The Camping Trip

October 5, 2017
By Anonymous





          “Are you ready to go earl,” said Steve. “Yes, dad I’m just checking if we aren’t missing anything so we won’t have to come back to get any forgotten camping gear.” Steve and his son Earl, is going on a camping trip in Yosemite national park for possibly the last time due to Steve’s excessive cigarette smoking that led him to lung cancer. Steve is an ex firefighter and Earl is a typical 15-year-old high schooler who has the dream to become a NBA All Star. Steve hasn’t told his son Earl that he was diagnosed with lung cancer and he planned on telling Earl during the camping trip. “Okay dad we are good to go,” Earl said. “Let’s hit the road then so we don’t get any traffic,” Steve said. From Los Angeles to Yosemite national park, it’s about 290 miles which is 4 hours and 44 minutes. They’ve made a few stops to get gas and to get snacks and when they stopped the last time to get gas, they noticed a mysterious man starring at them when they walked in the gas station and when they walked out. “Did you see that weird dude starring at us dad,” Earl said to his dad Steve. “Yes, I did son” said Steve. “I wonder what he wanted from us,” Earl said. As Steve and Earl were finishing pumping gas, the man walked out of the gas station store straight up to Steve and said, “you’re going to die soon so you better make this last camping trip the best and also, we’ll take your son into our hands when you die.” “Get the heck out of here you creep,” said Steve. The weird man just screamed into Steve’s ear and ran off into the woods. “What in the heck was that dad,” said Earl. “Just some crazy drugged out guy son there is nothing to worry about,” said Steve. “Okay but why did he say you were going to die soon,” said Earl. “Son, I haven’t told you this yet but I have lung cancer. The doctor told me that I only have another year to live. Earl started to cry and cry and Steve hugged him until he stopped crying. “Come on son, let’s go have some fun before it’s too late.” Said Steve.




           It took them another hour until they got there and when they did they saw that same man from the gas station starring at them again. Steve was fed up at this point so he jumped out of the car screaming “what do you want from us!” The man stood there and screamed “you sons SOUL!” Then the man ran off into the woods. “Why does he want my soul,” Earl said. “He won’t take anything from you son. I will protect you from anyone or anything,” said Steve. They went on to setting up the camp fire and tent to stay warm at night. “Why is there a nun in the woods at this time?” asked Earl. Steve turned around and saw nothing but trees and said to Earl, “What are you talking about son there is nothing but trees,” said Steve. “Dad I see a nun looking straight at us smiling with a creepy smile,” said Earl. “I’m sure it’s nothing son let’s just go to sleep and start fresh in the morning,” Steve said. They went to sleep and around 3 am, Earl heard some voices outside of the tent. Earl then got up to go outside and saw the nun sitting inside of the tent by his feet. “Come with me child,” said the nun in a deep demonic voice that rattled the tent. As soon as Earl started screaming, Steve woke up and saw he son being dragged by the nun. “HEY!” Steve yelled. The nun turned around with the most terrifying face Steve has ever seen in his life. “He is coming with us now,” said the nun. It felt like a really bad nightmare seeing my son being dragged away by a demon and I, frozen by the scary face of the nun not being able to help my son.




       Weeks passed and Steve hasn’t seen his son since. A year later, Steve was in a hospital on life support trying to stay alive from the cancer when he got a visitor. He didn’t know who it was but when the visitor walked in, he was so frightened that his heart rate had reached 190bpm. It was the nun. “Now it’s time for you to die Steve,” said the nun. The nun walked over to him and started to choke him to death and as he was passing away, he got dragged into the deeps of hell and saw his son tied up in chains being tortured by the devil. The hospital nurses came into the room to attend Steve and saw he was gone. A search had started for him but they never found him. Especially when he was dragged by a demon into hell. The last time anybody had saw Steve was when he was in the hospital. 15 years later, they were still never found until ghost investigators spent time in the forest of Yosemite park and made contact with them.

The author's comments:

what inspired me to right this article was when i saw other students in my class talking about teen ink and i asked them what is that and they told me it's a way to show your writting skills to other students who want to become a writter so that is what inspired me.

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