The Alley Of Death

October 5, 2017
By leahh BRONZE, San Diego, Texas
leahh BRONZE, San Diego, Texas
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One day on a cold midnight,  Bob was walking home from his job that was six blocks away. All of sudden he felt all his hairs on his body stand up and he had a heavy feeling of being watched; he started to look around thinking someone was also walking but found no one.

He was only two blocks away from his house when he started hearing screaming from a dark ally.
“Anyone there? Do you need any help?” Bob called out but nobody answered.

He was thinking if he should go and see for himself but couldn’t help the dark thoughts that lingered in his mind. He felt his heart beating out of his chest. He started to bite his nails but started to walk toward it slowly.
“Help me please,” a small voice came from behind the trash cans. He ran to it, thinking someone needed his help, but what he saw wasn’t what he expected.

A girl…. With so much blood all over her clothes, but yet she was covering her face. He couldn’t help but think why.

“Hahaha,” she said.

-“What’s funny? Aren’t you hurt?” I asked.

  She moved her hands slowly from her face and in fear Bob jumped up, causing all the trash cans to fall behind him. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Her eyes were ripped out of her skull.. She started to yell in this most ugly dreadful voice,“I need your eyes!!!”
  Bob ran as fast as he can until he came to a dead end.

Shaking in fear Bob didn’t know what to do. Suddenly a huge thunder clap in the distance breaks the silence 
She came up behind him and ripped his eyes out without a single sound.

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