remembers is,
Being at a funeral.  
Sawyers funeral.

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